Where Does the Spring Go on a Mower Deck?

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Lawn mowing is an essential aspect of lawn maintenance. With high-quality mowers in the garage or shed, homeowners are capable of mowing grass in a shorter time.  

Although several lawn mowers are simple to use, many people are still concerned about the mode of maintenance and operation. You don’t have to be bothered because we will clear up any of your doubts in this article:

Before we move forward, you can learn about some of the Best Paints for Lawn Mower Deck.

So, where Does the Spring Go on a Mower Deck?


The deck spring of your lawn mower connects to the idler arm on the other end of the mower from where the pulley is placed. The other end is attached to a raised tab on the mower deck which is right behind the left mower spindle.

What is the Best Setting for a Mower?

It is ideal to cut at 3” or higher. The highest setting on several lawnmowers is usually three inches. Cutting the grass at three inches or higher improves turf density, enhances turf color, and prevents diseases.

What is the Work of a Mower Extension Spring?

The extension spring is an original replacement part for riding mowers. This feature is commonly used to allow the idler pulley bracket to pivot when switching on/off the blade rotation.

What is the Ideal Height for Mowing Grass?

Each grass type has a suitable cutting height. Homeowners frequently make the mistake of thinking that they must mow their grass every time to keep it from becoming overgrown. This might result in an unhealthy lawn because the regular cuts prevent the grass from its primary source of nutrients.

Taller grass aids the reduction of weed growth, decreases water loss and provides shade to the ground.

It is important to note that the climate also determines the ideal cutting height for your grass. Several experts recommend that the grass of your lawn should be kept at a height of 2.5- 3 inches long.

Furthermore, you can remove roughly the top third of the grass blades each time they mow. Due to this, the ideal time to carry out a lawn mowing operation is when the grass is approximately 3-2/3” tall.

Why is Your Lawn Mower Scalping?


The grass can get scalped when you set the mowing blade too low. Each time you mow, remove no more than a third of the grass height.

Lawn scalping exposes the roots by removing all grass blades. The major causes of mower scalping are dull blades and out-adjustment machines.

How To Fix a Mower Deck That Scalps

Here are a few actions you can take to address the scalping mower deck problem:

Step 1: Reduce the Speed of Your Lawn Mower

You may be moving too quickly. Ensure that you mow at a slower pace.

Step 2: Raise Your Mower Deck’s Cutting Height

If the mower deck is causing lawn scalping, you may set it too low, and this requires it to be moved up.

Step 3: Check Your Mower’s Tires For Correct Inflation

To fix deck scalping, it is important to check the machine’s tire pressure levels. The tire pressure can be checked with the use of a tire pressure gauge.

Step 4: Inflate Your Mower’s Tires

If the tire pressure is low, it is advisable to inflate them to ensure excellent traction on lawns. You can use a manual inflator or air compressor to do this.

Remove the tire valve stem cover, then connect and secure the air hose.

Make sure that you check the PSI level while inflating your tires to be sure that you aren’t overfilling them. Re-install the cap when you are through.

Step 5: Level the Deck

Decks can sag over time. It is important to level your deck to prevent scalping.

Step 6: Level Your Lawn

If the lawn isn’t perfectly level, it may cause the deck to come into contact with the ground in some areas. Having your lawn rolled can solve this problem.

If you want to roll your lawn, you have to follow some procedures: 

Make sure that the ground isn’t wet.

Ensure that the roller is not too level.

In addition, spring is the suitable season for lawn rolling