Luba Robot Lawn Mower Review

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The Luba Robot lawn mower is ideal for your residential lawn maintenance. Powered by a 10Ah battery, it can cover lawns that are up to 5000m2.

The robotic lawn mower is designed to perform efficiently on rough or uneven terrain without getting stuck.

The Luba robot mowing machine is packed with premium features such as an auto recharging feature, an all-wheel drive system, an advanced RTK system, GPS tracking function for a top-notch mowing performance.

Luba Robot Lawn Mower Product Specifications

Brand: Mammotion

Mower Type: Walk-Behind

Cutting Width: 400mm (15.7 inches)

Maximum Cutting Height:60mm (2.4 inches)

Minimum Cutting Height: 25mm (1 inch)

Power Source: Battery

Warranty: 2 years

Weight: 20kg

Additional Information: Dual cutting plates, RTK Antenna, Antenna Installation kit, IPX6 Waterproof and cutting blade fenders.

Luba Robot Lawn Mower Features

Here are some unique features of the Luba robot lawn mower:

Intuitive All-Wheel Drive System

The Luba lawn mower comes with rugged tires and in-wheel motors that can allow the mowing machine to traverse different mowing zones and climb up to a 75 percent slope.

With this all-wheel drive system, the LUBA mower can maneuver on rough or uneven grounds with ease.

Auto Recharging Feature

When the battery is low, the mower can automatically return to the charging dock thanks to its auto-recharging feature. 

It can also resume the paused session once it is 85 percent charged. This allows up to 5000m2 to be mowed daily.

Anti-Theft Function

The anti-theft function automatically locks the mower once it is out of its existing boundary. 

The GPS tracking function enables homeowners to track the mower in real time and they will be notified of potential theft with an alert through the Mammotion app. 

No Perimeter Cables Required

The mower is easy to set up, meaning that you do not need to bury or dig cables. With a 2cm accuracy, the advanced RTK system provides a precise position.

Cutting Width and Cutting Height

The Luba robot lawn mower has a 15.7-inch cutting width and an adjustable cutting height that ranges from 1-2.4 inches, enabling you to cut the grass to an ideal height.

Precise Obstacle Detection and Avoidance Function


The Luba lawn mower comes with four ultrasonic radars that can automatically detect obstacles as small as two inches with a field of view of 220 degrees and also avoid them for the rest of your mowing session.

Intelligent Mowing Routes in Multi-Zone

The mower’s planned cutting algorithms allow it to map the mowing routes between several zones with efficiency.

This enables the user to choose the most optimized mode and start mowing in straight lines.

Multiple Safety Sensors

The Luba lawn mower comes with different safety technologies that can ensure a safe mowing experience.

The blade stop sensors are used to stop spinning blades when the lawn mower is unbalanced or lifted.

The front and side bumpers will enable mowing in another direction when encountering hard objects. Other safety features include lift and tilt sensors and cutting blade fenders.

Edge and Corner Cutting Function

It combines corner and edge cutting to help provide a greener and healthier lawn.

Improved Dual Cutting Plates

The dual cutting plates are within the cutting width and adjustable cutting height to ensure an efficient mowing operation.

Intelligent Rain Sensor


The Luba robot mower is equipped with an advanced rain sensor that allows it to detect rain. It can automatically go back to the charging dock when the mower detects rain.

It can also continue the mowing operation when the rain stops to ensure an optimal cutting result.

Mammotion App

Homeowners can easily adjust and preset their mowing schedule for any connected area of their garden with the Mammotion app. This enables you to control the mower at your fingertips.

Waterproof IPX6 Construction

Its waterproof IPX6 construction makes your Luba mower water-resistant and easy to clean.

Battery and Motor

The Luba mower runs on a 10Ah lithium-ion battery that can offer a charging time of 150 minutes. 

With its large capacity battery, the LUBA robotic mower is capable of mowing up 1500 square meters on a single charge. It has a 76W*4 in-hub motor for top-notch performance.

Low Noise Operation

The Luba lawn mower maintains a low noise operation. This means that you can mow at any hour of the day without disturbing your neighbors with noisy lawn mowers.

Mammotion Brand Overview

The brand was founded in January 2002. It is committed to reshaping smart, efficient, and environmentally friendly outdoor lifestyles by offering solutions in innovative robots.

The core members of the team are from leading UAV and robotic firms. 

