How to Keep Cars From Parking On My Lawn

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Having some careless drivers ruin your plush lawn can be frustrating. After spending hours to give your lawn a plush look, the last thing you want is to have someone ruin the well-groomed lawn with their car tires.

While their actions may be unintentional, the damage done may take weeks to correct. So, how can you keep cars from parking on your lawn? 

In this article, you will learn 10 practical ways to stop cars from parking on your lawn.

10 Ways to Stop Cars from Parking on your Lawn


1. Plant Vegetation around the Lawn

Want to keep cars from parking on your lawn while simultaneously beautifying your yard? Then you cannot go wrong with planting vegetation around your lawn. You have some great options which include:

Artificial bushes and topiaries

Artificial bushes and topiaries’ presence around your lawn will keep people who may want to use your lawn as a parking space away. Plant the artificial topiaries and bushes at the front of your yard or around it.  

Choose from the varieties of these artificial vegetation and plant them then you can stop worrying about people with no respect for your lush lawn.

One of the viable options you have is the Sunnyglade 2 PCS 15.7 inch 4 Layers Artificial PlantTopiary. Among other things, these artificial plants are easy to maintain. They don’t require trimming and watering. 

Just put the topiaries or bushes in strategic places and they will serve you for long without tending to them.

The icing on the cake is that they are immune to natural disasters. So, rest assured that you have a permanent solution to car owners who constitute a nuisance on your lawn.  


You can make a wall around your lawn with plants. Planting hedges around your garden is an option you should consider. Depending on your preference, you can plant the hedge in front of your house or around the house. 

There are low and high edges. Choose the one that  is most suitable. If you desire more privacy, consider the high type.

Hedges are classified into two: evergreen and deciduous. In autumn, the deciduous hedge loses its leaves, giving rise to an attractive green color. 

Every season, the beautiful hedge will surprise you with its new shapes, colors, and blossoms. You can always look forward to a colorful barrier in the autumn.

On the other hand, evergreen hedges don’t shed their leaves during winter. They offer a beautiful barrier to your home all year round.

Hedges are low-maintenance shrubs and affordable. Trim them to your precise shapes and sizes to enhance their beauty while keeping car owners from your lawn.

Try out the varieties of hedges such as Japanese Holly, Boxwood Shrubs, Mountain Laurels, and a host of others to find the most suitable one for your garden. 

Before choosing a shrub, understand its planting and maintenance requirements. You don’t want to be stuck with hedges you have zero maintenance idea about. 


You can use trees as a deterrent in many ways. Plant them around your yard or in other places that will make parking on your lawn impossible.

Ornamental cherries, rowans, figs, Japanese dogwood, and paper-bark maple are some of the trees you may plant around your lawn.  

2. Use Parking Cones


People have been using parking cones to prevent unauthorized car owners from parking in undesignated parking locations for decades. You can do the same. Get some of the orange parking cones and put them around your garden. Motorists understand the message you pass with the cones and won’t flout your parking restriction.

The parking cones are made of high-quality materials that guarantee their durability. They thus ensure you can use the cones around the year. Thanks to their brilliant fluorescent orange color, drivers can see these cones at any moment of the day or night.

The traffic safety cones are available in different sizes and shapes. The Traffic Safety Cones 6 Pcs is a 28-inch safety cone you may consider if you settle for this option. Put them at close intervals without enough space for any vehicle to find their way into your lawn.

3. Fence Your Property

Sometimes, what you need is a simple fence. Fencing your property automatically keeps intruders off your lawn. Depending on your preference, you can make the fence a bit low or high.

You can make a brick wall fence or barbed wire fence. Other options include bamboo fence, stone wall fence, wood fence, aluminium fence, and what have you. Choose the fence style that suits your purpose and budget.

4. Use Rock Gardens

One of the best ways to make your lawn off-limits for car owners is to have a rock garden on your property. Rock gardens increase parking difficulty and serve as a deterrent to unauthorized parking.

