How Long Do Electric Lawn Mowers Last?

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So, how long do electric lawn mowers last exactly? Depending on the brand or model, your electric mower battery should last up to an hour while mowing before needing to be recharged. The lifetime of any top-rated electric mower can be up to 10 years while the lifespan of its battery can be up to 5 years.

Note: The statements above aren’t set in stone. The lifespan of your electric lawn mower and its battery will depend a lot on usage and maintenance.

How Long Will a Fully Charged Electric Mower Last?

Thanks to modern technology, cordless electric mowers are powered by batteries that are designed to work longer than their older versions. It is estimated that a push mower’s battery should last about an hour or cover half of an acre of land before it requires a recharge. 

Since most battery-powered mowers use lithium-ion batteries, they charge faster and last longer than other battery types. You can charge them fully after mowing half of an acre of lawn in between 30 and 90 minutes. 

Many top-rated electric lawn mowers are now giving their gas-powered counterparts a good run for their performance and durability. Note, though, that you must change the mower battery every five years in order to retain charging. 

How to Maintain Your Electric Mower to Last Longer


Your attitude towards your lawn mower has a profound impact on its performance and lifespan. To increase your mower’s durability, consider the following maintenance tips:  

  • If you are using a battery-powered lawn mower, remove the battery as soon as it is fully charged. Leaving the battery in the charger after that will cause overcharging which will weaken it. 
  • For a complete charging cycle, deplete the battery completely and charge it. 
  • The storage temperature matters too. Store your battery between 40oC and 80oC.
  • Check the mower’s wheels and oil them occasionally to ensure that they are not stiff and have difficulty rotating. 
  • Don’t ignore the blades. Your mower’s efficiency depends on the blades’ condition. So, sharpen them when necessary so that they can handle tall grass and big lawns easily. 
  • After each mowing session, don’t store the machine until it’s well cleaned. If you clean the machine and maintain it properly, it will last longer than if you do so at your convenience. 
  • Be careful when cleaning your mower’s battery housing. Dirt and grass easily get into the housing and interfere with the battery connection. So, clean the house cautiously without removing the battery connection. 
  • If the machine’s blade jams while working, don’t wait until later to fix the problem. Fix it immediately. Otherwise, you will run the risk of burning the motor. 
  • Charge the batteries appropriately. Know the best charging conditions for your mower’s batteries and comply with them to ensure they don’t lose their power-holding capacity prematurely. 
  • Tighten all loose bolts and nuts before operating the machine. You may harm yourself if any of the parts fall off while using the mower. 

Tips to Help You Prolong Your Mower’s Lifespan


Cleaning and proper maintenance aside, there are other practical ways you can prolong your mowing machine’s lifespan. These are some helpful tips: 

Don’t use it on wet grass 

Mowing wet grass with an electric mower isn’t ideal. Lawn mower manufacturers warn users against mowing wet grass so as not to harm the machine and expose the user to serious risks such as electric shock, slips, falls, and other hazards. 

Irrespective of the electric lawn mower type you have, caring for it properly will have a massive impact on its durability. 

Avoid distraction when mowing

You can easily get distracted while mowing. Human or vehicular movements around your property or other activities may make concentration a bit challenging. However, to prolong your mower’s lifespan, shut distraction off and concentrate on the task. If you get distracted while mowing, you run the risk of damaging the machine. 

Take good care of the battery

Since electric mowers are mostly powered by batteries, take care of them properly to ensure that they are operational for as long as possible. Check the user’s instruction manual for the best way to charge the lawn mower’s battery and take care of it.

Ignoring the charging and maintenance routine may cost you not only the mower battery but the mower as well. For a start, you will shorten the battery’s lifespan and its power-holding ability will gradually depreciate. 

Clean the mower regularly

Keeping your mower in good condition is another effective way to ensure its prolonged use. When you remove debris and grass after each use, you prevent them from building up and damaging the mowing machine. 

While cleaning the mower, you may notice some worn-out or damaged parts that need fixing or replacing. Attend to these issues as soon as you notice them. If you fix them immediately, you will keep the machine in great condition and will remain operational for many years.  

How to Clean Your Lawn Mower


For proper cleaning, do the following: 

  • You must first turn the mower off and then remove its battery. 
  • Clean the vents with a cloth or brush to prevent the machine from overheating while in use. 
  • If you notice residue or dirt in the slots, blow compressed air into them for proper cleaning. 
  • Clean the blade thoroughly and carefully. Remove any trapped soil, dirt, or grass from the blade. Don’t forget to sharpen the blade as soon as it is blunt too. 
  • Pay attention to the mower’s deck. Remove any residue that may form inside it. You should spray its bottom with cooking oil before storage in preparation for the next mowing session. Applying the oil reduces the amount of residue that can collect underneath the machine.