GreenWorks 25022 Review

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Greenworks 12 Amp 20-Inch 3-in-1Electric Corded Lawn Mower, 25022

The GreenWorks 25022 corded electric lawn mower packs a lot of features such as ease of use, versatility, solid cutting power, ease of storage and maintenance. Powered by a powerful 12-amp, the 20-inch 3-in1 the push mower offers enough power to mow through your grass without losing power easily.

We spent about 9 hours digging through different users’ feedback. Here’s a summary of GreenWorks 25022 reviews across different platforms :

10 Reasons to Buy

  • Most homeowners are impressed by its ease of assembly. It only takes a couple of minutes to assemble it out of the box.
  • Users love its smooth and noiseless operation, a deviation from the noisy disturbance from gas lawn mowers.
  • The GreenWorks 25022 corded mower is quite easy to maintain, as attested to by different users.
  • The GreenWorks 25022 model is a 3-in-1 mowing machine. The multifunctional mower is a favorite among many homeowners.
  • Its adjustable cutting height allows you to choose a height that suits you and make mowing a lot easier for you.
  • Aside from its ease of use, users are also impressed by its ease of storage. Thanks to its foldable handle, you can store the mower in different places conveniently.
  • The mower’s grass catcher is a helpful feature that ensures the newly mowed lawn isn’t messed up with mowed grass. It captures the grass and other debris to give your lawn a clean look.
  • Another area where users rate the mower high is in maintenance. In contrast to some mowers that require extensive cleaning, maintaining this mowing machine is less stressful.
  • The mower’s lightweight design is another big plus. It makes working around obstacles a lot easier.
  • It is one of the most affordable electric lawn mowers on the market.

2 Reasons NOT to buy

  • It’s not suitable for large lawns.
  • If you have some reservations about cords, you may consider other options.

GreenWorks 25022 Product Specifications

Mower typePush.
Maximum cutting height3.75 inches.
Minimum cutting height1.5 inches.
Weight56 pounds
Deck size20 inches.
Warranty4 years.
FeaturesSide discharge, 3-in-1 rear bag, mulching system.
Rear wheels10 inches.
Cutting options3-in1 (Mulching, rear bag collection, and side discharge).
Front wheels7 inches.
Power sourceCorded electric.
Additional infoGrass catcher bag, owner’s manual, side discharge chute.

GreenWorks 25022 Review: Deep Dive

Cutting Power

Some users consider this lawn mower the ultimate mowing machine that provides everything a homeowner needs for a smooth and clean cut.

Powered by a 12-amp motor packed with enough power to cut all types of grasses, you can evenly and effectively give your lawn a perfect cut and remove leaves on the lawn with ease. The GreenWorks 25022 is one of the best lawn mowers for small yards on the market.


The assembly process is simple and straightforward. Simply fold the mower’s handles and tighten them. Then attach the accompanying grass bag and everything is set. Within 15 minutes or less, you should be done with putting all the parts together and be ready to give your lawn a befitting cut.


If you have ever been stuck with a difficult-to-operate lawn mower, you will be awed by this mowing machine’s ease of operation.

For a start, you don’t have to stoop to use the machine, especially if you are tall. With its adjustable cutting height settings, you can customize the height to your preferred height to enable you to use the machine without issues.

With a single lever, you can adjust the height effortlessly without turning the mower over or going through some rigorous process. You can choose from the seven cutting heights (1.5 inches to 3.75 inches) and make yourself comfortable while mowing your lawn.


Powered by electricity, this mower model doesn’t require an extensive and time-consuming maintenance routines like the fuel- or gas-powered counterparts. To keep it in the best condition, remove entangled grass and other debris from the motor and clean the mower after a mowing session. Clean the mower with a leaf blower or a compressed air gun, that’s all you need to keep the mower sparkling clean. Don’t clean it with water.

The accompanying gas catcher also makes maintenance easier. It collects grasses that would otherwise have messed up the mower. Aside from that, you can empty the catcher without breaking a sweat, another factor in favor of the mower’s ease of maintenance.

Bottom Line

GreenWorks is reputable for its high-quality mowing machines and the 25022 model isn’t an exception.

Lightweight and sturdy, the powerful machine comes in handy when mowing all types of grasses, including fallen tree branches. You won’t have issues mowing through tough surfaces as it was built to withstand such terrain.

With its cutting height adjustable feature, you have enough room to operate by choosing a setting that suits your height and ease the burden of using a bulky and ill-suitable machine that makes mowing stressful.

Thanks to its ease of maintenance and operation, you have a powerful lawn mower that will help you keep your lawn in good shape without breaking your back or spending excessively on maintenance.

Video Review

GreenWorks 25022 Lawn Mower

  • Power source: Corded electric.
  • Deck size: 20 inches.
  • Mower Type: Push
  • Maximum cutting height: 3.75 inches.
  • Warranty: 4 years.
  • Weight: 56 pounds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it come with a cord?

This model doesn’t come with a cord. Users must buy an appropriate length of extension cord to use the mower.

Can it handle tree twigs?

The mower is designed to handle a variety of grass textures and tree branches.

Does it have a bag attachment?

Yes, the mower comes with a grass catcher to help you leave behind a clean and well-mowed lawn.

Can I use a 10-amp extension cord with the mower?

No, don’t. If you use a 10-amp extension cord with the mower, you will burden the mowing machine and it will wear out pretty quickly.

Maintenance Tips

  • Don’t use the GreenWorks 25022 mower in wet conditions or in the rain.
  • If your hands are wet, clean them properly before operating the machine.
  • Be cautious when using it on slopes.
  •  Remove stones, toys, and others from your lawn before mowing.
  • Wear protective equipment such as gloves, goggles, and footwear before operating the mowing machine.
  • Clean the blades properly immediately after each use.