Exmark vs Toro Lawn Mowers: Which One Is Better?

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Both Exmark and Toro lawn mowers are ideal for residential and commercial lawn maintenance thanks to their innovative design, solid cutting power, and high-power output.

But which one is best for you? Read our Exmark vs Toro lawn mowers comparison article to find out!

In this article, we compare the two mowing machines by evaluating metrics such as cutting performance, design, warranty, and ease of use options.

Exmark Brand Overview

Exmark became an independent manufacturer of professional turf care equipment in May 1982.

The company later became a division of the Toro Company in 1997, with its headquarters situated in Bloomington, Minn.

Their initial focus was to manufacture a line of turf rakes and mid-sized mowers but they later expanded their product line to stand-on and commercial zero turn mowers

Exmark introduced the Lazer Z model in 1995. It continued with the introduction of a new evolution of Lazer to enhance increased handling, improved traction, and a smooth mowing experience.

In 2016, Exmark introduced a new invention of zero-turn riders named Radius to suit the mowing needs of acreage owners.

Exmark has continued to manufacture high-quality products that meet customers’ expectations.

Toro Brand Overview

Toro is an American firm based in Bloomington, Minnesota. 

The company designs, manufactures, and markets lawn mowers, snow blowers, and irrigation system supplies for agricultural, commercial, residential, and public sector use.

Founded in 1914, the Toro Motor Company was established to manufacture engines for an agricultural tractor manufacturer named The Bull Tractor Company.

It has generated a great reputation for its reliability, durability and exceptional mower design.

Toro offers a wide range of lawn mowers such as push lawn mowers, self-propelled mowers, ride-on mowers and mulching mowers.

Key Differences Between Exmark and Toro Lawn Mowers

The main difference between them is that Exmark mowers have larger cutting decks (21-144 inches) while Toro gas mowers come with a wider range of fuel tanks (0.25-12.5 gallons).

Best Exmark Lawn Mowers

1. Exmark Commercial 30 X-Series Walk-Behind Mower

The Exmark 30 X-Series model comes with a 30-inch cutting deck for optimum performance on lawns.

It can travel at variable speeds between 0 and 3.8 mph thanks to its powerful Kawasaki engine.

Its transmission delivers extra power while the positive drive design helps both drive wheels for increased traction in all conditions.

The walk-behind mower comes with a heavy-duty clutch transmission and self-tensioning belt drive for reliability in demanding commercial applications.

The mulch kit acts as an accessory to re-cut grass into small pieces to restore nutrients into the soil.

2. Exmark Commercial 21 X-Series Walk-Behind Mower

The walk-behind mower has a 21-inch cutting deck that can deliver superb cuts on lawns, whether you are mulching or bagging grass clippings.

Its easy on/off bag design enables homeowners to inspect how full the bag is while mowing. The wear strips enhance improved durability.

It has a single-point rear height adjustment which enables you to quickly change the cutting position from 1-4.5 inches to suit your needs.

The self-propelled mower runs on a Honda GXV160UH2 engine for a smooth lawn mowing operation.

3. Exmark Radius E-Series Zero-Turn Mower

The zero-turn mower comes with an adjustable Rollover Protection System (ROPS) to enhance operator protection. 

It runs on a 24.5HP Exmark engine to ensure a smooth mowing operation.

The gas-powered mower is equipped with a 48/52/60-inch cutting deck for precise cuts on lawns.

Its commercial-grade wheels enhance better traction while the heavy-duty unibody frame ensures increased stability.

The mowing machine comes with a high back seat with armrests to ensure maximum comfort while mowing.

Other features include an hour meter, cup holder, tow hitch, large caster tires, and integral safety switch.

4. Exmark Commercial 21 S-Series Walk-Behind Mower

The walk-behind is powered by a Kawasaki engine for a powerful mowing operation. 

It has a multi-purpose blade for mulching and bagging grass clippings. The 21-inch cutting deck ensures excellent cuts on lawns.

It has an infinitely variable speed up to 4.2 mph and a 2.5-bushel bag capacity. 

The easy on/off bag design enables homeowners to inspect how full the bag is while mowing.

