Longest Lasting Zero Turn Lawn Mower

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Besides simple operating flexibility, amazing speed, and high maneuverability, longevity is another factor that distinguishes zero turn mowers from other types.

If you don’t want to be stuck with a pricey zero turn mower that barely justifies its heavy price tag before packing up, there are several models to check out

We have examined several zero turn lawn mowers in the market and present a list of the longest-lasting models you should consider buying.

In a hurry? Check out our top 3 longest lasting zero turn lawn mowers:

Top 3 Best Longest Lasting Zero Turn Lawn Mowers

Highest Rated
Husqvarna MZ61 61 in. 24 HP Kawasaki Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower
Husqvarna MZ61 61 in. 24 HP Kawasaki Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower
  • Hydrostatic transmission.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Multiple cutting height options.
Best Budget
Ariens IKON XD-52 (52
Ariens IKON XD-52 (52") 24HP Kohler Zero Turn Lawn Mower
  • Steel frame and fabricated deck.
  • Hydrostatic transaxles.
  • 7 mph forward speed.
Editor’s choice
Craftsman 17ARFACT091 46-Inch Hydrostatic Gas Zero Turn Mower with 23HP Kohler Twin Cylinder Engine, Liberty Red
Craftsman 17ARFACT091 46-Inch Hydrostatic Gas Zero Turn Mower with 23HP Kohler Twin Cylinder Engine, Liberty Red
  • High-back seat with armrests.
  • Adjustable cutting height positions.
  • 23 HP Kohler twin-cylinder engine. 

Some of the Top-Rated Longest Lasting Zero-Turn Mowers are:

1. Craftsman z252 46-Inch Hydrostatic Gas Zero Turn Mower

  • Power source: Gas.
  • Cutting width: 46 inches.
  • Cutting heights: 7 cutting options ranging from 1.25 inches to 3.75 inches.
  • Capabilities: Side discharge, bagging, and mulching.
  • Warranty: 2-year limited warranty.
  • Weight: 623 pounds.
  • Engine: 23 HP twin cylinder.
  • Maximum cutting height: 3.75 inches.
  • Minimum cutting height: 1.25 inches.
  • Number of deck positions:
  • Deck thickness: 46 inches.
  • Cutting blades: 2 blades.
  • Rear wheel size: 20 inches.
  • Front wheel size: 11 inches.
  • Maximum turning radius: 0 degrees.


  • The lawn mower comes with a dual hydrostatic transmission.
  • It is made of steel frame for a longer lifespan.
  • Its high-end back seat offers comfort.


  • Some mowers in the same category offer better cutting height options.

The Craftsman Hydrostatic zero turn mower combines a powerful 23 HP twin cylinder engine with several cutting heights for efficient mowing.


The craftsman z252 is one of the powerful zero turn mowers that last long, and is powered by a strong 23 HP Kohler twin-cylinder engine with no choke and primer for a reliable and easy start system.

Its robust steel frame offers durability and an enhanced mowing experience while its zero-turn radius gives exceptional maneuverability on all terrains.

You can get premium comfort and support when operating the mower, thanks to its high-back seat with armrests and dual hydrostatic transmission.

 Cutting power and Performance

The craftsman z252 mower’s easy start system boosts its operational simplicity. Its durable steel frame ensures you can mow through different grass types with ease while the exceptional directional changes offered by its zero radius helps you maneuver your way around obstacles and access difficult-to-reach parts of the lawn.

You can adjust your mowing height by choosing any of the 7 cutting height positions for improved efficiency and optimal performance.


The zero turn riding mower allows you to cruise through your lawn at a top speed of 5.5 mph, enough space to cover a large surface area effortlessly.


Besides the mulch and catcher bags, this mower comes with a high-end back seat that offers full support to your body so you’ll feel comfortable mowing.

Special Features

It comes with a dual hydrostatic transmission that offers greater acceleration and more power. You can also change mowing speeds or direction as necessary, rather than working with preset gear speeds that may not be ideal under some situations.

Its quicker response time and better maneuverability make it a better option than belt- or gear-driven lawn mowers.

2. Husqvarna MZ61 61 in. 27 HP Briggs & Stratton Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower

  • Power source: Gas.
  • Cutting heights: 1.5 inches to 4.5 inches.
  • Capabilities: Mulching, bagging, and side discharge.
  • Warranty: 3 years.
  • Weight: 770 pounds.
  • Engine: 27 HP Briggs Endurance engine.
  • Maximum cutting height: 4.5 inches.
  • Minimum cutting height: 1.5 inches.
  • Number of deck positions: 12.
  • Deck thickness: 11 gauge
  • Cutting blades: 3
  • Rear wheel size: 13 inches.
  • Front wheel size: 6 inches.
  • Maximum turning radius: zero degree.


