Lawn Mower Accessories

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Getting the right lawn mower accessories is essential to enhancing optimal performance, versatility, and productivity while mowing. They help homeowners to get through mowing tasks quickly.

Some of these add-ons include baggers that help to collect grass for easy disposal, dump carts for pulling or towing heavy loads around your lawn, and stripe kits for creating a ballpark finish on lawns.

In this article, we look at some essential accessories that lawn mowers use to deliver an excellent cut on lawns and different grass types.

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Ready? Let’s dive right into it:

25 Lawn Mower Accessories

1.  Mower Blades


Mower blades act as an accessory to help you cut through unkempt patches, trim the grass and enhance a well-manicured lawn.

There are three types of lawn mower blades. They include:

  • Discharging Blades

Discharging blades help discharge debris into bags or push the grass away. They are perfect for push lawn mowers because they lift the grass to cut it down. 

These blades are also known as high-lift blades.

  • Mulching Blades

Mulching blades are usually called all-purpose or three-in-one blades. They have serrated and curved edges to cut the grass into smaller pieces and then pour it back into the ground to restore nutrients into the soil.

The best mulching blades enable proper distribution of air and its innermost curve generates air pressure to blow out fine debris into the soil.

  • Gator Blades

Gator blades provide medium lift and also offer smoother, softer, and cleaner cuts of the grass. They are ideal for lower-level grass.

2. Riding Lawn Mower Tires for Hills

The best riding lawn mower tires for hills should offer ample traction on different surfaces and inclinations.

These tires ensure better control and improve the handling of your machine while mowing on hills

With the ideal tires, you should be able to carry out your mowing operation efficiently.

Before buying riding lawn mower tires for hilly terrain, you should consider factors like size, ply rating, weight, and material.

3. Dump Cart for Lawn Tractor


Attached to a lawn tractor, an efficient dump cart can help you pull or tow heavy loads around your lawn. There are four types of dump carts. They include:

  • Poly Tub Dump Cart

The Poly tub dump cart is the most affordable for homeowners. It is made of high-quality plastic material, waterproof and crack-resistant. 

The poly tub dump cart can be used to haul gravel and manure. 

  • Plastic Tub Dump Cart

This is similar to a poly tub dump cart. Its plastic design is thinner than that of a poly tub dump cart. It has a lightweight design which makes it easy to maneuver on lawns. 

It is a perfect option if you do not have heavy hauls across the lawn.

  • Structural Form “Polymer” Dump Cart

The structural form dump cart is built with top-quality polymer materials. 

The durable dump cart has pockets on either side, enabling you to add extensions to these sides. 

It is stain and scratch-proof. The structural form dump cart is pricier due to its high-quality build-up.

  • Steel Tub Dump Cart

The steel tub dump cart has a high-quality steel design to ensure durability. Its removable tailgate makes it easy for you to dump the loader.

Although it is a bit pricey, it is capable of handling the heaviest of loads, making it easy for users to transport their lawn equipment.

4. Paint for Lawn Mower Deck

Exposing your cutting deck to rust spots and wet grass may cause surface materials to degrade. 

However, spray cans with protective chemicals can leave glossy finishes on the outer and inner layers of different materials.

Lawn mower deck paint prevents clogging and makes cleanups easier. For instance, non-stick paints help mower decks and undersides to maintain their consistent surface under any weather condition.

Top-quality mower deck spray paint contains protective chemicals that can leave satin, gloss, and hammered finish. 

When choosing lasting paint for your lawn mower deck, consider factors such as mower deck type and the chemical(s) of the product.

5. Grits for Sharpening Lawn Mower Blades

Grits are an excellent tool for sharpening a lawn mower. Your lawn mower blades require specific grit levels to achieve the best cutting results. 

For mower blades, we recommend grinding wheels or files with a 60-80 grit rating.

Sharpening your lawn mower blades with this accessory will enhance nice, clean, and even cuts for a green and well-manicured lawn.

Before buying grit for sharpening your lawn mower blades, you need to consider factors such as lawn mower size, specifications, durability, and power type.

6. Lawn Mower Tachometers

Installing a tachometer in your lawn mower enables you to monitor the engine speed while mowing on your lawn. 

Several digital tachometers have data storing features that maintain the rotations of the engine to the previous one.

It is advisable to consider factors such as the power capacity of the tachometer, quality, revolutions per minute, and digital memory before getting your next lawn mower tachometer.

