Greenworks Commercial Helps Landscape Businesses Transition to Clean Alternatives

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MOORESVILLE, NC – Following the new state law that was signed by the Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, which bans any further sale of outdoor equipment that is powered by gas, Greenworks Commercial will be offering to help landscape businesses make a seamless transition to alternatives that are clean. Greenworks Commercial is the industry leader in providing battery-operated outdoor power equipment.

In the wake of the signed law, landscapers are now expected to replace all their equipment that is gas-powered with outdoor power equipment that is completely battery-powered. Apart from Greenworks Commercial, there’s no other brand that has a full line of commercial-grade outdoor power equipment which are completely battery-powered.

 In addition to having wide product offerings, the lithium-ion-powered equipment of Greenworks Commercial also gives more control and comfort. Furthermore, they have the leading technology in the industry. The products offered by Greenworks are not only equipped with the power that’s expected of tools that are powered by gas, but it also has the runtime and performance, combined with the fact that they are noiseless and do not emit harmful smog.

In the words of Tony Marchese, the commercial Vice President of Sales and Operation at Greenworks Commercial, “With the new law banning gas sales starting in 2024, it’s important for landscapers to be ahead of the curve. Taking advantage of California’s $30 million incentive fund, we can help commercial landscapers transition easily and cost effectively. We believe that within five years every commercial user can be a zero-emissions landscaper.”

Lawmakers found it imperative to pass laws that will reduce emissions of all kinds because studies have shown that the amount of smog produced by equipment that is powered by gas with small off-road engines is similar to the smog produced by passenger cars. In a study carried out by the California Air Resources Board (CARB), it was discovered that if a leaf blower equipment that’s gas-powered is used for an hour, and a 2017 Toyota Camry is driven for 1,100 miles, the two will cause the amount of pollution. Similarly, making use of a lawnmower that’s powered by gas for sixty minutes can be considered equivalent to driving for 300 miles.

Lawmakers are saddled with the responsibility of keeping everyone in the state safe, including landscape workers who make use of this equipment without necessarily knowing the health risks that come with it. Research proves that with small engines that are powered by gas, there’s an increased risk for asthma, among other serious health concerns, which is why the new law was passed.

All of the equipment offered by Greenworks Commercial has no emissions and no exhaust. In addition, the batteries are also recyclable and they are very quiet, helping you avoid noise pollution. It also offers tools that are more technologically superior and advanced than others in the industry, their cutting-edge technology towers over their other competitors in the industry. The tools are safe and properly equipped for the use of landscape professionals that are making the necessary transition to battery-powered equipment from gas.

About Greenworks Commercial

Greenworks is a brand that has been in the business of manufacturing rugged tools that are powerful, with advanced lithium-ion battery power and brushless motor technology that is superior for over two decades. Since 2002, the company has been passionate about providing a battery-powered solution that is not only superior but innovative and sustainable as well. Their goal has always been to surpass any kind of expectation that users might have before encountering their product. As an industry leader, the standard for outdoor equipment that is battery-powered and of commercial-grade is set by Greenworks Commercial. They are the sole brand whose exclusive focus is the design of unprecedented products that are battery-powered and then manufacturing them. To get more information about the brand and its products, go to their website