Ferris Zero Turn Mower Problems

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Ferris zero-turn mowers are well-designed, extremely efficient and comfortable to use. 

However, your Ferris zero-turn may develop a fault at any time. It may develop problems such as inequitable cuts, starting issues, vibrations and traction issues.

In this article, we reveal well-detailed Ferris zero-turn mower problems and practical fixes to ensure smooth lawn mowing operation.

Below are some of the most Common Ferris Zero Turn Mower Problems

  • Starting Problems
  • Inequitable Cuts
  • Difficulty In Mowing Wet Grass
  • Brake Not Working
  • Excessive Vibration
  • Problems with Hydro-Gear System

Ready? Let’s dive right into it:

10 Ferris Zero Turn Mower Problems and Their Troubleshooting Tips


Here are the common problems of Ferris zero-turn mowers and their possible fixes:

1. Starting Problems

If your Ferris zero-turn mower won’t start, it may be because of the following reasons:

  • Weak connections
  • Broken electrical components
  • Air restriction caused by a stopped air filter
  • A faulty charging system.
  • Electrical problems caused by a poor battery
  • Fuel restriction produced by clogged or malfunctioning fuel parts.

Fix: There are some troubleshooting tips to help fix issues with starting:

  • Make sure that the fuel tank is full.
  • Check if the energy level is adequate.
  • Inspect the carburetor.
  • Check the hydraulic system too.

Note: This is a common problem with Ferris IS 15000z

2. Inequitable Cuts

Improper cuts can be caused due to the following reasons:

  • Mowing too fast
  • Not overlapping the rows enough.
  • Worn, dull or damaged blades.

Fix: Here are some tips to fix the issue with inequitable cuts:

  • To avoid uneven cuts, ensure that you level the mower deck before you start to cut.
  • Sharpen the mower blades if they are dull.
  • Ensure that you clean the cutting deck
  • Repair or replace the cutting deck.

Note: This problem is common with Ferris IS 2100z

3. Difficulty In Mowing Wet Grass

Ferris zero-turn mowers can mow both dry and wet grass at the same time.  In some cases, your machine might find it difficult to mow damp grass. You do not need to worry because you can easily fix this.


  • Slow down the motor.
  • Sharpen the mower blades if you want to mow the wet grass.
  • Clean the air filter.
  • If you notice that the oil level is high, you can inspect the spark plugs.

4. Brake Not Working

A broken brake is one of the most serious issues that you might encounter while using your zero-turn mower, and this might cause accidents. This problem may arise because of worn-out brake calipers or improper adjustment of the blades.

Fix: When diagnosing this issue, it is important to:

  • Replace the calipers first.
  • Double-check the blade to confirm if it is well adjusted.

Note: This problem is common with Ferris 3100z

5. Excessive Vibration

Even if the mower runs at a reduced speed, continuous vibration is a common problem with several zero-turn machines. When the vibration becomes intolerable, then there is a problem.

Ferris zero-turn mowers might vibrate at a greater frequency when mowing at low speeds. This excessive vibration shows that the mower needs servicing.

Fix: To fix this issue, you need to:

  • Stop operating the zero-turn mower
  • Adjust the choke or throttle.
  • Ensure a smoother lawn.
  • Angle the blades properly

6. Problems with Hydro-Gear System

Almost all Ferris zero-turn mowers feature hydrostatic transmissions; so, this is not an uncommon problem with them. In this case, the pump will be unable to create pressure. This issue is caused by:

  • Air entering the transmission.
  • The pump is filled with air instead of oil.

Fix: Here are some tips that may solve the issue:

  • Take the control lever out of neutral.
  • Disengage the brakes and the clutch.
  • Push the motion control levers forward for five seconds and then hold them in place for another five seconds.
  • Avoid air from entering into the transmission system.
  • You can also put off the engine
  • Relaunch the mowing machine.

7. Engine Runs Poorly

The Ferris zero-turn mower may run poorly or not function properly because of the following reasons:

  • The spark plug gaps are too high
  • The fuel mixture is too high

Fix: You can try the following tips:

  • Clean the air filter
  • Adjust the choke
  • Reset the spark plug to fix the engine issue.

