How Many Hours Will a Scag Mower Last?

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The life expectancy of a lawn mower depends on proper maintenance, ambient temperatures, operating conditions and hours of operation. 

Although it is a bit difficult to get an exact figure on its life expectancy, our research shows that a Scag Mower can last up to 2000+ hours if it is properly maintained.

Who Manufactures Scag Mowers?

Scag commercial lawn mowers are manufactured by Metalcraft of Mayville, Inc. They are one of the largest independently owned manufacturers of commercial power equipment in North America.

Why the Rave About Scag?


Scag has managed to give reputable brands such as Honda, Craftsman and John Deere a run for their money. 

Generally, Scag mowers require minimal maintenance and are easy to use. This firm manufactures a wide range of mowers such as stand-on mowers, zero-turn mowers, walk-behind mowers and wheeled mowers.

However, Scag mowers made their mark with the production of zero-turn riding mowers. Its six zero-turn models that are mostly liked in the market include Tiger Cat II, Liberty Z, Turf Tiger II, Cheetah, Patriot and Freedom Z models. 

Are Scag Mowers Made in the USA?

Yes, Scag mowers are manufactured in Wisconsin, United States of America.

Are Scag Mowers Strong?

Scag lawn mowers are well-known for their strength and endurance, even in the face of persistent rough usage.

This resilience can be attributed to the various mechanisms which are evident in several Scag lawn mower models. For instance, the Turf Tiger model has a lowered center of gravity to ensure stability.

Its heavy-duty Velocity Plus cutter deck (Tri-Plate) contributes to the mower’s resilience.

The strength of Scag mowers is showcased in the Tiger Cat II model. The model’s wheel motor drive and strong dual pump guarantee its reliability from season to season.

Are Scag Mowers’ Engines Good?


The engines of Scag lawn mowers are very good because they offer powerful mowing operations.

Scag gives homeowners a pretty broad scope to select from (ranging from zero-turn, stand-on, and walk-behind mowers).

Differing in size, Scag’s Patriot runs on Kawasaki engine variants of 22hp and 23hp.

The Freedom Z comes with Kohler 7000 Series pro Engine (with a 22hp or 24hp). Ride II also has a power range of 25-29hp and a 37 hp Vanguard EFL.

The Turf Tiger II is the most powerful of all Scag zero-turn mowers. It is fitted with a Kawasaki engine (with variants of 25hp, 26hp, and 36hp), 26hp Kohler Command, and 35hp Briggs Vanguard.

Are Scag Mowers Comfortable?


Comfort is a big part of every operator’s mowing experience. Scag lawn mowers come with an ergonomic control system to reduce operator fatigue.

They also have a coil-over-shock system, rubber iso-mounts for comfortable mowing operations.

Turf Tiger II model stands out with its adjustable 4-point iso-mounted suspension seat system and steering control levers for a smooth lawn mowing experience.

Apart from their riding lawn mowers, the SWZT model is also a comfortable walk-behind model with features such as an operator control system and a hitch-free hydraulic drive system.

What Size of Decks Do Scag Lawn Mowers Offer?

Scag Mowers come in different deck sizes. The SWZT Hydro-Drive mowers offer a deck size that ranges from 36-61 inches while the deck size of the SW-series mower varies  from 32-52 inches. The V-ride has four deck sizes ranging from 36-61 inches.

Are Scag Mowers Cheap?

The truth is Scag lawn mowers are a bit pricey. The price range of the Scag Patriot model is between $4600-$18,500, the Cheetah model has a price range of $11,000-$14,500. The costliest is Scag Tiger Turf II which costs around $13,500-$20,000.

How Broad is Scag mowers’ Range of Accessories?

They support a host of accessories such as grass catchers, suspension seats, mulching plates, light kits and lawn stripers to increase the versatility and the usability of the lawn mower.