John Deere vs Kubota Zero-Turn Mowers: Which One is Better?

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Want to know the clear winner between John Deere vs Kubota zero-turn mowers? Then, you might need to read our comparison of the two lawn mower brands.

In this article, we compare John Deere vs Kubota zero-turn mowers by paying attention to factors such as engine power, cutting performance, design, and warranty.

Ready? Let’s dive right into it:

John Deere Brand Overview

John Deere is the brand name of Deere & Company, an American firm that produces heavy equipment, forestry machinery, agricultural machinery, diesel engines and other lawn care equipment.

The company was founded in 1837 and has its headquarters in Moline, Illinois. 

John Deere is well-known for its durability, exceptional mower design and excellent customer service.

With more than fifty years of manufacturing riding lawn mowers, John Deere has sold millions of outdoor equipment and these tools have played an important role in lawn maintenance.

Kubota Brand Overview

Kubota Corporation is a Japanese multinational corporation located in Osaka. It was founded in 1890 by Gonshiro Kubota.

The firm manufactures construction equipment, engines, pipe valves, pipe, cast metal, pumps, tractors and other agricultural machinery.

Their engines are in both gas and diesel or spark ignition forms which range from 0.276 to 6.1-liter engines. Kubota is also known for designing 3D graphics chips in the 1990s.

Almost all Kubota mowing machines sold in the United States are manufactured in the firm’s 600,000-square-foot factory in Gainesville, Georgia.

Key Differences Between John Deere vs Kubota Zero-Turn Mowers

The main difference between them is that John Deere’s zero-turn mowers generate more power output (20-37.4HP) while Kubota’s zero-turn mowers come with larger cutting decks (42-72 inches).

Best John Deere Lawn Mowers

1. John Deere Z530R 24-HP V-Twin Dual Hydrostatic 60-inch Zero-Turn Mower

John Deere Z530R 24-HP V-Twin Dual Hydrostatic 60-inch Zero-Turn Mower

The John Deere Z530R runs on a 24 HP John Deere Branded Kawasaki V-twin engine for a powerful mowing operation.

The 60-inch triple-blade high-capacity mower deck enhances efficient mowing on medium and large-sized yards. 

It comes with LED headlights to provide ultimate vision in dark and low-light conditions.

Other features include a 22.5-in cut and sewn seat with armrest, operator presence system, foot lift system, hour meter and cup holder.

2. John Deere Z515E Ztrak 24-HP V-Twin Dual Hydrostatic 54 in. Zero-Turn Mower

The John Deere Z515E is a sturdy and durable zero-turn mower perfect for yards that are up to 2 acres.

It runs on a 24HP V-Twin John Deere ELS engine for a powerful mowing operation

The 54-inch triple Accel Deep mower deck has enough capacity to mow tall grass at faster speeds.  

It has 18 cutting heights that can be adjusted from 1-4 inches to suit your varying needs.

Its 18-in back suspension seat with armrests ensures ultimate comfort while mowing.

Other features include a retractable seat belt, anti-scalp wheels, cup holder and dual hydrostatic transmission.

3. John Deere Z355R 22-HP V-Twin 48-inch Zero-Turn Lawn Mower

John Deere Z355R

The John Deere Z355R is a versatile and efficient zero-turn mower ideal for yards that are up to 2 acres. 

It runs on a 22HP V-twin John Deere engine that can provide more torque and power to tackle tough mowing conditions.

The gas-powered mower is equipped with a 48-inch cutting deck that can handle tall grass at faster speeds.

Its 18-inch high back seat with armrests enhances ultimate comfort while mowing.

It can navigate over long, level tracks of land or around shrubs, flower beds and trees. 

It has 18 cutting heights that can be adjusted from 1-4 inches to suit your mowing needs.

Other features include a cup holder, anti-scalp wheels, premium handlebars, rubber floor mats and a foot lift.

4. John Deere 720E ZTrak Zero Turn Mower

The John Deere 720E is an efficient and sturdy zero-turn mower suitable for medium and large-sized yards. 

Its 21-inch high back seat with adjustable springs enhances maximum comfort while mowing.

