Husqvarna 315 vs 115H Robot Mower: What Is The Difference?

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The Husqvarna 315 and 115H robot lawn mowers are well-liked for their reliability, durability, and innovation.

 They are equipped with premium features such as large coarse-tread wheels, Bluetooth-powered Automower, and a graphic display menu.

But how are they different from each other? Read our Husqvarna 315 vs 115H comparison article to find out.

Ready? Let’s dive right into it

Comparison Chart: Husqvarna 315 vs 115H Robot Mower

Here is a chart that shows a head-to-head comparison between the specifications and features of Husqvarna 315 vs 115H:

Husqvarna Lawn
Mower Model Check Price » Husqvarna 315 Check Price » Husqvarna 115H
Deck Size 8.7 inches 8.7 inches
Power Source Battery Battery
Max. cutting height 2.4 inches 3.6 inches
Min. cutting height 0.8 inches 2 inches
Weight 19.8 pounds 20.7 pounds
Blade motor speed, rpm 2300 rpm 2500 rpm
Maximum slope performance inside installation 40% 30%
Mow time on single charge 70 minutes 60 minutes


Husqvarna 315 Robot Mower

The Husqvarna 315 top-rated robot mower has enough capacity to handle medium-sized areas that are up to 1500m2

Its 2Ah lithium-ion battery takes about sixty minutes to charge and produces a mowing time of 70 minutes.

It is equipped with a Spot cutting feature to ensure proper mowing over longer areas of grass. A user commented that the robotic mower is easy to use and set up.

Husqvarna 115H

The Husqvarna Automower 115H is a durable and weather-resistant robot lawn mower perfect for small or mid-sized areas that are up to 0.4 acres. 

It operates efficiently around tight spaces and can work at any time regardless of the weather conditions.

It runs on a 2Ah Li-Ion battery which provides a mowing time of 60 minutes on a single charge. It cuts less grass more frequently to maintain a smooth and carpet-like appearance.

Key Differences Between the Husqvarna 315 and 115H Robot Mower

The main difference between them is that the Husqvarna 315 has a longer mow time (70 minutes) and a 40-percent slope performance (inside installation).

The Husqvarna 315 has a 70-minute runtime, 2300 rpm, cutting option that ranges from 0.8-2.4 inches, 40-percent slope performance inside the installation, and weighs 19.8 pounds.

On the other hand, the Husqvarna 115H has a 60-minute runtime, 2500 rpm, cutting options that can be adjusted from 2-3.6 inches 30-percent slope performance inside the installation, and weighs 20.7 pounds.

Here is a well-detailed comparison of Husqvarna 315 and 115H models:


The Husqvarna 315H has a Connect@Home app that enables homeowners to set and adjust the mower’s cutting schedule with ease. 

Its anti-collision sensors enhance improved safety while the anti-theft alarm keeps the machine secure from theft.

The guidewire helps the mower to find its way back to the charging station and large coarse-tread wheels enhance better traction while mowing.

The Husqvarna 115H also features innovative features like the 315 model. It comes with a noise-reducing motor design that ensures a quiet mowing operation.

It is weatherproof, meaning that it can perform well at any time irrespective of the weather conditions. 

Other features include Bluetooth-powered Automower, large coarse-tread wheels and brushless motors for a superior mowing performance.

Deck Size/ Cutting Power

The Husqvarna 315 comes with a deck size of 8.7 inches for efficient mowing on areas that are up to 1500m2

It is equipped with three razor-sharp carbon steel mower blades for efficient mowing operation on lawns.

It is a great fit for slopes that are up to 40 percent while its spot cutting feature ensures proper mowing over long areas of grass. 

It is also capable of mowing through narrow passages thanks to its special built-in sensors.

Like the 315, it comes with a deck size of 8.7 inches that can cover yards that are up to 0.4 acres. It can also handle slopes that are up to 30 percent.

It shares similar features with the 315 model guide wire, three pivoting razor blades, and a graphic menu display.

Power Source

They are both battery-powered. The 315 model runs on a 2 Ah lithium-ion battery that provides up to 70 minutes of runtime 

On the other hand, the 115H model is powered by a 2Ah Li-Ion battery that provides a  mowing time of 60 minutes.  


The Husqvarna 315 and 115H  are backed by a 2-year warranty service.


The Husqvarna 315 model is a bit lighter, weighing 19.8 pounds while the 115H model weighs 20.7 pounds.

Height Adjustment

The Husqvarna 315 has cutting options that range from 0.8-2.4 inches while the 115H can be adjusted from 2-3.6 inches.

The Husqvarna 115H model offers a better cutting height range than its Husqvarna counterpart.

Ease of Use

Both mowing machines come with ease-of-use options. The Husqvarna Automower 315 has a user-friendly display that gives room for personal settings to suit your mowing preferences. 

The Automower Connect @Home app enables you to start, stop, park, check and adjust settings with ease.

Its balance control feature enhances silent and trouble-free mowing operation. 

The machine is compact and lightweight, enhancing easy storage and increased maneuverability in small gardens.

Like the Husqvarna 315 mowing machine, the 115H comes with a graphic menu display that is easy to use and step up. The charging station placement simplifies the mower’s installation.

Its Bluetooth-powered Automower Connect@Home allows you to start, stop and configure the machine with just a few finger taps.

Going by this, the Husqvarna 315 has more ease-of-use options than the Husqvarna 115H.

Pros and Cons

Husqvarna 315 Robotic Mower


  • The Husqvarna 315H comes with large coarse-tread wheels for excellent traction on lawns.
  • It has a spot-cutting feature that enables you to mow a limited area of longer grass.
  • The robot lawn mower produces no emission.
  • It is quiet and weather-proof.


  • It has no rain sensor.

Husqvarna 115H Smart Mower


  • The robot mower works well on slopes, obstacles and in tight spaces.
  • It has three pivoting razor blades for efficient mowing operation.
  • It is quiet and weatherproof.
  • The large coarse tread wheels ensure better traction.


  • It does not have GPS support.
  • The Husqvarna 115h does not have Wi-Fi or cell connections.

Final Verdict: Which One Should You Buy?

The Husqvarna 315 and 115H models are quiet and weatherproof robotic mowers with a cutting width of 8.7 inches.

If you mow on hilly terrain and you demand the perfect smoothness for your yard, we recommend the Husqvarna 315 robotic lawn mower over the 115H model because it has a longer mow time and can handle slopes with an incline of 40 percent.