What Happens If You Run Over An Electric Mower Cord?

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Operating a corded electric mowing machine is one of the ideal options for your lawn maintenance but a few risks can come with using it.

One of the common issues that you may face while using it is running over the extension cord.

Since most of these mowers run on a long cord, it is easy to get tangled up and run over it while operating the mower.

Running over an extension cord could stop the mower from working. Another major risk that comes with running over an electric cord is an electrical shock or electrocution.

What To Do If You Run Over an Electric Mower Cord

If you accidentally run over an electric mower power cord, do not remove the cord from the mower blades if it is tangled.

Ensure that power is not running through the cord. The safest way to do this is to turn off the breaker. 

Be sure that the lawn mower is turned off once the power is removed from the cord.

Safety Measures For Using Lawn Mower Electric Cords

Here are some safety tips to follow while mowing with your corded electric mower:

Read Your Instruction Manuals

The first step to take is to read the instruction manuals to understand different safety precautions when operating your electric mower.

Maintain Proper Extension Cords


Do not pull power cables out of sockets. Check them regularly for damage. 

Furthermore, ensure that you keep the extension cord away from you and use an adaptor if necessary.

You also need to inspect the cords for proper insulation and make sure that there is a correct voltage that powers the lawn equipment.

You can also minimize the risk of running or tripping over the cord by using an extension cord that is easy to see (like a cord with yellow or orange color). 

Do not operate the mower from your home’s regular indoor electric port. These ports have more electricity supply and can result in electric shocks.

Use GFCI Outlets

Always plug your extension cord into a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlet to offer protection if you run over the extension cord.


Replace Damaged Cords

It is important to replace any damaged cord to enable the mower to work properly.


What Kind of Extension Cord is For An Electric Lawn Mower

Before getting an extension cord, it is best to know the electric cord that is best suited for your mower. 

One of the factors to take note of is the amps ratings.

You can find the mower’s amp rating on the plate or sticker in the owner’s manual or the mower itself.

Generally, electric corded mowers can draw about 6 to over 12 amps.

You also need to consider the distance when choosing an extension cord because the longer the mower cord, the less power it emits.

We would recommend that you get a retractable cord for your lawn mower.  

Are Cordless Lawn Mowers Safer?

Cordless lawn mowers are powered by batteries so it makes them safer because they don’t have a cord that you can accidentally run over.

However, cheaper cordless models may have short battery life and may not have enough power as a corded mower.

So, if you want to mow tough grass, it is important to get a quality corded or cordless mower to suit your mowing needs.

However, both mowing machines are ideal for you as long as you operate them properly.