Electric Lawn Mower Maintenance

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Maintaining an electric lawn mower isn’t really difficult because they don’t use oil. However, it is an exercise that should not be overlooked. This is because regular maintenance extends the lawn mower’s overall lifespan and enhances optimal performance.

Gas-powered lawn mowers require more servicing than electric mowers. Nevertheless, your electric mower still requires a few essential maintenance for smooth operation. You can start by reading the machine’s owner’s manual since different electric mowers have different needs.

This article talks about essential electric lawn mower maintenance tips that will make your mower serve you longer. These tips work well for both corded and cordless electric lawn mowers.

6 Effective Electric Lawn Mower Maintenance Tips


1. Clean out the electric mower’s undercarriage

The undercarriage refers to the compartment that houses the electric mower blade. It is usually caked with grass clipping and will require a thorough cleaning out more than a few times throughout the grass-cutting season.

Check the undercarriage from time to time and scrape off every dried grass clipping when you can. Don’t use a pressure washer or hose when cleaning your electric lawnmower. If water gets inside the mower’s engine, it may cause corrosion.

2. Check the Lawn Mower Blade

Removing the lawn mower blade from time to time is a good thing. Use a bench grinder to sharpen the blade until you are rewarded with an excellent edge.

You should consider getting custom tools primarily designed for sharpening lawn mower blades.

After sharpening the blade, apply a thin film of lubricant in order to prevent the formation of rust.

3. Make Use of a Suitable Lubricant

Even though it is an electric mower, it still needs a lubricant for smooth operation. Lubricate all the wheels for smooth movement across your lawn.

Ensure you only use the proper lubricant recommended in the owner’s manual.  Don’t overdo it; just squirt the lubricant on the wheels gently, and you will be good to go.

Using the wrong or an unsuitable lubricant for this task can mess things up big time. It is in your very best interest to avoid this as much as possible by sticking to the manufacturer’s recommended lubricant.

4. Blow the Vents, Battery Components, and Motor

Use a lightweight air compressor or blower to blow out debris or dust from every nook and cranny of your electric mower. Blast grass-cutting clippings out as much as possible from tight spots so that they don’t impede the operation of the mower later on.

5. Check All Fasteners and Bolts

When cutting grass with your electric mower, the machine will vibrate many times throughout the operation. These vibrations tend to loosen screws, fasteners, and bolts.

Ensure you tighten every bolt, fastener, and screw before using the electric mower.

6. Don’t Forget the Ventilation System

The ventilation system of an electric lawn mower supplies air that cools the different components within the mower, especially when they become unbearably hot while in operation.

Make sure all ventilation slots are clean for the smooth running of the garden machine. Clean airways help regulate airflow and prevent the lawnmower from overheating when in use.

Use a soft cloth/brush to clean out blocked ventilation slots. Try cleaning out the ventilation system of your electric mower after each use or even during the mowing operation.

Electric Mower Battery Maintenance


A crucial part of electric lawn mower maintenance includes maintaining your batteries. You won’t have a functional electric mower when the grass cutting season comes around if your battery is bad.

Check the mower battery before storing it and never keep it in the garage or outdoors. This is quite important, especially if you live in a climate that drops below freezing. You need to keep them warm as much as possible, so ensure they are always inside.

Make sure the lawnmower batteries are fully charged before you store them. Most batteries these days are equipped with battery power indicators. If you notice that the level has dropped, make sure you charge the battery until the level moves back up before you store it.


Although electric mowers are somewhat easier to maintain than their gas-powered counterparts, you still need to carry out a few maintenance tasks in order to keep them in excellent shape.

Follow these electric mower maintenance tips to avoid getting stranded during the next grass cutting season. Even if you don’t clean the mower after every use, ensure you do so after at least 3 uses.

Regularly check the mower’s parts and batteries from time to time when it is not in use.