7. Suspension Seats for Zero-Turn Mowers


High-quality suspension seats with appropriate positioning provide comfort and a smoother ride while mowing on lawns with your zero-turn mower. 

Suspension seats can make you operate on rugged terrain or bumpy fields for long periods without feeling overly tired.

They enable you to adjust the reclining armrest, backrest, and headrest, making your mowing less stressful and at the same time, ensuring a smooth lawn mowing experience.

Other benefits of suspension seats include increased productivity, consistent cutting, optimum comfort, and the better life of a mower. 

It is important to check for qualities such as design, cushioning, size and compatibility as a buying guide.

8. Lawn Mower Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are an important lawn mower accessory that ignites the fuel-and-air mixture in the combustion stroke to create a blast for the release of energy.

To know the right spark plug to use for your mowing machine, make sure that it has the right thread size (usually 10-12mm) and the proper thread length (usually 3/8 inch).  

Types of spark plugs

The type of spark plug is usually determined by the material used in the electrodes. Here are the types:

  • Copper

This type is the best and cheapest electrical conductor available for spark plugs.  

It has a low melting point and it is also soft. To combat the wear rate, it is usually coated in a thin layer of a nickel alloy. You need to replace it about once a season.

  • Platinum

Platinum spark plugs are more resistant to heat and are much harder metal. They last longer than copper but they are pricier. 

There are two types of platinum spark plugs available on the market (single and double platinum models).

  • Iridium or Iridium-enhanced

These spark plug types are characterized by very thin central electrodes that are very hard. 

They can also handle very high temperatures and last 4X longer than platinum models. The choice of iridium spark plugs for riding lawn mowers is limited.

9. Lawn Striping Kits

A lawn striping kit is usually attached to the lawn mower to create crispier and sharper lines for a ballpark finish on lawns, giving it a fresh and healthy appearance.

Frequent lawn striping with this accessory makes work easy and ensures equal nutrients in every corner of your lawn. 

Striping kits encourage lateral growth and allow the sun rays to reach every part of the lawn, making the grasses look healthier than ever.

You need to consider factors such as compatibility, yard size, durability, grass type, and maintenance before getting a striping kit for your lawn maintenance.

10. Lawn Sweepers

A lawn sweeper is an important piece of equipment to keep the lawns green and healthy throughout the growing season.

This lawn mower accessory helps to clear away small debris, from grass clippings to twigs.

Types of Lawn Sweepers

  • Tow-Behind Sweepers

They provide the most convenient operation of all styles. Tow-behind sweepers are perfect for ATVs and riding lawn mowers. 

They are designed to hold a large amount of debris before emptying.

With a pull of a rope or a simple lift of a handle, the hooper dumps the entire contents. 

They are also ideal for large properties but can get stuck, cause ruts or get clogged with mud.

  • Push-Style Lawn Sweepers

Push-style lawn sweepers are perfect for cleaning small properties without many trees. 

They pick up leaves and grass clippings efficiently but they take more effort to operate than tow-behind models.

This type of lawn sweeper requires you to push the unit to complete the cleanup. You also have to make frequent stops to empty the hopper.

  • Power Lawn Sweepers

Power lawn sweepers are a great fit for large properties. They come in both push style and sweepers built to be trailed behind a lawn mower, just like tow-behind models. Power lawn sweepers are powered by gas engines.

They have brushes that can spin at a faster rate while some also have large hoopers that enhance fast cleanup on large properties.

11. Lawn Mower Belts

The lawn mower belt is an essential part because it enhances the proper running of the lawn mower. 

The belt creates a medium that connects the engine’s crankshaft with a transaxle for driving.

There are two types of lawn mower belts namely generic and genuine drive belts. The generic belts are regarded as Non-original Equipment Manufacturer products while the genuine belts are described as Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) products.

It is advisable to check the size, quality, strength of the cord, and durability before getting a durable lawn mower belt for your mowing machine.

12. Tractor Fuel Filter

The fuel filter plays a key role in the proper running of your machine. It prevents foreign materials such as debris and water from entering the mower’s combustion chamber. 

Furthermore, it helps to strain the fuel’s impurities before it enters the carburetor.

Homeowners are advised to attach a fuel filter that is easy to remove and compatible with their lawn mower.

13. Lawn Mower Tire Tubes

Lawn mower tire tubes enable the lawn mower to deal with rough surface conditions. 

