GreenWorks 25302 Review

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Greenworks 40V 20-Inch Cordless (2-In-1) Push Lawn Mower, 4.0Ah + 2.0Ah Battery and Charger Included 25302

The GreenWorks 25320 is a lightweight and efficient cordless electric lawn mower with superb battery life. It is powered by two batteries designed to last longer than many lawn mower batteries on the market, you can enjoy 70 hours of runtime while giving your lawn a good cut.

After spending about 9 hours going through tons of GreenWorks 25320 reviews by users and experts, here’s a summary of what users across different platforms think about the GreenWorks 25302 cordless electric lawn mower.

8 Reasons to Buy

  • GreenWorks 25320 offers great cut quality, thanks to its impressive cutting power, efficient battery, and versatility.
  • The mower is super light, weighing less than 45 pounds. The lightweight comes in handy when pushing it around your yard as you can easily manoeuvre around different obstacles.
  • You don’t worry about noise pollution in the neighborhood because the mower is extremely quiet. Some users claim that it is quieter than their vacuum cleaners.
  • Fast charging is a big plus for the mower. Combined with two powerful batteries, you have a lawn mower that can serve you for over an hour.
  • Ease of maintenance is another feature that attracts most users to this brand. Users claim they can maintain it effortlessly since it doesn’t require oil maintenance. Don’t just forget to charge the batteries when down while keeping the mower off wet grass.
  • The mower’s durability is another selling point. It is designed to perform creditably well without sacrificing its durability. Thus, you can count on the GreenWorks 25320 model to get the job done while serving you for years.
  • Its innovative smart cut technology maximizes battery life by changing the runtime or power to accommodate the grass’ thickness and ensure efficient mowing.
  • The mower’s two batteries come in different quality forms. The 4 Ah (high capacity) and 2 Ah (low capacity) batteries combine to offer 70 minutes of mowing time.

3 Reasons NOT to buy

  • Although GreenWorks 25320 is a good mower, you can’t count on it while working on dense grasses because it slows down when mowing wet lawns.
  • The rubber grips are cheap and most often, defective.
  • The handle doesn’t adjust to the user’s height.

GreenWorks 25302 Product Specifications

Number of blades1.
Power source40V Li-ion battery.
Cutting width20 inches.
Number of batteries2.
Warranty4 years
Weight42.5 pounds.
Mower typePush.
Minimum cutting height1-¾”.
Maximum cutting height3-⅜”.
FeaturesBagging, Mulching, Battery-powered, Twin-force.
Additional infoInnovative Cut Technology, Li-Ion Battery System, Dual Battery Port.

GreenWorks 25302 Review: Deep Dive

Cutting Power

The GreenWorks 25320 cordless lawn mower is equipped with a twin-blade cutting system. Its mulching functionality also enhances its cutting power because it is helpful when mowing over obstacles or sticks. It cuts grass smoothly, leaving no clippings behind which gives your lawn a perfect and neat look.

With its 20-inch cutting deck, you have a time-saving lawn mower. Since the mower is wider than some electric brands, you will take fewer passes when using this mower than when using others in its category.

Another important feature that boosts its cutting power is the accompanying single height adjustment lever. The feature enables you to adjust the mower cutting height to a setting that is perfect for your height and thus make mowing less stressful. Also important to note that the GreenWorks 25320 is one of the best lawn mowers for 1 acre yard.


If you have had a painful experience assembling a mower, you may not want to go through the same experience with this model. That’s not the case here, the GreenWorks 25320 model is significantly better. You can set it up with relative ease within 5 minutes.

The GreenWorks 25320 scores high when it comes to storage. Its foldable handle enables users to fold it easily and store it quickly and neatly.  

Power Source

The electric mower is powered by two Li-ion batteries that run simultaneously to keep it going. The duo offers about 70 minutes of run time and thus eliminates the poor battery issue that is common to most electric mower brands.

For instance, if one of the batteries goes dead, the switching system automatically switches to the second battery to power the mower while you continue working without a stop.

The high-capacity 4 Ah battery can power the mower while mowing a quarter of an acre when fully charged while the low-capacity 2 Ah can handle a tenth of an acre with ease. Thus, the combined forces of the two batteries allow users to mow about a third of an acre.

Please note that you can’t charge the two batteries simultaneously because the mower’s charger is designed to charge one battery at a time.

Auto Throttle

The GreenWorks 25320 push lawn mower has an auto throttle that automatically adjusts its power to suit the workload. The adjusted setting ensures that the cutting blades are not overworked and thereby maximizing the battery runtime. Since the battery works within its capacity, a longer lifespan is assured.  

Bottom Line

The GreenWorks 25320 battery lawn mower is in a class of its own. It is lightweight and versatile. Its outstanding battery life gives users the confidence of mowing for over an hour without battery concerns.

Although the mower doesn’t adjust to the user’s height, it’s nevertheless foldable, a feature that makes its storage a lot easier. If you have a middle sized lawn, the GreenWorks 25320 might be a good option for you.

Video Review

GreenWorks 25302 Lawn Mower

GreenWorks 25302 Review
  • Power source: 40V Li-ion battery
  • Cutting width: 20 inches.
  • Mower Type: Push
  • Minimum cutting height: 1-¾”
  • Warranty: 4 years.
  • Weight: 42.5 pounds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it self-propelled?

A: No. The GreenWorks 25320 lawn mower isn’t self-propelled. It is a push mower. Nevertheless, you won’t have difficulty pushing it because it is designed to move easily on hard surfaces. Important to note that you may have difficulty pushing it over St. Augustine.

Can you mow without the rear bag or mulch attachment?

Yes, you can mow without either of the two. However, that isn’t advisable because you will do a poor job and have to deal with clumps of grass littering the mulch plug’s original position.

How do I know which of the batteries is currently working and which one is not?

Although the mower doesn’t come with an indicator to show which of the batteries is currently working, the batteries have indicator lights that serve that purpose. When a battery is depleted, the indicator light will switch to the other battery.

How often do I need to sharpen the blades?

Clean and sharpen the blades at the end of a mowing season. However, if you mower over twigs, tree branches, and leaves, the blades may require more frequent sharpening.

Does it run on both batteries simultaneously?

No, it doesn’t run on both batteries simultaneously but works on one at a time. When one battery depletes, it switches to the other one.

Maintenance Tips

  • Don’t mow wet grasses with the mower.
  • Clean and sharpen the blades as often as necessary.
  • Handle the mower with care to enhance its efficiency and durability.