Greenworks Commercial Announces an Expansion in New East Tennessee Facility With $20 Million Investment

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Over 200 jobs are expected to be created in the Commercial Center of Excellence

MOORESVILLE, NC – Morristown, TN is expected to be home to the new manufacturing center that will also be used for research come the early spring of 2022. The plan to open this center was announced by Greenworks Commercial. The center is expected to be known as Greenworks Commercial Center of Excellence. It is also expected to be a development and product testing center, as well as a customer experience center.

Greenworks Commercial is the leading provider of outdoor power equipment that is battery-operated, and they are pleased to be creating this opportunity for the residents of Morristown and other neighboring towns. The proposal involves an initial investment of $20 million, and it is expected to create employment opportunities for over 200 people when it eventually opens.

Job creation has been one of the core goals of Greenworks Commercial. They have been deeply involved in creating employment opportunities in the different communities that they are. They believe that it is important to invest in local communities and give back to them. The best way they’ve been giving back to local communities is through job creation. 

They have created lots of employment opportunities and with the new center, it is expected that over 200 new workers will be brought in, creating a massive boost for the economy of Morristown. Furthermore, Greenworks doesn’t only work in creating a sustainable future, they are also invested in creating an equal level playing field for everyone, irrespective of their gender, race, color, age, religion, sexual orientation, veteran status, political affiliation, etc.

The Greenworks Commercial Center of Excellence will be constructed to include a manufacturing facility. The manufacturing facility is expected to be a 181,000 square feet facility. It is expected to produce commercial-grade batteries that are technologically advanced, commercial ride-on vehicles, and mowers. Also included in the facility will be a customer experience center that covers 20,000 square feet. This will be located on 30 acres of green space, and it will be used for the development and testing of products as well as dealer training and events.

In a statement by the founder and owner of Greenworks, Yin Chen, “Greenworks is proud to have led battery-powered innovation for years, and this new facility will allow us to continue to lead the industry in creating the best, most durable, and most eco-friendly commercial power equipment in the world.” He continues by saying, “We’re excited to make this investment in U.S. manufacturing, ushering Greenworks Commercial into a new era.”

It is projected that the factory will be opened in 2022, in early spring. It is also expected to open its doors to new employees that are over 200.

About Greenworks Commercial

Greenworks is a brand that has been in the business of manufacturing rugged tools that are powerful, with advanced lithium-ion battery power and brushless motor technology that is superior for over two decades. Since 2002, the company has been passionate about providing a battery-powered solution that is not only superior but innovative and sustainable as well. Their goal has always been to surpass any kind of expectation that users might have before encountering their product. 

As an industry leader, the standard for outdoor equipment that is battery-powered and of commercial-grade is set by Greenworks Commercial. They manufacture eco-friendly, noiseless and highly efficient lawn mowers and other yard tools. They are the sole brand whose exclusive focus is the design of unprecedented products that are battery-powered and then manufacturing them. To get more information about the brand and its products, go to their website