  • It has a powerful 27 HP engine.
  • The mower has great uphill traction.
  • High ground clearance boosts its versatility.


  • Although it’s easy to control when mowing uphill, going downhill is a bit challenging.

The riding mower’s heavy-duty steel deck and hydraulic system complements its durable wheels for a swift mowing experience.


The MZ61 zero turn lawn mower boasts a commercial-rated hydraulic system and heavy-duty steel frame for a long lifespan and the ultimate mowing experience.

The hydrostatic zero-turn mower has great uphill traction that enhances its stability while mowing hilly terrains.

Behind the mower’s beast-like mowing power is a 27 HP Briggs engine that provides enough power to mow acres of lawn faster than most other mowers within the same price range.

Its deck height is a big plus, allowing you to mow over rocks effortlessly without doing any damage to the mower.

Cutting power and Performance

The mower’s 27 HP engine provides high ground speeds for swift cutting. It also offers reliable startups and removes the difficulty of manually starting up a mower.

Thanks to its amazing speed and 61-inch cutting width, the mower can mow up to 4.2 acres per hour. 

You can manage grass clippings however you want: mulch bag, or discharge, thanks to its 9-bushel bag collection system. This increases the mower’s versatility and productivity.


The powerful lawn mower can mow through your lawn effortlessly at a top speed of 8.5 mph.


Its ergonomic high-back seat with armrests offers comfortable mowing. That’s besides the vibration dampeners and foam-padded hand grips for better handling and control.

Special Features

The cutting deck is ergonomically designed for easy and quick adjustment to give the operator absolute control of the mower.

You don’t need to personally monitor the mower to see when it’s due for servicing. Its hour meter with service reminder serves that purpose.

It also comes with an air induction mowing technology that improves grass lift and delivers a superior cut by drawing air from the deck’s top and bottom.

3. Husqvarna MZ61 61 in. 24 HP Kawasaki Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower

  • Power source: Gasoline.
  • Cutting width: 61 inches.
  • Cutting heights: 12 cutting heights.
  • Capabilities: Mulching, bagging, side discharge.
  • Warranty: 4 years or 400 hours, whichever comes first.
  • Weight: 770 pounds.
  • Engine: 24 HP /726 CC Kawasaki engine.
  • Maximum cutting height: 4.5 inches.
  • Ming height: 1.5 inches.
  • Deck thickness: 11 gauge.
  • Cutting blades: 3.
  • Rear wheel size: 23 inches.
  • Front wheel size: 13 inches.
  • Maximum turning radius: 0 degree.


  • High-back seat and armrests for comfortable use.
  • It has a triple-blade cutting deck for optimal performance.
  • Its pedal-assisted control makes operating the mower a lot easier.


  • It doesn’t have a deck wash port.

Offering 12 cutting heights and a 4-year warranty, the Husqvarna MZ61 is built for durability and long lifespan without compromising on efficiency.


For improved ride quality and strength, the Husqvarna M61 lawn mower comes with large rear and front tires. Its removable foot pan gives you easy access to the mower’s spindles and deck belt pulleys so you can clean and maintain the mower effortlessly.

The mower has a 15-inch high back sliding seat with Elastomeric Vibration Control (EVC) and padded cushions for a comfortable ride.

It boasts a hydro-gear ZT3100 commercial transmission and a 61-inch fabricated deck for easy operation and durability respectively. It also comes with pneumatic tires and 6-inch-wide front casters that move smoothly on the turf and last longer than regular tires.

Cutting power and Performance

The mower’s zero-turn steering system is equipped with hydraulic wheels so you can turn sharply when necessary without flipping the mower.


You can operate the mower at its top speed of 8.5 mph to speed up the mowing session and cover as much as 4.2 acres per hour.


Its high-back seat equipped with armrests ensures you are comfortable during a mowing session while a mulch kit, bagger attachment, and side discharge accessories offer great clippings management.

These are in addition to vibration dampeners and foam-padded hand grips that reduce the impact of vibration while mowing and give you a better control of the mower.

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Special Features

The mower comes with a Roll-Over Protection System (ROPS) that ensures your safety in different working conditions. That’s beside the EVC that reduces the impact of the mower’s vibration.