They should be easy to replace, install, and able to perform efficiently in different conditions.

To choose the best lawn mower tire tube for your mowing machine, you have to look at the size of the tire, the type of rubber used, Max PSI capacity it can hold, type of air pressure it can accept, and stem type of the tire tube.

14. Lawn Mower Blade Balancer

A lawn mower blade balancer helps to balance the cutting blades after sharpening. It increases the machine’s life, and decreases vibrations, and engine problems. 

In addition, it enhances smooth cuts to ensure a lush and well-manicured lawn.

Before choosing a lawn mower blade balancer, make sure that it is durable, compatible, and made of high-quality materials.

15. Ropes For Recoil Starters

Getting a durable and sturdy rope for your recoil starter will enable it to run effectively and perform at an optimal level.

The ropes should be durable, resistant to wear and abrasion, compatible, and easy to install.

16. Zero-Turn Mower Lift

If you want to carry on routine maintenance or you want to change the blades, a zero turn mower lift will help you raise your mowing machine while staying safe. 

Without a zero-turn mower lift, it might be difficult to do thorough cleanings and check-ups.

Before getting a zero-turn mower lift, you need to consider features such as lifting capacity, lifting height, durability, ease of use options, and safety features.

17. Lawn Mower Cover

Lawn mower covers help to shield against dirt, debris, and all different kinds of weather. 

Top-rated lawn mower covers and umbrellas keep the lawn mower clean, protect it from exposure to elements, prevent rust and keep away pests.

Types of Lawn Mower Covers

  • Indoor Covers
    Indoor covers are designed for mowing machines stored in a garage, shed, or any indoor space. They provide a basic level of protection against dust, water, pests, and humidity.

  • Outdoor Covers
    They are best suited for lawn mowers that are stored outside where they are exposed to harsh weather conditions. 

    Outdoor covers have a sturdier construction that can withstand harsh environments. They are also UV-protected, wind-resistant, and waterproof.

18. Riding Lawn Mower Bagger

A riding lawn mower bagger is an efficient accessory that saves effort and time by providing a hassle-free way to clean up grass clippings and leaves when mowing. 

Baggers are available in two buckets and three bucket options.

It is important to consider factors such as compatibility, capacity, and durability before buying a bagger for your riding lawn mower. Read more about the best riding mower bagger.

19. Lawn Mower Engine

The engine is one of the most important parts of every machine, including lawn mowers. When it comes to lawn mower engines, what you see is what you get. Some of the most popular and best lawn mower engines on the market are Briggs and Stratton’s, Honda, and Kawasaki engines.

To enable your engine to engine to serve for longterm, you need to regularly check and change the oil, keep the air filter clean, and inspect the spark plugs.

20. Riding Lawn Mower Umbrella

Choosing the right riding lawn mower umbrella will protect you from UV rays, heat exhaustion, and overhead objects. A high-quality metal canopy will not break, snap or tear when it gets hit by an obstacle or a tree branch.

21. Deck Engagement Cable

When shopping for a deck engagement cable, you should get one that can fit into your lawn mower or tractor. Ensure that you take a proper look at the old one to get accurate measurements.

22. Universal Grass Catcher For Zero-Turn Lawn Mowers

A universal grass catcher is attached to the back of a lawn mower to collect grass clippings. Grass bags are attached to the back of walk-behind mowing machines while collection systems. Grass collection systems enable the airflow of the blade to propel the grass clippings into the chute during mowing operation.

23. Off-Road Lawn Mower Tires

Off-road lawn mower tires can perform well on mud, sand, gravel, and other uneven surfaces thanks to their special tread patterns. They have tough sidewalls that are puncture resistant to help avoid accidents and damage.

24. Lawn Mower Battery Charger

Safety is one of the important things to consider before getting a lawn mower battery charger. Ensure that you check for safety qualities such as reverse polarity protection, overcharge protection and overheat resistance.

Also, it is advisable to buy a battery charger that comes with indicators. This will give you an idea about the capacity of the battery while charging.

25. Tractor Seat Cover

Tractor seat covers are another important lawn mowing machine accessory that makes the entire yard care process smooth. It is advisable to get a tractor seat cover that is designed with a reliable and heavy-duty material. Seats that have these qualities won’t crack too quickly.

Ensure that you choose a seat cover that can correctly fit your lawn tractor or else you won’t be able to install it correctly.