The gas-powered mower comes with a 48/54/60-inch high-capacity PRO mower deck with welded deck reinforcements to ensure superb grass-cutting performance on lawns.

It has 18 cutting positions which can be adjusted from 1.5-5 inches to suit your mowing needs. 

It runs on a 23HP Kawasaki FR691V engine for a powerful mowing operation.

Its Rollover Protection Structure (ROPS) enhances operator protection while the transmission provides speeds up to 8 mph to maximize mowing efficiency.

Other features include a cup holder, parking brake system, adjustable foot platform and twin standard levers.

5. John Deere Z730M ZTrak Zero-Turn Mower

John Deere Z730M

The John Deere Z730M has a ComfortGlide suspension and adjustable springs for a smooth ride on lawns. 

Its 3-position and adjustable foot platform can suit any operator.

The gas mower features a 54/60-inch cutting deck that enhances excellent cut quality. It is powered by a 24HP (17.9kW) FS series engine to ensure a smooth mowing operation.

Its 22.5-inch high back seat with adjustable armrests enhances comfortable mowing operations. 

The rollover protective structure (ROPS) enhances improved safety while mowing.

The mower’s transmission offers speeds up to 9.5 mph to maximize mowing efficiency. 

Other features include twin premium levers, sealed ball bearings, hour meter, cup holder and parking brake system.

Best Kubota Zero-Turn Mowers

1. Kubota Z781KWTI-60 Zero-Turn Mower

The Kubota Z781KWTI-60 zero-turn mower runs on a 29.5 HP Kawasaki FX850-EFI engine for a powerful mowing operation.

The engine features an EFI system to ensure better control. The suspension seat enhances maximum comfort while mowing.

It is equipped with a 60-inch mower deck to provide an exceptional cut on your lawn.

The deck is large enough to finish the job quickly. The zero-turn mower comes with a cup holder to keep beverages and storage space to keep tools.

2. Kubota Z781KWI-54 Zero-Turn Mower

The Kubota Z781KWI-54 model comes with a high back and cushioned seat for improved comfort while mowing. 

It has a top speed of 11.2 mph to ensure superior productivity. Its 54-inch mowing deck enhances efficient mowing on lawns.

In addition, the 8-gauge steel deck provides superb stability and a high-quality cut. It runs on a 29.5HP Kawasaki FX850-EFI engine for a powerful mowing operation.

The zero-turn mower has a high level of stability as a result of the large rear tires and the fuel tank that is located under the seat.

The 24-inch low-profile tires deliver maximum on slopes as well as wider ground contact which minimizes turf damage when turning. 

Other features include a 12V Power Outlet, Cup holder, deck step indicator and EFI dial throttle control.

3. Kubota ZG227 Zero-Turn Mower

The Kubota ZG227 comes with a 54-inch or 60-inch mower deck which gives you a customized cut on your lawn. 

It runs on a 26HP KGZ770-E2-MA2 which helps to deliver outstanding performance for a smooth mowing operation. 

The mowing machine has a cutting height that ranges from 1-5 inches to enable you to cut the grass to an ideal grass height.

4. Kubota Z724KH-3-54 Zero-Turn Mower

The zero-turn mower is equipped with an adjustable high-back seat for comfort while mowing. 

It is powered by a 23.5HP Kohler engine to ensure a smooth mowing operation.

The open engine compartment allows access to vital components around the engine without obstructions. 

It comes with an 8-gauge steel deck which provides outstanding stability with a superb cut.

Its cutting options can be adjusted from 1-5 inches to suit your varying needs. The zero-turn mower has foldable ROPS to ensure operator safety

5. Kubota Z751KWI-48 Zero-Turn Mower

The zero-turn mower has a new EFI dial throttle control to ensure accurate and reliable control. 

It features a high back and cushioned seat to ensure maximum comfort and reduce operator fatigue.

Its 12V Power outlet is convenient for charging your smartphone or powering other devices while the storage box can be used to keep beverages and tools.

The Kubota zero-turn mower features a 48-inch mower deck to ensure exceptional cuts on lawns. 

It features dual Parker transmissions for easy maintenance. The Z751KWI-48 model runs on a 25.5HP Kawasaki FX730V engine for a powerful mowing operation.

