Reasons Electric Lawn Mowers Cut Out

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Do you have an electric lawn mower that starts and then cuts out after a few minutes? Like other machines, lawn mowers can age and begin to develop some issues.

However, a relatively new electric lawn mowing machine power cord may keep cutting out for several reasons. 

Top Reasons Electric Lawn Mowers Cut Out


Low Battery


Your cordless electric lawn mower may cut out if the battery has run out of juice. Recharge the battery and test the mower to see if it mows optimally. If the cut-out persists, replace the battery with a new one.

Unresponsive Start Switch

If the start switch is unresponsive, check to ensure the cable is not responsible for this. If it isn’t, check to see if there is any power supply. A failed start switch will not transmit any power to the electric mower.

Replacing the start switch is the only option, and you can get it at the local shop in your neighborhood. Get a professional to assist with this replacement if you can’t handle it yourself.

Damaged Power Cables

Damaged, broken, or frayed cables can cause your mower to cut out. Check the entire length of the cables to ensure no internal damage exists.

Examine the internal area of the electric mower. Locate as many connections as you can access. Unplug and plug back all connections to ensure they are in excellent condition. This takes care of any ‘loose’ connection that must be pushed all the way in for the mower to function.

Check to see if the wires are frayed or the presence of excessive dirt or corrosion. You will need new cables if some of these wires are frayed.

Failed Motor

The motor is the power source of the mower and initiates the rotation of the blades. When this motor fails, the electric lawn mower fails.

Check out the air vents close to the motor. Clogged air vents prevent air that initiates blade rotation. If the vents are clogged with debris or grass, clear them out. Then test the mower to see if the cut-out problem is solved.

At times, cutting tall grasses too quickly can strain the motor. Avoid this problem by spending enough time cutting excessively tall grasses. Strained engines get damaged easily. The only solution is a brand-new motor.

The motor may be faulty if it keeps cutting in and out. It will require replacement by an experienced technician. This is more cost-effective than buying a brand-new electric mower.

Clogged Vents

Clogged vents can cause your electric lawn mower to cut out abruptly. Grass, dirt, and other debris quickly accumulate in the mower’s vents when it’s in operation. Blockages cause overheating motors, which in turn causes the mower to cut out.

Tackle this problem by removing the cover of the mower and cleaning out the clogged vents. Clogged vents can cause the engine to overheat or even blow out. Get as much gunk as possible out from under the mower’s cover.

But if you can’t remove the cover altogether, use compressed air to clean it out. Blow compressed air through these vents to get rid of the built-up debris.

Internal Wear and Tear

Numerous wires and cables run through electric lawn mowers. If some of these internal connections come loose, become dirty, or corroded, your mower may cut out.

Open up the electric mower and check to ensure all wires are appropriately plugged in the right places.

Safety Precautions to Adhere to When Checking Your Electric Lawn Mower

Safety is paramount when handling any machine, especially an electric lawn mower. Taking proper safety precautions before checking the mower is essential.

Therefore, adhere to the following precautions:

  • Always wear proper safety gloves that protect the hands from sharp blades or edges. The gloves can also help prevent electrical issues when checking the plug-ins and cables.
  • Make sure you unplug the electric mower from the power source or outlet. You can also remove the battery. Do not attempt to check the electric lawn mower when plugged into a power source. You may start the machine accidentally while checking for cut-out problems, which will put your life in danger.
  • Do not switch on the electric mower until you are sure every cable is plugged back in and intact. Try not to mess up the plug-ins or cables before switching on the mower. This may cause the electric lawn mower to short circuit or suffer other costly damages.
  • Get professional assistance if you are not a DIY enthusiast. If you are not confident in taking care of the internals of your electric mower, seek the help of a trained technician.
  • Professionals can help you check the mower thoroughly to determine the problem behind the persistent cut-outs.


Your electric lawn mower can exhibit cut-out issues due to some of the reasons outlined in this article. You can fix most of these problems independently or get affordable, professional help.