GreenWorks Pro 80V Review

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Greenworks Pro 80V 21-Inch 80V Push Lawn Mower, Tool Only

The GreenWorks Pro 21-inch 80v cordless mower is a versatile mower with an impressive power and battery life for small-medium sized lawns.

We spent over 9 hours going through tons of experts’ and users’ GreenWorks Pro 80V reviews from multiple sources. Here’s a summary of what they think:

10 Reasons to Buy

  • The GreenWorks PRO 21-Inch 80V cordless mower runs silently without a need for any form of ear protection.
  • Compared to gas mowers, it is a lightweight mowing machine.
  • With the aid of a push button, it requires little effort to switch the machine on or off.
  • Quick charging time is another reason why many users go for the GreenWorks 80V 21-inch cordless mower.
  • Thanks to its combination of good batteries and fast charging time, the GreenWorks 80V performs well on large lawns.
  • You can switch from any function to another with relative ease. So, you can mulch, side discharge, or mulch your clippings effortlessly.
  • The mower’s mulching capability is a great feature that most users appreciate.
  • It is quite easy to maintain. 
  • The mower’s Smart Cut Technology allows it to automatically adjust its speed and power according to the projected workload. So, you won’t struggle through any type of grass because the machine has what it takes to handle them.
  • GreenWorks PRO 21-inch cordless mower comes with a battery and a charger.

4 Reasons NOT to Buy

  • Be alert when pulling the mower backwards because the rubber matt may get caught.
  • While the sensor that helps the mower adjust its mower speed is a welcome development, some users complained that it sometimes triggers late.
  •  It is slightly heavier than some electric mowers.

GreenWorks Pro 80V Product Specifications

Mower TypePush.
Cutting Width21 Inch.
Cutting Options3-In-1 Side Discharge, Mulching, and Rear Bagging.
Maximum Cutting Height3-3/4 inches.
Minimum Cutting Height1-3/8 inches.
Weight57 pounds.
Warranty4 years.
Power SourceBattery.
Vertical StorageYes.
Rear Wheel Size10 inches.
Additional InfoBall Bearing Wheels

GreenWorks Pro 80v Review: Deep Dive

Cutting Power

The GreenWorks 21-inch 80V cordless lawn mower’s cutting power is one of its biggest selling points. It’s powered by a 80V battery that offers up to 60 minutes run time when charged to full capacity. Within 60 minutes, the 4.0 AH battery will be fully charged while it takes 30 minutes to charge the 2 AH version fully.

The long run time and short charge time give users enough cutting power to get much done in a short time. To avoid being stuck midway through a mowing session when your battery unexpectedly goes dead, always have an extra battery as backup.

The mower boasts of a Smart Cut Technology that enables it to adjust its cutting power according to the projected load. Thus, while mowing towards thicker or taller grass, the mowing machine will automatically increase its power to enable it to handle the task easily.

Cutting Area

If you use the 2.0AH battery model, you may get a run time of 45 minutes, enough time to mow about a quarter of an acre while you can mow more with the 4.0AH type. The machine’s 21-inch cutting width increases the mower’s cutting performance and extends its cutting area.

Noise Level

You won’t get noise complaints from your neighbors when mowing with the GreenWorks 80V cordless lawn mower. The machine runs so quietly that your neighbor will hardly notice you are mowing unless they see you at work. 

If you are used to wearing ear protection while mowing with noisy mowers, you definitely won’t be needing them when using the GreenWorks PRO 80V cordless mower.


Smooth operation is the hallmark of GreenWorks lawn mowers. This model and several others in the same category come with a start button that users can switch the machine on with, unlike other models that require exerting your physical energy by pulling a rope.

That aside, the lawn mower is lightweight which means you can easily push it around your lawn and around potential obstacles.

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The GreenWorks PRO 80V cordless mower comes with a 4-year warranty from GreenWorks. While the warranty lasts, the manufacturer will replace, repair, or issue a refund if the product is defective or damaged during shipping.

It’s important to note that the 4-year warranty is valid on the condition that you use the mower for domestic purposes only. If you use it for business, the company is responsible for defects in just 90 days.

Mower Quality

The GreenWorks 21-inch 80V cordless lawn mower is made of the best quality material. Its steel deck makes it a very durable machine at par with many gas-powered mowers.

Replacement Parts

Replacement parts are readily available for the GreenWorks 21-inch 80V cordless mower. Greenworks and some accredited retailers have these parts in stock so you can order from them. 

When placing your order, ensure that you get the right blade since that is compatible with the mowing machine. Aside from the blades, chargers, batteries, and some other accessories are available.

Bottom Line

The GreenWorks 80V 21-inch combines a great battery run time with the ability to automatically adjust itself for the best mowing experience, even when working through thick grass.

Although the mower isn’t as light as others in the same category, that doesn’t take anything away from its overall performance.

Video Review

GreenWorks Pro 80V Cordless Lawn Mower

GreenWorks Pro 80V Review
  • Mower Type: Push.
  • Cutting Width: 21 Inch.
  • Weight: 57 pounds.
  • Warranty:  4 years.
  • Power Source: Battery.
  • Vertical Storage: Yes.
  • Rear Wheel Size: 10 inches.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the mower work with 40V batteries?

No, the mower doesn’t work with 40V batteries but with 80V batteries only.

Does the GreenWorks 80V mower come with a bagger?

Yes, it is equipped with a rear grass bag.

Can I clean the mower with water?

No, don’t clean it with water. Rather, try to clean the mower right after use to prevent cake build up. And if the cake has already built up, clear it with a deck scraper.

Does it work well in St. Augustine?

Yes, it handles tough grasses such as St. Augustine very well.

Maintenance Tips

  • Clean the mower properly right after use.
  • Don’t hose it. You can use a deck scraper to clean it.

Top Recommended Handy Tools for Troubleshooting & Servicing Your Lawn Mower

Multimeter – This is useful for checking voltage, continuity & current to identify electrical problems in your mowerFilter Wrench – For loosening your mower’s filter.
Carburetor Cleaner – Choke and Throttle Body Cleaner for cleaning clogs & buildup in the fuel system.Blade Balancer–Balances Blades After Sharpening.
Fuel Stabilizer – This stabilizes & cleans your fuel to reduce fuel system buildupBattery Inflator – This helps to ensure your mower tires stay inflated to prevent steering or uneven cutting issues.
Socket & Allen Wrench Set – These tools are needed to service & troubleshoot your mower problemsTachometer– Evaluates your mower’s engine performance and provides accurate data about the status of the engine
12-Volt Battery Charger – This is useful for charging your mower battery.Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener– Adjustable Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener for Right and Left Hand Blades.