Greenworks 25112 Review

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Greenworks 13 Amp 21-Inch Electric Lawn Mower, MO13B00

The Greenworks 25112 is a durable and efficient corded electric lawn mower designed for small and medium-sized yards. It performs incredibly well on tall grasses and can mulch or side discharge via the 3-in-1 option.

We spent 9 hours digging through experts’ and real users’ Greenworks 25112 reviews. Here is a summary of what they think:

11 Reasons to Buy

  • The Greenworks 25112 corded electric mower offers discharge, mulching and bagging capabilities.
  • The handles can be folded down for easy and proper storage.
  • The corded electric mower comes with a 4-year warranty service.
  • The height adjustment feature allows you to adjust the mower thus, making cutting easier.
  • The 25112 Greenworks is easy to assemble.
  • It requires less maintenance.
  • The corded electric mower is quieter than several other lawn mowers out there. 
  • It has a push-button start which makes the mower easy to start.
  • The push lawn mower comes with a sharp blade that provides a clean and efficient cut.
  • It operates efficiently on tall grass.
  • The corded electric mower comes with trail shade which adds an extra safety feature while using the lawn mower.

4 Reasons NOT to Buy

  • It is not efficient on damp grass.
  • The extension cord is sold separately.
  • The blade speed might be slow while mulching.
  • Some users complained about the side-discharge getting clogged too often.

Greenworks 25112 Product Specifications

FeaturesSide discharge, mulching. bagging
Mower TypePush
Cutting Width21 inches
Maximum cutting height3-3/4 inches
Minimum cutting height1-3/4 inches
Warranty4 years
Power SourceCorded-electric
Additional information21-inch cutting deck, seven mowing heights, 7-inch front and 10-inch rear wheels, 13 Amp motor

Greenworks 25112 Review: Deep Dive


The Greenworks 25112 corded electric mower has a solid 21-inch cutting deck with a 19.5-inch blade size that enhances quick and efficient mowing. In addition, it is well-known for its high-grade quality build-up which elongates the mower’s life span. 

It has durable wheels which improve maneuverability while mowing. Its foldable push handle enhances easy storage. 

A noticeable drawback of this mower is its non-inclusion of the extension cord. You will have to purchase it separately before it can be connected to the mower. 


The Greenworks 25112 corded electric mower runs on a 13-amp motor that delivers efficient cutting of tough grass on small and medium-sized yards. 

Its engine has a low-level noise emission. Thus, you don’t need hearing protection while mowing. Plus, it has an easy-start ignition system which enables you to start the mower with ease.  

Ease of use

The push lawn mower is easy to assemble. The mowing machine comes assembled right out of the box. The handles are easy to fold for easy storage. Its lightweight design enhances ease to push around the lawn.

Cutting performance

Its cutting options can be adjusted from 1-3/4 to 3-3/4 inches through the single adjustment lever. This will enable you to cut the grass to your desired height. It has a maximum blade speed of 19000 feet per minute which is strong enough for effective cutting on tall grass. 

The mower performs better on flat yards than hilly and sloppy terrain. One of the flaws of the corded electric mower is its inefficiency on wet grass. The wet grass sticks to the underside of the deck, preventing proper mulching of grass clippings.

Price and warranty

For a corded electric lawn mower, it is reasonably priced. It comes with a limited four-year warranty service. It is important to note that items that are not covered by this warranty include normal tear and wear parts, routine maintenance items (lubricants, blade sharpening) and any part that has become inoperative due to abuse, neglect or misuse.

Special Features

The mower comes in a 3-in-1 option. The side discharge chute deflects grass clippings to the side for easy disposal. The mulching plug attachment restores nitrogen and phosphates to the soil. In addition, it has a bagger which keeps your lawn free from grass clippings for easy cleanup.

Safety Features

The push lawn mower comes with a discharge cover which ensures the prevention of injuries from foreign objects that could be picked up by the blade. In addition, the trail shield prevents debris from coming out of the mower. 

Additional Feature

 For a smooth cutting process, the mower has an extension cord retainer feature that keeps the cord in the right position while mowing.

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Bottom Line

Based on the feedback from several users, the Greenworks 25112 works excellently on small to medium-sized yards. It combines its high-power output, design, and solid cutting power to ensure a well-cut lawn.

If you are looking for a cheap and versatile electric corded mower for your small or medium-sized yard, you might want to give the Greenworks 25112  a shot.

Editor's choice
Greenworks 13 Amp 21-Inch Electric Lawn Mower, MO13B00

The Greenworks 25112 is a durable and efficient corded electric lawn mower designed for small and medium-sized yards. It performs incredibly well on tall grasses and can mulch or side discharge via the 3-in-1 option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Greenworks 25112 mulch?

Yes, it includes a mulching option.

Does it include an extension cord?

No, you will need to buy it separately.

How many mow height settings do it have?

It has seven different height settings from a single lever.

Can the handles be folded away?

Yes, they can be folded down after use

What is the weight of the lawn mower?

It weighs 55lbs.

Does it have a side discharge option?

Yes, it has a side discharge option.

Are batteries and a charger included with the mower?

No, it is an electric corded mower and does not need batteries.

Maintenance Tips

  • Clean the mower after use.
  • Clean the cutting deck and dry it before storing it.
  • Store the mower under appropriate conditions to prevent rust.
  • To achieve remarkable results, sharpen the mower’s blade.
  • Check for damaged or defective parts before use.
  • Ensure that the bolts and nuts are properly tightened.
  • Use a lawn mower cover to protect it from dust.