The 21 S-Series mower has cutting options that can be adjusted from 1-4.5 inches to suit your varying needs.

It supports a full line of accessories such as mulch plug, coated bail drive, engine guard and deck wear kit.

5. Exmark Quest E-Series Zero-Turn Mower

The zero-turn mower runs on a 22HP Kohler engine which powers it for maximum efficiency. 

It is equipped with a 42-inch cutting deck for superb grass-cutting performance on lawns.

The residential mower enables you to mow for up to 2.8 acres per hour. Its rear engine guard protects critical engine components.

The commercial-grade caster tires enhance increased traction while the ergonomic seat system ensures a comfortable ride.

The mower is equipped with a foot lift -assist feature which enables easy lifting and lowering of the mower deck.

Best Toro Lawn Mowers

1. Toro 30 in. TimeMaster 223cc Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

The self-propelled lawn mower features a 30-inch cutting deck that allows you to cut a wider path on every pass. 

It comes with a Toro Spin-stop blade stop system to prevent the blade from spinning unless you are ready to continue.

It is powered by a Briggs and Stratton 223cc engine to ensure a powerful mowing operation.

The self-propelled mower has side discharge, mulching, and bagging capabilities.

Other features include an adjustable handle, recoil starter, cast-aluminum frame, and Toro Atomic blades.

2. Toro 22 in. Recycler All Wheel Drive Mower, 163cc, 21742

5. Toro 22 in. Recycler RWD Auto Drive Mower, 163cc

The gas-powered mower is powered by a 163cc Briggs and Stratton engine to ensure smooth mowing operation. Its quick washout port is standard for easy cleaning.

It comes with a 22-inch cutting deck for efficient mowing on small and medium-sized yards. 

The easy-to-use mower is equipped with Vortex technology to inject airflow into the system, allowing more air into the cutting chamber.

The mower’s wheels are designed with a tread pattern to ensure smooth maneuverability and traction on lawns. In addition, it operates efficiently on tall and thick grass. 

Its 22-inch blade can cut a wider path with each pass and make your mowing easier. 

The mowing machine has 9 cutting positions that range from 1-4 inches to suit your mowing needs.

3. Toro Timecutter 60 in. Fab Deck Zero-Turn Mower

The Toro Timecutter 60 comes with an impressive 60-inch cutting swath that can tackle big lawns. 

Its IronForged Cutting System is designed to produce an even and clean cut on lawns.

The zero-turn mower has a ground speed of 7 MPH in mow mode and 5.5 MPH in tow mode and 4 MPH in trim mode.

The high-back seat with armrests provides maximum comfort and support while mowing.

4. Toro 21 in. Super Recycler RWD Mower, 163cc, 21565

The Toro 21 in. RWD mower comes with wide-tread wheels to guarantee easy maneuverability and precise control on challenging terrain.

The flex handle suspension technology delivers optimal comfort for your hands and wrists. 

In addition, the mowing machine can be easily stored in your garage or shed.

Its dual blade accelerators help to deliver ultra-fine mulch to restore nutrients into the soil.

The ball-bearing wheels reduce friction and elongate the lifespan of your mowing machine.

The RWD mower comes with a 21-inch cutting deck for efficient mowing on small and medium-sized yards. 

It is powered by a 163cc Briggs and Stratton engine for a smooth mowing operation.

5. Toro 60-Volt Max Lithium-Ion Recycler 22 in. Smartstow Cordless Mower

The cordless lawn mower can mow yards that are up to 1/3 acre within 40 minutes with a fully charged battery. 

The 3-phase brushless motor combines with RunSmart onboard intel to optimize torque and RPM for superb performance in tough conditions.

It is equipped with a 22-inch steel cutting deck that can ensure remarkable cutting and mulching performance on lawns. 

Its cutting options can be adjusted from 1-4 inches to enable you to cut the grass to an ideal grass height.

The patented Vortex technology helps to boost the mowing machine’s performance on lawns.

Its 11-inch rear wheels enhance improved traction and maneuverability on lawns. The cordless mower can side discharge, mulch or bag grass clippings.

