Worx WG779 Review

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WORX WG779 40V Power Share 4.0 Ah 14

The Worx WG779 lawn mower combines its mulching capabilities with the extra cutting power for a powerful, versatile, and efficient mowing machine.

We spent over 7 hours going through scores of user’s and experts’ Worx WG779 reviews. Here is the summary of what they think:

10 Reasons to Buy

  • The vast majority of users appreciated that they can assemble the Worx WG779 cordless battery-powered easily. They claimed it took an average of 5minutes to assemble the mower without using tools.
  • Most users gave positive reviews about the mower’s lightweight design and maneuverability, two factors they considered instrumental to their ability to use the machine effortlessly.
  • The efficient Worx WG779 cordless electric mowing machine doesn’t only mow but it mulches as well and most users are satisfied with this multipurpose lawn mower.
  • An impressive number of users commented positively about their ability to store the mower effortlessly.  
  • Some of the users who already had one or two Worx tools were pleased with the knowledge that the mower’s 20V batteries are compatible with other products from the manufacturer.
  • Most users also appreciated that they can start the mower easily without pulling a rope but by simply pushing a start button to switch it on.
  • Some users admired the fact that the mower’s battery comes with a battery level indicator
  • Most first-time users considered it a great mowing machine for inexperienced lawn mowers.
  • Some of the users gave positive reviews about the machine’s built-in turbine cordless blower.
  • The majority of users spoke positively about the mower’s ability to produce up to 360 cubic feet per minute (CFM) that helped the mower push the leaves or debris out faster. 

2 Reasons NOT to buy

  • Some users complained about the bag’s small size. They were not satisfied with the repeated trips they had to make to empty the machine when mowing.
  • A good number of users were dissatisfied with the mowing machine’s 14’ cutting path because they must make repeated passes when using the mower than when using one with a bigger cutting path.

Worx WG779 Product Specifications

Mower TypePush.
FeaturesRear Discharge, Electric Start, Bagging, Mulching.
Power SourceBattery.
Weight35.3 pounds.
Cutting Width14 to 17 inch.
Minimum Cutting Height1-1/2”.
Maximum Cutting Height3-1/2”.
Warranty3 years.
Additional InfoDual Port Charger, Foam Padded Handles, Battery Power Level Indicators

Worx WG779 Review: Deep Dive

Cutting Power

The Worx 779 mower is powered by 2 20V lithium-ion batteries, ensuring that users have enough battery run time to cover a lot of ground when mowing. It is also the reason why the mower performs creditably well when mowing different grass types. It takes only two hours to charge the batteries fully. You can reuse them with other mowers or change them for more run time.

Aside from the dual battery, the multipurpose mowing machine comes with a metallic blade that guarantees a clean cut. When cutting long grass, you can switch to the Eco mode and thus conserve battery power and enhance the mower’s cutting power.

Another important feature that gives the machine’s cutting power a massive boost is the Intellicut system. Sometimes, you may need extra cutting power to do a good job such as when mowing tall grass, use the Intellicut to increase the mower’s ability.

Cutting Area

The dual battery power and amazing speed of up to 360 cubic feet per minute implies that users can cover a large area with the mower in little time. That is in addition to the 17-inch cutting width that also makes mowing faster, helping users to cover a lot of ground in a short time while mowing.  

Noise Level

Noise should be the least of your worries when using the Worx 779 battery-powered mower. The high-performance mowing machine doesn’t produce enough noise to constitute a nuisance in the neighborhood. It comes in handy for use at your convenience: morning, afternoon, or night.


Unlike most mowers that require pulling a rope to start, you can start this mower by pushing just a start button. In addition to the ease of switching the machine on, you will also appreciate its lightweight design that makes it easy to push it around when mowing.

While you won’t enjoy the luxury of a self-propelled mower, its lightweight design ensures that you can move the machine around your lawn without feeling the weight of a bulky mower.


The efficient and high-performance mowing machine doesn’t require an elaborate and expensive maintenance routine. After removing entangled grass and leaves from the blade, clean it with a damp cloth. It’s important to note that you shouldn’t hose the mower so you won’t harm its durability and invalidate the warranty.

Range and Height Adjustment

Mowing with a machine that isn’t suitable for your height can be tasking. You may end up doing a bad job with such a mower. Conversely, the Worx 779 has a cutting height adjustment feature that allows users to customize it for their convenient use and avoid stressful mowing experience. Choose from the cutting range of between 1 ½” and 3 ½” and give your lawn a good cut.


The Worx 779 comes with a 3 years warranty. The warranty covers operation issues and material defects that occur before the warranty expires. However, it doesn’t cover defects that may arise manhandling the mower or careless attitude towards the machine such as poor maintenance.  

Bottom Line

The Worx779 may be the perfect fit for you as it is not only affordable and efficient; you’ll be awed by its versatility and impressive cutting power. A single charge will provide you enough power to mow a significant portion of your lawn.

You also won’t spend much time and money on its maintenance. If you regularly clean it with a damp cloth immediately after each use and replace worn out or damaged parts as soon as possible, the machine will serve you for a long time.

Video Review

Worx779 Lawn Mower

Worx WG779 Review
  • Mower Type: Push.
  • Power Source: Battery.
  • Weight: 35.3 pounds.
  • Cutting Width: 14 to 17 inch.
  • Minimum Cutting Height: 1-1/2”.
  • Warranty: 3 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Must I monitor the batteries while charging them?

You don’t need to monitor the battery when charging it. The mower uses a smart charger with an indicator light that remains green once the battery is fully charged.

Is the Worx 779 mower self-propelled?

No, the mowing machine isn’t self-propelled. Nevertheless, its lightweight design makes it easy to push around.

Does it come with a grass bag?

Yes, the mower comes with a grass bag for easy collection of mowed grass and thus keeps the lawn clean and tidy after mowing.

How long does it take to charge the batteries fully?

It takes about 2 hours to charge the batteries fully.

What is the best cleaning technique?

The best way to clean the mower is with a damp cloth. Don’t spray the mowing machine directly with water to prolong its lifespan.

Maintenance Tips

  • For optimum battery performance, you may consider setting the mowing machine to Eco mode. When the mower is in that mode, its battery’s runtime will increase to an average of 45 minutes.
  • The Worx 779 mower is best suited for a medium-sized lawn about 5,500 square feet or below. Purchase an extra battery if you must use it for larger lawns.
  • Remove the mulching plug before using the attached bag.