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4. Husqvarna Z142 42 in. 17 HP Kohler Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower

  • Power source: Gas.
  • Cutting heights: 6.
  • Capabilities: Bagging, mulching, and side discharge.
  • Warranty: 3 years.
  • Weight: 474 pounds.
  • Engine: 17 HP Kohler engine.
  • Maximum cutting height: 4 inches.
  • Minimum cutting height: 1 inch.
  • Number of deck positions: 5 positions.
  • Deck thickness: 13 gauge.
  • Cutting width: 42 inches.
  • Cutting blades: 2.
  • Rear wheel size: 18 * 7.5 inches.
  • Front wheel size: 11 * 4 inches.
  • Maximum turning radius: Zero.


  • The mower comes with an electric clutch blade engagement.
  • Its hydrostatic transmission offers it more power.
  • The 15-inch high-back seat allows you to mow your lawn comfortably.


  • The deck lifting system is operated manually.

The Husqvarna Z142 with its 42-inch cutting width and 17HP engine is another beast from the reputable mower maker.


This lawn mower comes with a 17HP Kohler engine for long life and dependability. Its rugged frame and casters make it a durable mower.

It is also equipped with a 42-inch stamped deck that makes maneuvering between bushes, fences, and other obstacles a lot easier.

The low-maintenance design offers amazing torque and power to get much done quickly. The design is also lightweight, improving fuel economy.

Cutting power and Performance

The mower’s amazing speed helps you get the job done pretty quickly while its Kohler engine is powerful and fuel efficient, giving you smooth mowing power.

The mower also helps you maneuver your way around obstacles with ease because it sports a 42-inch stamped deck. This improves its efficiency as well.


Hitting a top speed of 6.5 mph, the lawn mower packs enough power to mow through any grass type with ease, thanks to its hydrostatic transmission.


Some of the mower’s accessories include an advanced battery charger 12V, 42-inch mulch kit, two behind striping kit, zero-turn mower cover, and bucket mounting system.

Special Features

For increased efficiency, the mower comes with an air induction technology that draws air from its bottom and top to improve grass lift and airflow. You can track maintenance intervals with the aid of the built-in hour meter so you know when it’s due for servicing.

5. Ariens IKON XD-52 (52″) 24HP Kohler Zero Turn Lawn Mower

  • Power source: Gas
  • Cutting width: 52 inches.
  • Cutting heights: 13 cutting positions from 1.5 inches – 4.5 inches.
  • Capabilities: Side discharge, bagging, and mulching.
  • Warranty: 3 years/300 hours.
  • Weight: 639 pounds.
  • Engine: 24 HP/725cc Kohler 7000 Series V-Twin Engine.
  • Maximum cutting height: 4.5 inches.
  • Minimum cutting height: 1.5 inches.
  • Number of deck positions: 13.
  • Deck thickness: 11 gauge
  • Cutting blades: 3.
  • Rear wheel size: 20 inches.
  • Front wheel size: 11 inches.
  • Maximum turning radius: Zero


  • The mower’s super sharp blades support a clean cut.
  • It is an all-terrain mower.
  • Its solid structure makes it a long lifespan mower.


  • The deck lift system is manual.

Boasting 52-inch cutting width and 13 cutting positions that allow users to adjust their mowing as required, the Ariens IKON XD-52 is one of the best zero turn mowers out there.


The Arien lawn mower is made of a fabricated deck and steel frame for toughness and durability. It is powered by a highly efficient 726cc V-twin Kawasaki FR series engine that offers 23 HP of engine speed, making it a powerful lawn mower.

The zero-turn lawn mower’s cylinder liners are made of cast iron for a longer lifespan and an automatic compression release for an easy start and stop system that makes it effortlessly simple to operate.

Cutting power and Performance

The mower comes with a commercial-style deck with advanced airflow to offer you exceptional cutting performance while its adjustable 13 cutting positions give room for easy adjustments for greater comfort.

Its impressive speed combines well with its steel frame for durability and strength when mowing any grass type while the hydrostatic transaxles offer smooth operation and increased torque to get the job done faster.


Its 7 mph forward speed and 3 mph reverse speed are enough for swift mowing through your lawn and cover much ground at an impressive rate.


Two of its accessories are a 2-bucket bagger and a 52-inch grass mulching kit for bagging grass clippings and mulching them respectively.

Special Features

For a professional-grade transmission, the lawn tractor comes with twin hydro-gear EZT transaxles that increase its load capacity and torque for improved control, response, and hassle-free mowing experience.

Its grade X 52 blades and hydraulic transmissions allow you to lawn through obstacles such as shrubs and trees.

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Final Verdict

Our number #1 recommended longest lasting zero turn mower is the Husqvarna MZ61 Zero Turn Riding Mower.

Its hydrostatic transmission system enhances its smooth operation while the foam-padded handles support ease of use and comfort. 

It is also equipped with a Roll Over Protection System that ensures you’re fully protected in case of accidental flipping.