Exmark vs Toro Lawn Mowers

Here is a detailed head-to-head comparison of Exmark vs Toro lawn mowers:


Exmark walk-behind models such as 21 S-Series and X-Series have an easy on/off bag design that enables homeowners to inspect how full the bag is while mowing.

The multi-purpose blade is designed for mulching and bagging grass clippings.

The 30-X Series have features such as drive wheels, self-tensioning belt drive and a heavy-duty wet clutch.

Their zero-turn mower models such as Quest E and S-Series come with a rear engine guard to protect critical engine parts, and commercial-grade tires for increased traction.

Other features include an ergonomic seat, foot lift-assist feature and a heavy-duty hydro gear system.

Toro models such as TimeCutter 54 in and 42-inch mowers feature Smart Speed technology which enables you to have maximum control over your mowing speed.

Some Toro recycler models have Vortex technology to boost the mowing machine’s performance on lawns.

Other features include a tubular steel frame, rubber discharge chute, automatic parking brake cup holder and engine guard.


Engine Power

Exmark mowing machines run on Kawasaki, Kohler, Exmark, Yanmar and Honda engines. The horsepower ratings of most of their mowers are between 22HP- 43.4HP.

On the other hand, Toro gas-powered mowing machines are powered by Honda, ZX, Kohler, and Kawasaki engines.

The engine horsepower of most of their mowers ranges from 15 HP-44HP.

Their battery lawn mowers such as Toro 21466 and 21356T models run on a 60V to maximize runtime and power.

Cutting Performance

Exmark lawn mowers come with cutting decks that range from 21-144 inches while Toro lawn mowers come with a deck size that ranges from 20- 96 inches.

Going by this, it means that Exmark mowing machines have a wider range of cutting decks than Toro mowers.

The cutting options of their walk-behind mowers can be adjusted from 1-4.5 inches to suit your mowing needs.

Exmark zero-turn mowers such as Lazer Z S-Series and X-Series and models have cutting heights that can be adjusted from 1.0-5.5 inches. 

Their engines allow the mower to handle any type of grass.

Toro zero-turn mowers operate efficiently on flat terrain and they can also maneuver well in narrow spaces.

Both mowers are ideal for side discharge, mulching and bagging purposes.


Fuel Capacity

The fuel tank capacity of Exmark mowers ranges from 1.0- 12 gallons. On the other hand, the fuel tank capacity of Toro gas lawn mowers ranges from ¼- 12 gallons. 


Exmark mowing machines come with 1-5-year warranty service. Toro mowers are backed by a 3-4 warranty.

Ease of Use

Exmark mowers are easy to use and maintain. Their walk-behind mowers come with handles and a control system that makes operation easier.

Some models even have a height-adjustment system to enable you to get the most effective and comfortable position for operating the mower.

Some of their zero-turn models come with an ergonomic seat system for comfortable mowing operations.

Toro-lawn mowers also offer ease-of-use features such as a step-through front deck for easy on and off and a removable floor pan for quick access to the top of the cutting deck.


The cost of Exmark mowers ranges from $1,599-$26,099 while the price of Toro mowers ranges from $269-$39,999.


Both Exmark and Toro gas lawn mowers require regular maintenance. 

You need to check oil filters, air cleaners, and engine oil levels and change the spark plugs and oil when necessary.

In contrast, Toro battery-powered mowers are easy to maintain. They do not require gas or oil.

Pros and Cons

Exmark Lawn Mowers


  • Exmark mowers are easy to use and maintain.
  • They are durable and efficient.
  • Exmark mowers are very fast and they can cover your yard within a short period.


  • They are heavy.

Toro Lawn Mowers


  • Toro mowers are durable and long-lasting.
  • They perform well on uneven grounds.
  • Toro mowers offer residential-grade, commercial-grade, and heavy-duty mowing operations.


  • They can stall in long and thick grass.
  • Toro lawn mowers have weak wheel drivers.

Final Verdict: Which One Should You Buy?

Both Exmark and Toro lawn mowers are versatile, efficient, and sturdy. They also have powerful engines and ergonomic designs.

Overall, we recommend Exmark lawn mowers over Toro mowers because they come with a wider range of deck sizes.