These members have a vast experience in sensor fusion, robotic chassis, autonomous driving algorithm technology and mechanical control

Utilizing top-notch robotics and battery-powered technology, the firm offers next-generation robotic solutions for consumers and consumers.

Is Luba Robot Lawn Mower Truly Going to Disrupt the Lawn Mowing Industry?

Most likely. The Luba robot mower aims for a lawn care market that is ripe for disruption. 

The lawn mower is equipped with superb features such as auto-recharging feature, perimeter-free design, RTK technology, and multiple safety sensors to change the face of residential lawn market care.

The Luba mowing machine is precise and technologically advanced, yet simple and easy to use to take work out of yard work.

It is built for residential use and it is meant to replace traditional gas-powered push and ride-on mowing machines as well as current robotic lawn mowers that use perimeter cables.

In an attempt to introduce itself to the lawn care market, the LUBA mower will be available in countries like Canada, the US, Belgium, France, Greece, Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, UK and Australia.

Why Should You Buy a LUBA Robot Lawn Mower?


Here are some reasons why you might consider buying the LUBA robotic lawn mower:

Saves Labor and Money

Getting this robot mower can save up to $2400 per year compared to employing a lawn service that can cost you an average of $200-250 monthly for your lawn maintenance.

Quick Setup Without Perimeter Cables

With the Luba lawn mower, you can easily program multi-cutting zones without the hassle of burying or digging the wires. 

With the in-app control, you just need to walk with the robot mower along the perimeter at the initial mapping to customize your multi-cutting zone boundary. 

Off-Road Capability For Rough Terrains

This is one of the reasons why you should consider getting a Luba robot mower.

It comes with a hub motor and rugged tires that can perform incredibly well on uneven terrain without getting stuck.

User Friendly and Easy To Use

The LUBA mower has a Mammotion app that can enable you to control the mowing machine at your fingertips.

It is also quiet which means that you can mow anytime without disturbing your neighbors with noisy mowers. Its waterproof IPX6 construction makes it easy to clean the mower. 

Innovative Safety Technologies

You can also consider getting a Luba lawn mower due to its superb safety features.

Features such as blade stop sensors, lift and tilt sensors, cutting blade fenders, and side and front bumpers help to ensure a safe mowing experience.

High Mowing Efficiency

Compared to conventional robot mowing machines, Luba’s planned route algorithms can prevent repetitive movements to ensure optimal mowing results.

It is ideal for all types of lawns and includes rough terrain. The automated lawn mower can mow up to 5000 square meters in a day. 

It has enough capacity to climb slopes that are 75 percent. The edge-cutting and corner-cutting function enhances a healthier lawn.

How Can Luba Robotic Lawn Mower Handle Sloppy Terrains?

The Luba robotic mower can perform well on uneven and rugged spots. 

It is equipped with four rugged tires and a hub motor that can offer a remarkable power output that can pass through different mowing zones with ease.

It can handle slopes that are up to 75 percent (about 38 degrees) without getting stuck

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the RTK base station need to be connected to the charging station?

A: You do not need to connect the RTK base station to the charging station. All you need to do is to place the charging station in your desired location.

If you wish to install the RTK station on a roof, you may need extension cords and a separate power adapter to power the RTK reference station.

How Much Does a Luba Mower Cost?

A: The Luba lawn mower costs $1,299 during Kickstarter and will retail at $2,499.

What Are the Luba Warranty and Repair Services?

A: The battery and other main parts of the robotic lawn mower are backed by a 2-year warranty service.

It is important to note that accessories such as RTK Antenna and charging station come with a 1-year warranty.

You can also contact the upcoming local mammotion distributor or e-mail them at to request after-sales service.

How Tall is the RTK Antenna Receiver of the Charging Base?

A: The standard height of the RTK antenna receiver is 1.8m. Homeowners can set their antenna on the roof of their respective homes.

It is important to note that installation kits or additional extension cords are included in the package of the lawn mower.

How Quiet is the Automower?

A: The Luba robotic mower has a noise level that is less than 60db. This allows the mowing machine to provide a calm environment while you mow.

What is The Cutting Width and Height of Luba?

A: The wireless robot lawn mower has a cutting width of 15.7 inches and an adjustable cutting height that ranges from 1-2.4 inches.

Does Luba Charge Itself When the Battery is Low?

A: Yes, the auto-recharging feature enables the mowing machine to automatically return to the charging dock when the battery is low.

It can also resume the interrupted mowing session when it is 85 percent charged.