The parking brake lever and switch are waterproof to eliminate the possibility of conduction failure.

Other features include 6.5-inch wide caster tires, deck step indicator and safety switches for top mower performance.

John Deere vs Kubota Zero-Turn Mowers

Here is a well-detailed comparison of John Deere vs Kubota zero-turn mowers:


John Deere zero-turn mowers come with suspension seats with armrests, and cup holders for comfortable mowing operations. 

They have dual hydrostatic hydro-gear transmissions with 1-inch axles for power and durability. The rollover protection structure provides operator protection.

Some John Deere mowers such as Z515E and Z345 models come with dual hydrostatic tuff torq with 1-inch axles for power and durability.

Kubota zero-turn mower models such as Z231KW-42 and K231KH-48 models have a rollover protection structure to ensure operator safety while mowing. 

They have a high back seat which enhances ultimate comfort.

Other features include LED headlights, cupholder, storage boxes and a wide foot pan for superb mowing operation.


Engine Power

John Deere mowers run on John Deere branded engines and branded Kawasaki V-twin engines.

The horsepower ratings of John Deere’s zero-turn mowers range from 20- 37.4HP. 

Kubota mowing machines run on Briggs and Stratton, Kubota, Kawasaki and Kohler engines. They have a horsepower rating that ranges from 19.3HP-32.5HP.

This means that several John Deere zero-turn mowers generate more power output than Kubota zero-turn mowers.

Cutting Performance

John Deere’s zero-turn comes with a deck size that ranges from 36- 62 inches while Kubota zero-turn mowers have cutting decks that range from 42-72 inches.

John Deere’s zero-turn mowers such as Z345R and Z355E models have 18 cutting heights that can be adjusted from 1 to 4 inches.

John Deere zero-turn mowers can easily maneuver around level tracks of land, trees, shrubs or flower beds.

Kubota zero-turn mowers are equipped with blades that offer optimal cutting efficiency and better load balance.

Similar to John Deere’s zero-turn mowers, several Kubota zero-turn mowers can also operate efficiently around trees and flowerbeds thanks to their dual operation levers.


Fuel Capacity

The fuel tank capacity of John Deere mowers ranges from 2.1 to 11.5 gallons.

On the other hand, Kubota mowers have a fuel tank that ranges from 3.6 gallons up to 13 gallons. 

This means that most Kubota mowers have larger fuel than John Deere’s zero-turn mowers.


John Deere’s mowers offer a better warranty package of 2-4 years while Kubota zero-turn mowers are backed by a 2-year warranty.

Ease of Use

John Deere’s zero-turn mowers have easy-to-use control panels for easy mowing operations.

The lap bar panels allow users to adjust the speed settings of the mower while its color-coded controls are for easy identification.

Kubota mowers are also easy to operate. Kubota Z200 series can easily navigate obstacles in the form of paved walkways, patios, shrubbery, fire pits or water features. 

The engine of Kubota zero-turn mowers can be easily accessed to ensure simple check-ups.


John Deere’s zero-turn mowers are between $2,999- $ 28,019 while the price of Kubota zero-turn mowers ranges from $1,639.00-$25,399.

Pros and Cons

John Deere Lawn Mowers


  • John Deere mowers are reliable and durable.
  • They are built with a good tuff-torq transmission.
  • John Deere mowers ensure easy and convenient operation.


  • They are a bit pricey.
  • Some of their models such as Z345M and Z335E mowers have a small fuel tank.

Kubota Zero-Turn Mowers


  • Kubota zero-turn mowers are easy to operate.
  • They offer ergonomic design to ensure easy yard work.
  • Kubota zero-turn mower offers maximum efficiency and productivity.


  • Not the best on steep slopes.
  • Some of their models do not perform well on wet grass.

Final Verdict: Which One Should You Buy?

Both lawn mower brands could be an ideal choice for you, depending on what suits your mowing needs.

John Deere zero-turn mowers have higher horsepower ratings and offer more flexibility. Kubota zero-turn mowers, on the other hand, have larger cutting decks and are cheaper.

If you can afford the extra cash, we recommend John Deere zero-turn mowers especially if you require a high-power output for your mowing tasks.