Sun Joe MJ403E Review

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Sun Joe MJ403E 17-Inch 13-Amp Electric Lawn Mower/Mulcher, 7-Position Adjustment, 12-Gallon Detachable Grass Collection Bag, Lightweight, Standard, Green

The Sun Joe MJ403E corded electric mower has been rated by experts and various users as a great mowing machine every homeowner should consider having. It comes with a foldable handle, 2-in-1 Cutting option, and large rear wheels.

We spent over 9 hours going through scores of experts’ and users’ Sun Joe MJ403E reviews. Here’s a summary of what they think about the Sun Joe MJ403E corded electric lawn mower.

10 Reasons to Buy

  • Many homeowners are satisfied with the lawn mower’s quiet operation. 
  • A significant number of reviewers appreciate the ease of operating the machine. With just a push, the mower is ready to go. 
  • The Sun Joe MJ403E’s ability to mulch leaves and grass very well is often talked about by users.
  • With adjustable cutting heights, users can use the mower effortlessly by adjusting the machine to the appropriate height for them. 
  • You don’t need an expert’s help to assemble the mower. It’s designed in a way that every owner can assemble it out of the box. 
  • The Sun Joe MJ403E corded lawn mower comes with large rear wheels that are useful when maneuvering rough terrain. 
  • The mower’s powerful 13-amp guarantees clean cuts.
  • The lawnmower comes with a grass catcher where debris is vacuumed. 
  • Some users find the mower’s safety button a great addition to the machine since it prevents children from starting the mower accidentally. 
  • Another area where users score the mowing machine high is warranty and customer support. Reviews show that the manufacturer keeps its warranty promise while the support team is always on hand to help users fix any issue or answer their questions.

2 Reasons NOT to Buy

  • Although the mower’s bag is a useful feature, it comes off occasionally. 
  • Due to its inaccurate reading, the grass level indicator can give misleading information.

Sun Joe MJ403E Product Specifications

BrandSun Joe.
Mower typePush.
Cutting width14 to 17 inches.
Power sourceCorded electric.
Maximum cutting height2-87/100”
Minimum cutting height49/50”
Weight31.5 pounds.
Grass catcher12-gallon capacity.
Warranty2 years.
Cutting options2-in-1 (Rear bag collection and mulching).
Power level13 Amp.
Additional InfoRugged all-terrain wheels, convertible function, grass indicator window.

Sun Joe MJ403E Review: Deep Dive

Cutting power

A good number of users were impressed by the mower’s cutting power. It was designed to make mowing a lot easier with a good result. Thus, users can achieve good results on a variety of grasses, even overgrown grasses.

Motor power

The Sun Joe MJ403E push mower isn’t lacking in the motor department. Its 13-amp motor wields so much power that it can drive the machine through any type of grass and terrain. 

Noise level

This lawn mower from Sun Joe complements its efficiency with silent operation, one of the several reasons why it’s many users’ favorite. You won’t need ear protectors or be bothered about disturbing your neighbor when using the machine. 

Ease of Maintenance

Ease of maintenance is another reason why many users prefer the Sun Joe MJ403E mower. While mowing your lawn, you will appreciate the machine’s outstanding performance as it cuts and mulches effortlessly and exceptionally well. 

This highly efficient mower is environmentally friendly and will be a great alternative to fuel- and gas-powered mowing machines. 


This mower’s operational efficiency is top-notch. For a start, rather than come with a difficult pull starter, the manufacturers equip the machine with a push button start system. So, if pulling a mower isn’t your thing, then you’ll definitely like this model. 

In addition, the MJ403E model makes the list of the lightest electric lawn mowers on the market. Thus, users won’t break a sweat while pushing or mowing with the machine. That’s aside from its versatility and maneuverability, two features that make it easier for users to work their way around flower beds and tight spaces where bigger and heavier mowers will have a hard time going through. 

Mow Heights

With 7 adjustable settings, the Sun Joe MJ403E users can choose a suitable height that makes using the mower a lot easier. 

After adjusting the mower to your preferred height, take advantage of its 0.93 to 3 inches mow height range to put your lawn in good shape. In addition, its 12-gallon capacity grass catcher will come in handy, helping you keep mowed grass off the lawn and make it more attractive. 

Bottom Line

The Sun Joe MJ403E is a lightweight and easy to maneuver mower that can easily be used around obstacles. Despite its drawbacks, it remains a great option for mulching and mowing. 

If you have a small-medium sized lawn and are looking for an efficient and quiet alternative to gas-powered mowers, the Sun Joe MJ403E might be a good fit. It is built to withstand different grasses, terrains and slopes.

Video Review

The Sun Joe MJ403E Lawn Mower

  • Weight: 31.5 pounds. 
  • Grass catcher: 12-gallon capacity. 
  • Warranty: 2 years. 
  • Cutting options: 2-in-1 (Rear bag collection and mulching).
  • Handles: Foldable. 
  • Power level: 13 Amp.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Sun Joe MJ403E mower good for bermuda grass?

The lawn mower works well on a wide range of grasses, Bermuda grass inclusive. For the best result, though, mow slowly for a smooth mowing experience.

Is the lawn mower self-propelled?

No, it is a push mower. However, its light design makes pushing it a lot stress-free.

Can the Sun Joe MJ403E mower mulch leaves?

Yes. The multipurpose mower can mow and mulch with ease.

What is the recommended extension cord length?

According to the manufacturer, the following cable length and gauge are recommended for Sun Joe MJ403E: 
– Cable length up to 50ft or 15m: 14 gauge. 
– Cable length between 50 and 100ft or 15m to 30m: 12 gauge.
Note: Cables that are longer than 100ft are not recommended for use with the mower.

Does the lawn mower come with a warranty?

Yes, users are covered for 2 years against defects in the machine, provided you operate the mower within the recommended conditions.

Maintenance Tips

  • Before you start mowing, plot your course so that you won’t mow over the cord. 
  • While mowing, steer away from the power source.  
  • Orange outdoor extension cords are recommended since they make it easier for users to see the cord properly and avoid tripping on it. 
  • TheSun Joe MJ403E is a great mower for dry grass, it’s not recommended for wet grass. So, you may consider an alternative mowing machine if you must mow wet grass.