Where to Buy Used Lawn Mowers

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Has your old beast of a lawn mower broken down finally, and you need to get another one to tame your overgrown lawn? If you don’t have the budget to buy a new lawn mower right now then the best alternative is to buy a used lawn mower.

If this is your first time shopping for a pre-owned lawn mower, you will soon realize that it is not as easy as driving down to your local store and taking one right off the storeroom.

This is because there are a few important factors to consider before buying a used lawn mower to ensure you are getting a yard maintenance equipment that will serve you, rather than a liability.

In this article, we talk about where to get the best deals when it comes to getting a used lawn mower. 

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Where to Buy Used Lawn Mowers Near You

1. Amazon

Amazon sells excellent, new products, but only a few people know they can also purchase used products from the platform. The #1 eCommerce website showcases new and used products. And you can confirm their availability almost immediately on the product page.

However, most of the options you will find may not be near you. So, you may have to deal with shipping, return policies, etc. But it is an excellent place to start your search for a used lawn mower. It is the place you are sure to find the best lawn mowers for different lawn sizes, different cutting power and prices.

#1. Amazon - Where to Buy Used Lawn Mowers Near You

2. Craigslist

Craigslist is a popular platform for finding new or used local items. Visit your local area on the site, then locate the ‘For Sale’ section.

You can search for the specific model of lawn mower you want or use the ‘Farm+Garden’ category to see what’s on sale.

You can carry out a quick search using generic terms like ‘used lawn  mower,’ ‘riding lawn mower,’ ‘second-hand lawn mower,’ etc. This is necessary as some potential lawn mower sellers may forget to choose a particular category.

#2 Craigslist - Where to Buy Used Lawn Mowers Near You

3. eBay

Many experts often recommend eBay to people looking to buy used items. This is why it is one of the first – and best – places to check in your search for a pre-owned lawn mower.

Most items are shipped to their final destinations when you buy used items on eBay. However, you can avoid this headache by filtering your search to places nearest to your location or home. You might even find used zero turn mowers under $1500.

#3. eBay - Buy Used Lawn Mowers

4. LawnSite Marketplace

This forum focuses on helping homeowners and gardeners get the best out of their lawns. You can ask questions and get quick, honest answers from other members.

You can check out the platform’s marketplace for the latest used items that members offer up from time to time.

5. Rent A Lawn Mower

Do you know that you can rent a lawn mower for a specific period? This eliminates the hassle of owning, maintaining, and storing a lawn mower that you only use once in a while. 

And it will save you a lot of your hard-earned money that you can use for other essential things. So, you want to check out Lowe’s or Home Depot, or any smaller local shops for what you need.

#5 Rent A Lawn Mower

6. Local Dealer

Therefore, check your area to see if a dealer nearby sells used versions of the lawn mower model you are interested in.

Check out several manufacturer sites with the ‘find a lawn mower dealer near me’ page or locator. Use this feature by entering your State/City, Zip Code, etc., to find the closest lawn mower dealer near you.

7. OfferUp

OfferUp is another hotspot – just like Craigslist – for finding a used lawnmower. Filter your search down by location, and then check out the Home & Garden section in order to find the lawn mowers near you.

You can even use the platform’s search box to locate the specific lawn  mower model you want.

#7 OfferUp - Buy Used Lawn Mowers Near You

Reputable Lawn Mower Brands

Whether you are buying a new or pre-owned lawn mower, you want to get something durable, efficient and long lasting. All lawn mowers are not the same, some have high quality build ups while several are made of inferior materials that don’t last.

In addition, certain lawn mower brands are reputable for manufacturing certain types of mowers. For example, Greenworks is known for corded and cordless lawn mowers while brands like Husqvarna and John Deere rule the riding and zero turn mowers industry.

As you shop for a second-hand lawn mower, here are the top lawn mower brands to watch out for:

What Are the Benefits of Buying Used Lawn Mowers?

  • You can be lucky enough to purchase a more powerful – and larger – lawn mower for a much lower price.
  • You will get first-hand, undiluted knowledge from the previous owner about how well the used lawn mower runs. This is a much better – and preferable – option than just relying heavily on product descriptions or the manufacturer’s assurances.
  • You can perform research to learn more about the seller. As you already know, there are honest and dishonest sellers everywhere. If you are lucky enough to transact with an honest seller, you will get every little detail about the second-hand lawn mower you are about to buy.

What Are the Disadvantages of Buying a Used Lawn Mower?

  • It is possible that the previous owner of the lawn mower misused it and caused a lot of damage. For this reason, the seller may just want to sell it off to make a quick buck. Such sellers will likely withhold this information.
  • You may end up with a lawn mower with several worn components you may have to replace for efficient operation. These components could be expensive, thereby negating the overall benefits of buying a used lawn mower.
  • As you can see, a few downsides to buying a pre-owned lawn mower exist. However, if you are willing to brave the odds, you still need to consider several factors before purchasing a second-hand lawn mower.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Used Lawn Mower



This is the #1 determinant. The price of a used lawn mower – at least 3 years old – in excellent shape should not be more than 65 percent of its retail value.

Lawn mowers older than 3 years old may be hard to maintain as they sport some severe wear and tear.

Maintenance History

Find out the maintenance history of the mower. Ask questions that cover the basics, such as:

  1. Checking the oil before starting the machine
  2. Checking its air filters from time to time
  3. Yearly services include new air filters, new spark plugs, blade sharpening, oil changes, etc.

This is crucial and will determine whether to continue your search or buy this particular lawn mower.

The Lawn Mower Engine

You need a lawn mower that is infinitely powered by a strong engine from a popular brand. This is because finding spare parts or components for such lawn mower engines will be easier. And you can easily find certified technicians that can help you maintain its top-notch condition.

Moreover, these used engines often come with a much better longevity factor due to their high quality.

This is why brands such as Honda, Troy-Bilt, John Deere, etc., are among the big players that experts recommend.

The Overall Condition of the Second-Hand Lawn Mower

Check the overall condition of the pre-owned lawn mower. Look at the wheels to see if the tires are cracked or wobbly. Are the treads on the tires worn down to the max?

What about the handles? Are they firm, or can you see a few bent or kinked-up cables?  Then start the lawn mower to ensure its engine performs as it should. Ensure you can start the machine yourself, or else buying it would be a waste of your money since you can’t use it to cut your grass at home.

The Seller

Buying a used lawn mower from a private seller or dealer is the best option. This is because you can set your eyeballs on the garden machine to gauge its overall condition. And you will get to ask the seller/dealer questions such as:

  • Is there any particular reason behind the seller’s decision to sell off this machine?
  • Were there any significant modifications or work done on the lawn mower?
  • Do you have relevant or valid service documents?
  • Is the warranty for this lawn mower still in place? If not, will there be a new warranty from the date I purchase the lawnmower?

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Buying a used lawn mower can be a significant financial investment but far more pocket-friendly than purchasing a brand-new lawnmower.

The tips shared here should help point you in the right direction. And if you consider all these factors before paying for a pre-owned lawn mower, you will end up with relatively excellent lawn equipment that will serve you for years.