How to Cut Grass on a Steep Hill

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Mowing grass on a steep hill without taking necessary precautions is dangerous. 

It is important to develop the right methods on how to cut grass on a steep hill to prevent possible accidents.

In this article, we discuss six mowing tips to keep in mind while mowing on a steep hill.

6 Tips for Cutting Grass on a Steep Hill

Here are the six tips for cutting grass on a steep hill:

1. Check Your Lawn

It is important to check the lawn before mowing to avoid injuries that may occur as a result of being hit by objects such as sticks, ruts, rocks, and bricks.

Ensure that you remove these objects during inspection to ensure your safety.

2. Use an Appropriate Mower For Steep Hillside

It is important to get mowers that are lightweight and easy to handle to fit into your steep areas. Using the best lawn mower for steep hills will make the entire mowing experience efficient and smooth.

Battery-lawn mowers can be an ideal choice for your steep area because they are lightweight. 

Using them on steep hills can conserve your energy and make your work easier.


3. Set the Lawn Mower To A Higher Setting

It may be a difficult task for you to operate your mower around a steep hill if you set the mower deck low. 

A higher setting will enable you to navigate through lumps and bumps on lawns.

Setting the mowing heights high will enable the grass to stay even after mowing. This will improve the overall health of the grass.

4. Mow Laterally

Pushing the mowing machine straight up the hill can make you lose your footing which can be dangerous. Mowing laterally will ensure stability and reduce the chances of slipping.

Try to mow the grass in a crosswise manner if you have issues safely mowing up and down the incline of your yard.

Homeowners that have riding mowers need to be extra careful while mowing on a steep hill.

Riding them laterally on the side of the hill can pose a danger if the hill is extremely steep. 

This may cause the mower to flip over while mowing. You can also get a handheld brush trimmer if your lawn is extremely sloppy.

5. Wear a Pair of Cleats to Wear While You Mow

Wearing a pair of cleats will enhance more traction and allow you to handle the lawn mower with more power, and control and minimize the risk of slipping.

6. Avoid Mowing When It’s Wet

Mowing on wet grass can cause electrocution if you make use of an electric mower.

Apart from that, a slip on a wet lawn can also injure you. It is advisable to mow when the lawn is dry.

Features of the Best Mowers For Steep Hill & Slopes

The best lawn mower to use for a steep hill should have some important qualities that can ensure a smooth lawn mowing experience. Here are some of them:

Superb Engine Capacity                                                                   

If you decide to go for a gas mower, it’s important to consider the engine capacity of an ideal mower for your steep hill.

The best gas-powered mower for your hilly terrain should have a powerful engine with cooling systems that will regulate the temperature of the engine and keep it in an ideal condition.

High Ground Clearance And Wheels

For optimal cutting results on steep hills, your mower needs to have a higher ground clearance and wheels. 

High-wheel mowing machines are ideal for hills due to their large rear wheels. 

Rear-Wheel Drive Feature

Several top-rated mowers for steep hills have rear-wheel drive to ensure excellent traction on inclines, hillsides, and slopes.

For instance, the Honda HRX217VKA comes with this feature to enable you to tackle hilly terrain with ease.


Wide Mower Deck

Mowers with a wide mower deck will enable you to cover large areas without having to repeat the process many times.


Lightweight Design

Lightweight mowers can ensure easy maneuverability and conserve more energy to enable you to carry out the mowing task.