Spartan Mower Problems

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Although Spartan mowers are powerful, durable and long-lasting, they are not without problems.

In this article, I share some of the most common Spartan mower problems and simple DIY troubleshooting tips and fixes to get your mower working again.

Spartan Mower Problems, Causes, and Possible Solutions 

Before I go into details, let’s have an overview of common Spartan mower problems and their possible solutions.


Possible Solutions 

1. Starting problems
  • Turn off the parking brake
  • Replace the spark plug
  • Clean the air filter and fuel lines
  • Replace the fuel filter
  • Replace safety switch
  • Repair control panel
2. Keypad/control panel problems
  • Repair bad wiring
  • Replace the control panel
  • Regular maintenance
3. Uneven cut
  • Sharpen the blades
  • Replace the deck belt
  • Clean the pulleys
  • Unclog the mower deck
  • Pump deflated tires
4. Noisy deck problem
  • Tighten/replace the belt
  • Free stuck pulleys
  • Tighten mower blade bolts
  • Replace worn deck bearings
5. Faulty fuel gauge
  • Replace fuel gauge
  • Consult professional help
6. PTO not engaging 
  • Find and repair short circuit
  • Replace worn wiring harness
7. Not enough power 
  • Clean the spark plug, air filter, and cooling fins
  • Top up engine oil
  • Replace obstructed fuel lines/fuel filter
  • Rebuild and clean the carburetor
  • Unclog mower deck

1. Spartan Mower Starting Problems

The most common problem users of spartan mowers complained about was starting issues.

In some cases, the mower refused to start up and in other cases, the mower started, ran for a few seconds, and then died.

If your Spartan mower won’t start, it may be from the fuel supply, spark plug, safety switch, or control panel.


  • Bad spark plug
  • Clogged air filter
  • Fuel supply problems 
  • Bad control panel
  • Faulty safety switch


First, ensure that the parking brake is turned off. The mower will fail to start if the parking brake isn’t down.

Then, perform some general mower routine checks on the fuel and ignition system. Check the spark plug and replace it if it is worn. Clean the air filter and replace clogged fuel filters/fuel lines.

If the problem remains, the control panel may be faulty. Most users stated that they fixed their starting problems by having their control panels replaced.

Contact your dealer to inspect the control panel and replace it if necessary.

The safety switch sends signals to the ignition system to shut down the engine when it detects a problem. It can send a wrong signal if it gets faulty. 

This is usually the case if the engine starts and shuts down immediately.

Have the safety switch checked. Repair the wiring or replace the switch if necessary. 

2. Spartan Mower Keypad/Control Panel Problems

The spartan mowers make use of a small, smart control pad to start and control the mower. 

The keypads are competent and make work easier but they can develop some problems along the line.

A lot of customers complained that shortly after purchasing their mowers, the keypad began to malfunction.

The reason for this could be that the keypad is not protected and is exposed to the elements.


  • Damaged wiring
  • Poor maintenance


The wiring of the control panel can get bad due to bad weather conditions, collisions, or poor maintenance.

You may need to replace the control panel if it develops a problem. 

Fortunately, Spartan has about 2-3 years of warranty for their control panel. You can get it replaced if your mower is still new.

Poor maintenance can make your keypad develop issues early in its lifetime. Avoid collisions, hard bumps, and spills. Also, try to keep the keypads clean at all times.

3. Spartan Mower Produces Uneven Cut

Another common issue with Spartan mowers according to users is that it produced uneven cuts when used to cut their lawns.

The mower skipped tall grasses or left out random patches which made the lawn look rough and disorganized.


  • Dull/unbalanced blades
  • Loose/slack deck belts
  • Wrong belt tension
  • Low deck height
  • Uneven tire pressure 


The most common culprit of uneven cuts is dull or unbalanced mower blades. Before anything else, check the blades to see if they are blunt, bent, or out of balance.

Sharpen the blades and place them properly, or replace the blades with a new one if this is the case.

A problem with the deck belt that controls the blade can also result in an uneven lawn cut. Check if the belt is loose, slack, or glazed, and replace it if necessary.

