Who Makes Encore Mowers?

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Wordlawn Power Equipment, Inc is the manufacturer of Encore mowers. Encore was purchased by Wordlawn Power Equipment Inc in March 2011. They have produced several commercial walk-behind and zero-turn riding mowers, ranging from 32”-72” sizes. 

They are focused on growing the Encore brand by building high quality lawn mowers that will serve as a great investment for you. 

Where are Encore Mowers Manufactured?

Encore mowers are manufactured in Nebraska, United States of America.

Who owns Wordlawn Power Equipment?

The company is owned by Jiangsu World Plant-Protecting Machinery Co., Ltd in China. Jiangsu hires about one thousand people and it is a part of  WorldGroup, which employs seven thousand people in China.

The company acquired the falling Encore manufacturing company to aid their plan to expand US operations and add to the existing product lines.

Important Things to Know About Encore Lawn Mowers

Encore lawn mowers are regarded as high-quality mowers that enable you to  get the yard work done with maximum efficiency. Below are the types of Encore Mowers:

  • Rider Mowers
    Encore’s Rider Mower Series is built with heavy-duty components to ensure a superior mowing performance. Their riding mowers have side discharge, mulching and bagging capabilities for a well-manicured lawn. 

    This mower type is made up of different models such as Fuzion, Prowler, Caliber and Dart Series. The Fuzion model has easy-to-operate controls and zero-turn radius trimming ability for optimal mowing results.
  • Walk Behind Mowers
    Their walk behind mowers are solidly built and easy to use. The Hydro Series features easy-to-operate controls which  enable you to make sharp turns while mowing across any terrain.

    The Belt Series is equipped with  large and rear tires for maximum traction and heavy-duty front casters for easy maneuverability.
  • Stand-On Mowers
    Encore Stand On mowers combines the safety and flexibility of a walk behind lawn mower with the speed and precision of a riding mower. The Rage stand-on model has ergonomic features such as a contoured operator pad, easy flip-up and shock-absorbing platform to enhance user comfort. 

Is Wordlawn Still in Business?

Yes, the company is still in business. It has continued to grow and make its name known in not just Beatrice, but all over the world.

Are Encore Zero Turn Mowers Good?

Yes, they are good zero turn mowing machines. They have received positive responses from users in regards to the price and quality. A user liked the fact that his 21-inch Encore zero-turn mower cuts well and rides smoothly on lawns.

Another user also rated the Encore Edge XE 60 as a solid heavy-duty mower with superb grass-cutting performance.

What Kind of Engine Does an Encore Mower Have?

 Most Encore lawn mowers run on Kawasaki FR and FX Engines.

How Big Should the Seat be on an Encore Lawn Mower?

The usual standard seat size of an Encore lawn mower is about 19 ¾ inches wide.

What is the Warranty of Encore Mowers?

Encore mowers come with 3-year warranty service. It is important to note that the warranty does not apply to any damage caused by improper maintenance.

It does not cover any lawn mower that has been altered to affect its performance, operation or durability.

Furthermore, the warranty does not extend to repairs made to normal wear parts or accessories.

What is the Price Range of Encore Mowers?

The price of Encore lawn mowers ranges from about $4000 to $14,000.

How Big of a Mower Do I Need for 2 Acres?

If you have a small lawn that is up to ½ acre you can get a mower with a deck size of 40 inches or fewer.

A riding lawn mower with a deck size that is 42-48 inches would be suitable for lawns that are up to 0.5-2 acres. Mowers with at least a 50-inches deck are a great fit for three acres and above.

What Time of Year do Mowers Go on Sale?

The best time to purchase a lawn mower should be around September and early fall.