Kubota B2601 Problems

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The Kubota B2601 garden tractor is a part of the Kubota B series. It is well-known for its efficiency on tough farming jobs. 

Like every other tractor, it is not without downsides. There are some common Kubota B2601 problems you might be dealing with. In this article, we share some of the problems and possible fixes.

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8 Common Kubota B2601 Problems and Fixes


Some of the common problems of the Kubota B2601 tractor include:

1. Connection problem with the quick-tach loader

2. Pedal and hydrostatic transmission problem

3. Overheating

4. Engine issues

5. Clogged air filter

6. Starting issue

1. Connection Problem with the Quick-Tach Loader

Some individuals noted that the machine’s quick tach loader connection was leak-prone. This shows that the seal around several fittings is no longer securely tightened. To maintain optimum power in the hydraulic circuit, you must check the hydraulic fluid filter regularly.

Fix: For replacement of damaged fittings, ensure that you contact the dealer or you reach out to a nearby auto supply store. 

Most times, the hoses have to endure constant chafing. It is advisable to protect or pad the hose to prevent leaks.

You also need to replace the hydraulic or transmission filter and hydraulic or transmission fluid every four hundred hours.

2. Seat Problems


Due to its compact design, some users complained that the reversible backhoe seat isn’t comfortable enough.

Fix: Although the seats cannot be replaced, retractable seat belts and adjustable steering wheels may be useful to you.

3. Pedal and Hydrostatic Transmission Problem

Some customers reported that they face a problem with the treadle pedal. The foot treadle pedal controls the engine output. They complained that the pedal was too stiff than the LX or L series tractors.

Pushing the tractor to the reverse direction will require more effort than pushing it forward. This made them complain about their knees hurting after excessive force to pedal.

The stiffness of the pedal can occur as a result of the following reasons:

  • The bolts or joints may be too tightened.
  • Adequate lubricant isn’t applied.

Fix: To solve this problem, you can give the pedal a little more bend with your hand on the reverse end.

4. Overheating

Some users also encounter overheating problems while using the tractor.  It might be that the air filter is blocked.

In this case, there will be an improper flow of fuel to the tractor’s engine, causing inadequate power production.

Furthermore, clogged cooling fins can also contribute to the issue of overheating. This will cause your Kubota B2601 tractor to malfunction.

Fix: Ensure that you check the cooling fins and filter and clean them regularly.

5. Starting Problems

Another common problem of the Kubota B2601 tractor not starting. Starting problems can arise as a result of defective safety switches, dirty terminals, or dead batteries.

Fix: Make sure that you clean the battery cables to fix this problem. You can also contact the dealer if the warranty is still intact.

6. Engine Issues

Some customers encountered problems with the tractor’s engine. This happens when a gas mixes with diesel fuel. Its engines also produce excessive levels of smog. This is a  result of frequent oil changes.

Some other reasons include blocked fuel filter and improper parking brake switch or soot. This can affect the functionality and performance of your Kubota B2601 tractor.

Fix: The first tip to follow is to check the manufacturer’s recommendation on oil changing to help your engine to prevent smog. 

In addition, you need to flush the fuel system to restore the engine’s functionality.

7. Problems with the Battery

Battery issues are also one of the common problems of your Kubota tractor. 

Users commented that the tractor produced enough energy for starting but it stopped before moving an inch. This issue is traceable to a faulty battery.

The engine of the tractor can mix with gasoline and if it is too light or thick, it will create pressure on the battery or the carburetor. This will prevent your tractor from moving forward or backward.

Fix: If you want to fix the battery problem of your Kubota B2601 tractor, it is advisable to seek the help of a professional who can recommend a perfect one.

8. Clogged Air Filter


The air filter of your tractor can become clogged. An air filter that isn’t functioning properly can damage your engine. Therefore, the engine will not be able to start or move.

Fix: Keep the air filter of your tractor clean after each use.

How Does Kubota B2601 Engine Work?

The Kubota B2601 runs on a D1105 three-cylinder engine that features E-TVCS (three vortex combustion system) technology for optimum fuel usage.

The engine helps to deliver the necessary power and torque. The engine has a maximum output of 25.5 horsepower for a powerful mowing operation and 19.5 Power take-off horsepower at 2800 rpm. The tractor has a fuel tank that can take up to 6.1 gallons.


The Kubota B2601 is equipped with modern field technologies and is capable of withstanding tough field conditions.

Although it is designed with all these superb features, it is not without drawbacks. You do not need to be worried about the shortcomings of your tractor. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What horsepower is a Kubota B2601?

The engine’s horsepower is rated at 25.5 hp, 19.0 kW while the PTO’s horsepower is rated at 19.5 hp, 14.5 kW.

How much can a B2601 lift?

The Kubota B2601 tractor has a lift capacity of 1,808 lbs at the lift point and 1,411 lbs at the industry standard of 24-inch behind the lift point.

How much does a Kubota B2601 cost?

It costs up to $16,370.