Editor's choice
Husqvarna MZ61 61 in. 24 HP Kawasaki Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower
  • Hydrostatic transmission.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Multiple cutting height options.

Factors to Consider when Buying a Long Lasting Zero Turn Lawn Mower

Ergonomics and comfort

Most zero turn lawn mowers are designed for large lawns and require long mowing periods. Hence, you must consider how comfortable the mower is before buying it.

Foam-padded hand grips are regular features in most zero turn mowers. They also come with a high-back seat with armrests, adjustable ergonomic steering, vibration dampeners, and other features that will enhance its ease of use and comfort.


The mower’s engine is one of the most important factors to consider when looking for a zero turn lawn mower to buy. The ideal mower must offer dependable performance and a huge horsepower that ensures a smooth and swift mowing experience. 

You should consider an engine that provides between 20 and 25HP, enough power to get a lot done quickly.


Consider the transmission mode too. An ideal zero turn mower must sport a hydrostatic transmission for a smooth mowing experience.


Zero turn lawn mowers are considered heavier than most mower types. This makes them comparatively a lot easier to maneuver than others. However, they differ in weight, depending on the manufacturer.

When choosing a zero turn mower to buy, go for a model that isn’t too heavy. Try to strike a balance between weight and maneuverability so you can easily move around your lawn and give it a befitting cut.

Hour meter

An hour meter helps keep track of the mower’s operations and notifies you when it is due for maintenance. Proper maintenance is crucial to the zero turn lawn mower’s efficiency, smooth running, and longevity. You will find a lawn mower equipped with an hour meter easier to maintain than one without one.

Cutting width

For the best performance, a zero turn mower must come with the right cutting deck with. One with between 42-inch and 61-inch is considered a good choice. The large width will enable you to cover much ground quickly.

Zero Turn Lawn Mower Maintenance Tips


Mowers require regular maintenance to be in top shape. Here are some helpful tips to prolong your mower’s lifespan:

Check the air filter


A zero turn mower can only function properly with oil. If the mower isn’t properly maintained, its fuel-burning process will slow down and that may hurt its performance. This is why it is important to check the air filter properly and clean it if necessary to keep the mower in perfect condition.

Sharpen the blades

With repeated use, the mower blades will become blunt and not suitable for use. Rather than go through a stressful mowing session, sharpen the blades to improve its efficiency. Sharpening the blades at least 3 times a year is recommended, although the frequency of use determines how regularly you should keep the blade sharp.

Clean the mower’s deck


A mower’s deck works more than any other part. Hence, it may be soiled by grass clippings and debris. The rule of thumb is to clean the mower after each mowing session to prevent dirt from accumulating on the deck and becoming more difficult to remove.

You can complement that with a monthly maintenance routine to keep the mower in the best shape.

Check the tire pressure before use

A zero turn lawn mower can mow at a moderate speed with the appropriate tire pressure. The tire pressure must be okay before setting out with the mower because it needs it for support on rough or uneven grass.

You will have a harder time mowing with a mower with deflated tires than one with the right amount of pressure.

Don’t mow wet grass

This is a rule of thumb for all mower types. It’s never ideal to mow wet grass. Aside from the increased difficulty of cutting them, the reduced traction caused by the wetness can cause slipping. This may endanger your life and increase the possibility of damaging the mower.

Proper storage

Store your mower properly to avoid damage that can be done by overexposure to the elements. Lawn mowers are best stored in a dry place where they are protected from corrosion and dust accumulation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do zero turn lawn mowers last?

The lifespan of this mower type is dependent on several factors that include maintenance, frequency of usage, and more. However, the best one may last for 15 years or thereabout if it is properly maintained because they boast strong construction and design that make them durable.

Which brand makes the longest lasting zero turn mower?

Several manufacturers make the longest lasting zero turn mower. Some of the most recognized brands include Ariens, Husqvarna, Walker, Troy-Bilt, and Craftsman.

How do you steer a zero turn lawn mower?

Most zero turn mowers don’t come with a steering wheel but are equipped with a lever system that can move in different directions: backward, forward, right, and left. Move the lever to your desired direction to change its path.

Are zero turn lawn mowers for large lawns only?

No, they are not. While most people erroneously assume that zero turn mowers are specifically designed for large yards, they come in different sizes that are ideal for different lawn sizes. Some models have a 34-inch cutting deck that can work fine on small lawns while others can work fine on big lawns.

Who Makes the Most Dependable Zero-Turn Mower?

The Husqvarna MZ61 is the most dependable zero-turn mower out there. It is a commercial-grade zero turn mower with a cutting deck of 61 inches perfect for large-sized lawns.