How To Cut Tall Grass With An Electric Lawn Mower

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Cutting tall grass with an electricity powered mower can be a time-consuming effort, but applying the right methods of cutting it can make the job easier for you.

If you have a large lawn, it may take a few days to complete the mowing task.

How To Cut Tall Grass With An Electric Lawn Mower

Here are some tips on how to cut tall grass with an electric lawn mower:

  • Start the mower and lift the mower deck in the upward position to mow through the tall grass for the first pass.
  • Drop the mower deck and set it flat to the ground for the second pass. If the mower didn’t cut much, repeat the process by lifting the mower deck a little bit lower.
  • Ensure that you use the bagging option to prevent grass clippings from clogging the chute.
  • For optimal efficiency, it is preferable to use a single blade to mow to preserve battery life.
  • Ensure that you wear safety glasses to protect your eyes from flying debris.

What is The Appropriate Blade For Cutting Tall and Thick Grass?


High-lift blades are recommended for mowing long and thick grass. 

These blades ensure maximum airflow through the cutting deck and help to create the perfect finish for your freshly cut lawn.

How to Maintain an Electric Lawn Mower

Here are some tips on maintaining an electric lawn mower:

Clean the Cutting Deck

It is important to always check and clean the grass and debris that is accumulated on the electric mower’s deck. On several occasions, debris can accumulate and clog the mower deck.

To clean the deck of a corded mower, you may need to unplug it and spray out the deck with a leaf blower or garden hose.

If you notice that the grass build-up is a bit difficult to remove, you may need to scrub the deck with a wire brush.

Check and Change Lawn Mower Blades


Dull blades can make the electric mower less efficient and can cause damage to your yard. 

To clean the mower blades, you need to wipe it down to remove grass clippings.

Ensure that you sharpen the dull blade(s). If you notice that the blade is damaged, it is important to replace the mower blade.

Check the Vents on Your Electric Mower

The air vents in your mower help to prevent the mowing machine from overheating. 

Air vents can get jammed up with debris, preventing proper airflow to the motor and other components.

You can use an air compressor to remove the debris from the vents of your mower.

Tighten the Mower’s Hardware

Grass cutting can cause a lot of vibrations and may cause bolts, fasteners, and screws to become loose.

It is advisable to check the hardware of the mower to ensure that they are tight. If you discover that they are loose, you should tighten them.

Inspect the Battery Before Storing


Homeowners with cordless lawn mowers should always inspect the battery’s housing for any cracks. Keeping them warm may also elongate the battery life.

Before storing them for the off-season, ensure that the batteries are fully charged and check them every six weeks.

Most batteries come with a power lever indicator, you can charge them back up if the power level of the battery drops.