How To Bypass Seat Switch on Riding Mower

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Bypassing the seat switch of your riding lawn mower is not a difficult task to do. 

If you know your lawn mower well, it is something that you can do in a couple of minutes. The seat safety switch is located beneath the seat. 

The seat switch becomes frustrating when you notice that it doesn’t allow you to start the mower without being seated on the seat. 

Bypassing it is the only suitable solution to save you from this problem.

In this article, we share the steps to bypass the seat switch on your mower. You will surely get all the necessary information on what you are looking for.

Tools That You Might Need

How to Bypass Seat Switch on Riding Mower: Steps to Take


Step 1: Place Your Lawn Mower on Ground Surface


The first step to take in repairing your riding mower is to set it on a flat level surface to avoid it from slipping or moving. 

After that, make sure that the engine is off and the steering is put on a parking mode.

Step 2: Disengage the Battery Terminal

Ensure that you disconnect the battery terminal. 

Locate the two terminals (red and black) and disconnect them to prevent electrocution.

Step 3: Locate the Seat Switch


For most riding mowers, the seat switch is situated below the mower seat. 

The next step is to remove the seat of your mower, loosen the screws and roll over the seat. 

You will see a socket switch attached to the seat, located right under the mower seat.

This is the seat safety switch that you need to bypass. 

You may find a 3-wire seat safety switch or a 4-wire seat safety switch. You can apply the same process for both of them.

Step 4: Remove the Safety Switch Wires

Remove the safety switch socket from underneath the mower seat and remove the wire from the socket. 

If you can’t use your hands, use a plier and pull it in the outer area. 

It is advisable to make use of IRWIN Vise Grip 6” Nose Plier to do this.

Step 5: Cut the Wire and Tape Them

Cut the wires of the socket switch and secure them with tape to prevent electrical shocks. Make sure that you tape the end of the wire together or individually.

To be sure of this process, test them by taping them individually. If it does not work, you can now connect them and wrap them with tape.

Alternative Tip to Step 5:

If you do not want to risk voiding the mower’s warranty by cutting the wire, you can simply use any wire crimp connectors to connect it without cutting them.

Step 6: Put the Mower Seat Back to The Normal Position

You can now take the seat back to its normal position. inspect the seat switch if it is making any more obstacles or if it is not.


Leave a longer length of wire near the seat safety switch if you want to reconnect it later.


Bypassing the seat safety switch on your riding lawn mower will allow your small kids to easily start the mower. Ensure that you keep the ignition keys in an area that is inaccessible to the kids.


Bypassing your mower safety switch will make you start the engine without sitting on the seat. 

You can now stand up from the seat while the engine power is turned on and you ride your machine as you want without getting frustrated about any sudden stoppage caused by the mower’s seat safety switch.