Plant flowers with diverse blooming times in the garden.  The flowers will enhance the garden’s overall appeal while preventing car owners from accessing your property. Aside from their affordability, these rock gardens require little maintenance. .

You can create two or three rock gardens on your property to discourage drivers from parking on your lawn.

5. Decorative Ponds


Decorative ponds around your garden serve as a warning to car owners that your lawn is off limits for them. You can create these ponds in the front corner of your garden or in any other strategic places where their presence will make a car owner have a second thought about parking on your lawn. They will force the drivers to consider other parking alternatives.

Add a water feature to make your warning loud and clear. It’s a private property and parking on its lawn may attract legal consequences. Here are some cool pond ideas you can try.

6. Install Standing Lamps

If you are looking for a cool way to ward off intruders from your yard, consider installing standing lamps. Aside from illuminating the lawn and other areas of the yard, they can deter drivers from using your lawn. 

When you put these lamps close to each other, car owners will understand the unspoken signal and stay off your property.

You shouldn’t have difficulty finding different sizes of fanciful lamps for this purpose. Choose what suits your needs and will add to your home’s overall appeal. Whether you choose the short or tall lamps, be confident that your home is properly guarded against authorized cards ruining your lawn.

Beau Jardin and other manufacturers have affordable outdoor garden lamps to keep people off your garden. Check out the 8 Pack Solar Lights from Beau Jardin and other brands to have an idea about such lamps’ installation cost.

7. Erect Signs

Erecting signs warning people to steer clear of your property, especially your lawn, is a time-tested technique. A simple sign with a warning inscription such as “Please, don’t park on the lawn” can do much to discourage people from parking on your lawn.

You can be creative with the sign. It’s not out of place to use sign posts with stern warnings that express the consequences of violating the warning. 

“No Parking. Private Property. Vehicles will be ticketed / towed at owner’s expense” or “Private Property. No Parking. Vehicles will be towed day/night” will do the magic.

The No Parking Anytime Sign with Arrows is made from aluminum and is weather resistant. It’s one of the sign posts with a powerful warning sign to ward car owners off your lawn.

8. Talk to Your Neighbor

If your neighbor has the irritating habit of parking their car on your lawn, you can talk to them about it. 

Respectfully express your displeasure at such a habit and ask them to stop doing it. A simple discussion with your neighbor may be all you need to find a lasting solution to this problem.

You must exercise caution, though. Know the type of neighbor you are dealing with before engaging them in any discussion over the infringement on your property. 

If your neighbor has a bad temper, reconsider your decision to discuss your concerns with them. You may implement other strategies that will keep them off your lawn and avoid needless confrontations.

9. Caltrops to the Rescue

Caltrops are spikes that can deflate any tire that steps on them. Car owners will keep off your property at the mere sight of this tyre deflator.

However, you may face a lawsuit if someone accidentally steps on them and if they or their passengers are hurt in the process. 

The local law may also consider using caltrops illegal. It’s advisable to know the law regarding caltrops before using them. As previously mentioned, you may only consider caltrops if the local laws support it and every other attempt to prevent drivers from parking on your lawn fails.

10. Use Driveway Boulders

The driveway boulders will deter even the most hardened drivers from parking on your lawn. An attempt to run over one of the boulders may cost the driver their bumper. 

If the driver hits the boulders at a high speed, they have more than their bumper to think about. 

The speed at the point of contact with the boulders may cause the vehicle serious undercarriage damage. Most drivers won’t be tempted to run over these boulders to park their vehicles.

You can consider some landscape rocks with sandstone appearance such as the Emsco Group Landscape Rock.

It takes great effort, time, and money to grow and groom a lawn to your satisfaction. Your efforts will be a waste if every Joe turns your lawn into a car park. Keep your lawn in the best shape and prevent drivers from ruining your work by implementing the tips discussed above.