Also, set the belt tension to be just right. Ensure that it is neither too tight nor too loose. You can contact your dealer for help if you need assistance with this.

Remove debris from the mower deck and increase the deck height when cutting tall or thick grasses to prevent missed patches.

If one more tire has insufficient tire pressure, the deck will be unbalanced and it may result in an uneven cut. Check the tire pressures and use a tire pump to inflate deflated tires.

4. Spartan Mowers Noisy Deck

Some users of the spartan mower complained about a whining noise from the deck area.

Nonetheless, only a few users experience this problem and they usually resolve it by replacing the belt and tightening the deck bearings.


  • Slack deck belt 
  • Stuck pulley
  • Blades do not properly fit
  • Worn deck bearings


The first part to check is the deck belt and pulley system. The belt may be slack or the pulley might be stuck.

The noise you hear might be a result of the belt dragging across a stuck pulley. Replace/tighten the belt as necessary and fix any broken or stuck pulleys in the deck.

The blades might also be faulty or placed incorrectly. Check the blades and the bearings on the deck. Replace worn bearings and position the blades securely.

5. Faulty Fuel Gauge

One of the problems associated with Spartan mowers that should be noted is the fuel gauge problem.

Customers complained that even when the fuel tank was full, the fuel gauge indicated that the fuel level was low or partially full.


  • Failed fuel sensor
  • Damaged fuel gauge


The fuel gauge problem doesn’t necessarily affect the mowing capacity of the mower and can be ignored.

However, if you are bothered by it and would like to get it fixed, it would be best to contact your dealer. 

They would let you know the best course of action to take, whether replacing the gauge or the fuel sensors.

6. PTO Not Engaging

The Power Take Off(PTO) switch of some spartan mowers resulted in difficulties when trying to engage it.

Some users stated that an error message appeared on the screen of the control panel whenever they tried to engage their PTO. 

This is usually caused by a problem with the wiring or electrical unit.


  • Short circuit
  • Worn wiring harness


First, check the electrical network for short circuits in the system. Find the wire or component that is experiencing a short. You can use a millimeter to do this.

When the wire has been detected, it should be removed and replaced.

A worn wiring harness will also result in this problem. Replace the harness if it is worn or damaged.

7. Not Too Powerful

From reviews and customer reports, some users argue that the spartan mower is not so powerful for its size and make.

However, there are conflicting viewpoints on this as some users believe that it is a very powerful mower and gets the job done very quickly.

It all comes down to how you maintain and use your mower. Neglecting the mower can make it slow down and lose power.


Some general causes of power loss include:

  • Dirty air filter or cooling fins
  • Too much/too little oil
  • Clogged fuel lines/fuel filter 
  • Blocked or damaged carburetor
  • Clogged mower deck


If the engine is overheating it may slow down and have lower RPM. Clean the air filter and cooling fins first to cool the engine.

If the oil tank is overfilled, reduce the oil to the ‘Full’ mark of the dipstick. Top it up if it is below the ‘Add’ mark.

A clogged fuel filter will reduce fuel flow which will affect the work rate of the mower. Replace clogged filters and clean blocked fuel lines.

Inspect the carburetor jets, bowls, and adjustment settings and clean or repair faulty carburetor components.

Finally, clear the mower deck and change the spark plug if it is old or worn. 

Carrying out these procedures regularly should increase the power of the mower and make it serve you better in the long run.

Are Spartan Mowers Worth The Money? 

Spartan mowers are sturdy and powerful mowers that are used and loved by many around the world.

They are zero turn mowers that have a large cutting deck which makes mowing quick and easy.

By adjusting the blades, you can mow less repeatedly because it allows you to cut the grass closer to walls, fences, and other impediments.

Not to forget their modern control panel and comfortable and adjustable high seats that provide comfort while working.

These mowers have excellent features, but some customers experience some issues which have been thoroughly discussed and fixed above.


Spartan mowers are not only strong and sturdy, but they are also easy to use and make mowing faster and easier.

If you encounter any of the problems above, apply the recommended fixes to solve them.

Spartan also offers good customer service. So, if the problem persists, you can contact your dealer and then Spartan for assistance.