John Deere 2025r Problems

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With the John Deere 2025r tractor, adaptability and versatility are its trademarks. It can efficiently serve all of your tractor utility needs with its outstanding features and attachments. 

It can, however, experience a few problems as is common with many similar units.

In this article, I share common John Deere 2025r problems and DIY troubleshooting tips to fix the issues.

John Deere 2025r Problems, Causes, and Possible Solutions

Before I go into details, some common JD 2025r problems and their possible solutions include:

Problems Possible Solutions
1. Diesel engine problemsClean or replace dirty/defective fuel injection nozzles Replace clogged fuel filter/lines.
Clean the radiator fins and air filter Top up insufficient engine oil. Replace the faulty fan belt Replace a worn spark plug
2. PTO issuesFind and replace blocked hoses/pipes.
Replace solenoid if defective  The PTO switch should be replaced if it is faulty 
3. 4WD problem Design flaw 
4. Steering problemTighten steering linkage parts Replace worn coupling or shaft Bleed trapped air in the steering system Pump deflated tires
5. Hydraulic/Transmission problemsReplace broken fluid hoses or lines to fix leakage.
Purge the hydraulic system to remove air. 
Drain stale hydraulic fluid and refill the fluid reservoir.
Replace faulty hydraulic pump.
6. Hitch not operating optimallyDrain out and replace stale hydraulic oil.
Repair/replace a faulty pump Bleed-out air from hydraulic pipes. Replace clogged fluid filter Reduce hitch load.
7. Electrical system problemsRecharge/replace dead battery.
Clean corroded battery terminals Replace faulty starter motor.

1. Diesel Engine Problems

The John Deere 2025r makes use of a 25hp diesel engine and it is susceptible to various fuel and power issues.

The engine may refuse to start or become hard to start, it may overheat, or start and stall suddenly. It may also begin to lose power during use.


  • Dirty/defective fuel injection nozzles
  • Clogged fuel filter/lines
  • Clogged radiator core
  • Insufficient engine oil
  • Worn/faulty fan belt
  • Spark plug issues


Check the fuel injection nozzles and replace or clean them if they are defective. The fuel filter element may also be clogged. Replace it with a new one if this is the case.

Clean blocked fuel lines with a carb cleaner or replace them entirely. Top up engine oil if the oil level is low.

Check the fan belt and radiator fins if the engine overheats. Clean/replace them if they are dirty or damaged.

Then, inspect the spark plug of the engine. Replace it if it is cracked, has burnt ends, or is worn out.

2. John Deere 2025r PTO Issues

The tractor’s engine includes a stub shaft known as the PTO, or power take-off shaft.

Some common PTO problems users of this John Deere tractor experience include: PTO not engaging, the clutch won’t engage, and the PTO shaft not turning.


  • Blocked hoses or fittings
  • Faulty connections
  • Bad solenoid
  • Faulty PTO switch


Check for clogs in all the hoses and fittings, and fix/replace them accordingly. 

Then, check the battery voltage and see if the solenoid is receiving and sending charge. If the battery is low(producing less than 12 volts), recharge it. Replace the solenoid if faulty.

Look for the in-line fuse that connects the PTO clutch assembly to all of the electrical cablings. Replace it with a new fuse with the same ampere rating as the original if the fuse appears to have blown.

Finally, replace the PTO switch if it is faulty or damaged.

3. 4WD Problem

Right next to the driver’s seat is where the 4-wheel drive’s activation lever should be. The driver can easily reach the lever thanks to it.

The lever, however, is almost flat on the ground in JD 2025R. Accessing the lever while riding it is extremely difficult due to the placement.

Except for the 4WD lever being practically on the floor, it doesn’t provide a smooth experience like other similar tractors in the same price range.


The 4WD problem is a design flaw from John Deere.

4. John Deere 2025r Steering Problems

Some steering issues you may likely encounter with the John Deere 2025r model are stiff steering and too much free-play in the steering wheel. 