8. Traction Problems

Your zero-turn mowing machine may not experience problems if you upgrade it. With additional time spent mowing, your machine can encounter traction problems.

Fix: If your mower is experiencing traction problems, you may try the following tips:

  • Check the blades and deck.
  • If you notice that the mower deck is in good condition, you can replace the blades.

9. Unable to Raise the Mower


If you notice that the brake and starter are working well and you are still having issues while mowing, then, it might be as a result of damaged lifting linkages.

Fix: To solve this problem, you need to:

  • Ensure that the air filter is not clogged with debris or dirt.
  • If you are unable to raise the lawn mower, it is advisable to visit an authorized service center.

10. Ferris Mower Drive Problems

This is also one of the problems associated with Ferris’s zero-turn mowers.  This happens when the mower does not run well like the standard one. This affects the functionality and operation of the zero-turn mower.

Fix: Here are some troubleshooting tips that can fix the mower’s drive problems:

  • Check the deck and blades to be sure that they are functioning well.
  • If the deck works well, you can then replace the blades
  • If the engine cannot provide enough power, then slow-moving problems may occur. It is advisable to seek the help of a professional to help you fix the engine problem.

Note: This problem is common with Ferris IS 700z.

Maintenance Tips

  • Fuel the mowing machine in the correct direction as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Store the mower when not in use.
  • Check the tire pressure.
  • Clean the cutting deck regularly.

Do Ferris Mowers Have Good Fuel Capacity?

Yes, they have a good fuel capacity. Ferris lawn mowers come with a broad array of fuel tanks depending on what you need. For instance, the Ferris ISX 3300 zero-turn mower is equipped with double fuel tanks. Each of these tanks has a fuel tank capacity of 5.5 gallons.

In addition, the 1SX 2200 model has a fuel capacity of 11 gallons. These mowing machines provide a smooth lawn mowing experience without stopping at regular intervals to refuel.

What is an iCD deck on a Ferris Mower?

The iCD cutting system allows for superior cut quality and better airflow discharge while mowing on lawns. The deck’s slope nose forces the grass blades forward and enables them to rise in the chamber before the blades make contact.

Are Ferris Mowers Comfortable?


Ferris lawn mowers stand out in terms of comfortability. Their zero-turn mowers, frontline mowers and front- mount mowers come with integrated suspension systems to save you from the direct impact of mowing through uneven surfaces.

This feature eliminates shocks that the chassis might transmit to your body when you ride. This will ensure a balanced and smooth riding experience.

Are Ferris Mowers Cutting Deck Good and Strong?

Yes, Ferris mowers are equipped with sturdy and durable cutting decks that can stand the test of time.

For instance, the Ferris ISX 3300’s iCD deck features a deck lift mechanism that you can easily operate with a foot pedal. Its cutting options range from 1-5 inches. Concerning its strength, its spindles are built with Hercules II cast-iron.

For a walk-behind category, the Ferris FW15 is equipped with a sturdy 32-inch deck that is made from 2.7mm fabricated construction steel. The deck features dual-timed mower blades with greaseable aluminum spindles.


Ferris zero-turn mowers are strong, versatile and remarkably easy to operate. Like every other lawn mower, they are not without problems. Most of these issues can be easily fixed.

Furthermore, we have outlined the problems and troubleshooting tips to help you solve the problems with your Ferris zero-turn mower.

If you are not familiar with the tools or lack the experience and expertise to manage repairs on your own, it is advisable to seek the help of a professional.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ferris a Good Mower?

Yes, it is worth every penny you pay. It is comfortable to use and it is well-built.

What Is The Average Life Of a Zero-Turn Mower?

A zero-turn mower can last up to two thousand hours if properly maintained.

Where is Ferris Made?

The company’s manufacturing facility is located in Upstate, New York.

Are Ferris Warranties Transferable?

Ferris lawn mowers are backed with a 2-year commercial or residential warranty which only applies to the original purchaser of the mower. The warranty is not transferable.