EGO Power + LM2130SP VS LM2150SP: Which One Is Better?

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Both EGO Power + LM2130SP and LM2150SP are well-liked for their efficiency and weather-resistant construction.

These models have similar features such as a self-propel system, Select-Cut multi-blade system, bright LED lights, and a 7-height adjustment feature but how are they different from each other?

In this article, we look at a head-to-head comparison of EGO Power + LM2130SP vs LM2150SP lawn mowers

Ready? Let’s dive right into it:

Comparison Chart: Ego Power + LM2130SP vs LM2150SP Lawn Mower

Here is a chart that shows a head-to-head comparison between the specifications and features of  EGO Power + LM2130SP and the EGO Power + LM2150SP:

EGO Power + Lawn
Mower Model Check Price » EGO Power + LM2130SP Check Price » EGO POWER +LM2150SP
Deck Size 21 inches 21 inches
Power Source Battery Battery
Deck Material Polymer Composite Plastic
Cutting Heights 7 Positions 7 Positions
Max. cutting height 4 inches 4 inches
Min. cutting height 1.5 inches 1.5 inches
Front wheels 7 inches 7 inches
Rear wheels 9 inches 9 inches
Weight 62.17 pounds 66.14 pounds
3-in-1 capabilities Side discharge, mulching and bagging Side discharge, mulching and bagging
No-Load Speed 2700 RPM 2800 RPM


EGO Power + LM2130SP

EGO Power Plus LM2130SP is a durable and rugged self-propelled electric lawn mower that provides a superb performance that can match several gas mowers out there. 

The ego lm2130 is best suited for yards that are up to ½ acre and it operates efficiently on hilly terrains and slopes.

The LM2130SP has an adjustable self-propel speed that ranges between 0.9mph to 3.1 mph. You can side discharge, mulch, or bag via the 3-in-1 option.

EGO Power + LM2150SP

The Ego Power Plus LM2150SP delivers superb cutting performance without fuss or fumes. 

It features three interchangeable blades for customized and nice cuts on lawns. The mowing machine is easy to operate.

A user noted that the self-propelled mower produced a low noise output coupled with a pleasant mowing experience.

Key Differences Between EGO Power + LM2130SP and LM2150SP Model

The main difference between them is that the EGO Power + LM2150SP has a longer runtime (75 minutes) and 2800 RPM.

The EGO Power + LM2150SP has a 75-minute runtime, 2800 RPM, and weighs 66.14 pounds while the EGO Power + LM2130SP has a 60-minute runtime, 2700 RPM weighs 62.17 pounds.

Here is a well-detailed comparison of EGO Power + LM2130SP and LM2150SP:


The EGO Power + LM2130SP is an efficient electric lawn mower with two interchangeable blades (the EDGE Premium mulching blade and the EDGE Premium bagging blade) for a customized cut on lawns.

Its handles can be folded down for compact storage while the bright LED headlights illuminate your path while mowing at dawn or dusk. 

The machine’s rear-wheel drive ensures better traction on lawns.

On the other hand, the EGO Power + LM2150SP has similar features to the LM2130SP model. It has a brushless motor that delivers 8.3 ft-lbs of torque to mow through tough grass.

Its 56V ARC lithium battery is designed to work with all EGO Power + tools. Other features include foldable handles, LED lights, and a push-button start.

In terms of design, the key difference between the two products is the number of blades. 

The LM2130SP comes with two interchangeable blades while the LM2150SP has three interchangeable blades for premium cutting performance.

Deck Size

Both EGO lawn mower models feature a 21-inch deck for superb grass-cutting performance on small and mid-sized yards.

Wheel Size

Both LM2130SP and LM2150SP come with 7-inch front and 9-inch rear wheels for easy and smooth maneuverability.

Power Source

The LM2130SP runs on a 56V 7.5 Ah ARC lithium battery which provides up to 60 minutes of runtime.

On the other hand, the LM2150SP is powered by a 56V 10.0Ah ARC lithium battery that can provide a 75-minute runtime for remarkable cutting performance.


The EGO LM2130SP is a bit lighter, weighing 62.14 pounds while the EGO Power + LM2130 weighs 66.14 pounds.


Both EGO Power + lawn mower models come with a 5-year warranty service.

Height Adjustment

The two EGO Power + products have seven cutting positions that range from 1.5 to 4 inches to suit your mowing needs.

Ease of Use

Both LM2130SP and LM2150SP lawn mowers share a lot of similar ease-of-use features. 

They are equipped with a touch drive self-propelled technology which ensures easy control of the machine. With just one touch, homeowners can easily change the mower’s speed.

They also have foldable handles for easy and convenient storage. In addition, both EGO Power + models feature a push-button start for an easy start.

Pros and Cons

EGO Power + LM2130SP


  • The LM2130SP model is easy to start and store.
  • It has a rear-wheel drive for maximum traction.
  • The LED headlights provide better visibility in low-light conditions.
  • It is easy to assemble and maintain.


  • The self-propelled mower does not come with a charger.
  • The machine does not have a roller for a striped lawn appearance.

EGO Power + LM2150SP


  • The EGO LM2150SP has three interchangeable blades for customized cuts on lawns.
  • It has a weather-resistant construction that can withstand harsh conditions.
  • A user commented that the mower performed well on hilly terrain.
  • The brushless motor enables the mower to cut the toughest grass with high power.


  • It is a bit heavy.
  • A user noted that the speed controller did not last long.

Final Verdict: Which One Should You Buy?

The EGO Power + LM2130SP and LM2150SP models both come with innovative features such as a Select Cut multi-blade system, foldable handles, LED headlights and touch drive self-propelled technology.

We recommend the EGO Power + LM2150SP over the LM2130SP because it has a longer runtime. This means that it can cover more area on a single charge. 

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