You may also notice that the front wheels wander left to right without adequate control.


  • Loose steering linkage parts
  • Worn coupling or shaft
  • Air trapped in the steering system
  • Inadequate tire pressure 


In the case of stiff steering, air might be trapped in the steering system. Bleed the air out and tighten every loose bolt and connection properly.

Replace the coupling or shaft and tighten the steering linkage parts if there is too much free-play in the wheel.

Then, check the tire pressures with a tire pressure gauge and inflate all necessary tires to the required air pressure for the tractor.

5. Hydraulic/Transmission Problems

Some hydraulic problems frequently encountered with the JD 2025r include external fluid leakage, hydraulics overheating, low power, or low oil pressure.

Some users also experience power loss, slow movements, and excessive noise coming from the tractor. These can all be traced back to issues with the transmission.


  • Worn/broken fluid hoses or lines
  • Loose connections
  • Air in the hydraulic system
  • Faulty main relief valve
  • Stale hydraulic fluid
  • Hydraulic pump failure


Find and replace broken pipes, hoses, or lines that may be leaking fluid. Ensure that the hoses are securely connected and not loose.

Purge the system to release air that may be trapped in the fluid and other components. Then drain out and refill stale hydraulic fluid by following the instructions in your manual. Replace the oil filter also if necessary to prevent clogging.

A faulty main relief valve should be replaced to prevent severe issues. Finally, disassemble the pump and replace any faulty parts or components.

6. Hitch Not Operating Optimally 

Some complaints about the hitch of the tractor include the hitch not raising or raising slowly, the hitch cannot be lowered, and jerky and unresponsive hitch movement. 

Issues with the tractor’s hitch can be traced back to faults within the hydraulic system.


  • Stale hydraulic oil
  • Faulty pump
  • Air in hydraulic pipes
  • Clogged fluid filter
  • Hitch under excessive load


First, check the state of the fluid and fluid level. Replace stale fluid and top up low fluid levels.

Bleed/purge the system of air and repair the pump if it is faulty. Also, change the fluid filter if it is clogged or worn out.

Excessive hitch load will also cause the hitch to develop issues. Reduce hitch load if this is the cause.

7. John Deere 2025r Electrical Problems

JD 2025r has electrical parts and features and as such, is vulnerable to some electronic issues.

The issues may be a starter that won’t crank, slow turning starter, or a battery that won’t charge.


  • Low battery voltage
  • Dead battery cells
  • Disconnected/incorrectly connected wires
  • Corroded battery terminals
  • Faulty starter motor


The first thing you should do if you notice issues with the electrical system is to test the battery with a multimeter.

Charge the battery if it is giving an output voltage of less than 12 volts. If the battery won’t charge, replace it. The battery cells may be dead.

Clean battery terminals regularly and ensure that all connections are firm and stable.

If the starter still won’t crank after fixing the battery, the starter might be faulty. Replace it with a new one.

What Users Think About The John Deere 2025r Tractor

According to user reviews, the JD 2025r is small enough to fit in small spaces but strong enough to do the work. They also acknowledged that the controls are straightforward to use.

There are still limitations any John Deere 2025r may experience such as the problems outlined above.

Also, the 3025E costs approximately the same as the 2025R, according to users. However, the 3025E is both more powerful and offers a lot more functionality. The 3025E also doesn’t need as many attachments as the 2025r.

In conclusion, the John Deere 2025r is an excellent choice if you need a tractor that is both compact and powerful enough to meet all your utility needs. 


Diesel engine problems, PTO issues, 4WD issues, steering problems, hydraulic transmission issues, hitch problems, and electrical system issues are common problems with the JD 2025r tractor.

These issues usually occur when the tractor is aged and has been used for quite some time. They might occur in newer tractors due to a lack of maintenance or poor handling.

Use these troubleshooting guides to fix your JD 2025r and get your tractor working optimally again.