Craftsman Lawn Mower Reviews

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Should you buy a Craftsman lawn mower? Which Craftsman lawn mower should you buy?

In this article, we help you answer your most pressing questions about the Craftsman lawn mower brand. 

We show you the unique features of craftsman lawn mowers, with reviews of top models that may suit your needs.

Our top 3 Best Craftsman Lawn Mower Recommendations

Editor's choice
Craftsman M105 140cc Gas Powered Push Lawn Mower
Craftsman M105 140cc Gas Powered Push Lawn Mower


Best Budget
Craftsman M215 159cc Self-Propelled Gas Powered Mower
Craftsman M215 159cc Self-Propelled Gas Powered Mower


Highest Rated
Craftsman CMXGMAM201104 21 in. Lawn Mower
Craftsman CMXGMAM201104 21 in. Lawn Mower


Craftsman Lawn Mower Reviews

Craftsman M105

The Craftsman M105 is a lightweight push mower perfect for medium sized lawns. It comes with a 21″ mowing deck. It can cut grasses from 1.25 to 3.75 inches. It also has the 3-in-1 function: mulching, bagging and side discharge.

Its engine is a 140cc Briggs and Stratton type with recoil and quick start features. You can enjoy easy maneuverability thanks to its 7″ front wheel and 8″ rear wheel.

Key Features

  • 140cc OHV Briggs and Stratton engine
  • 21″ mowing deck
  • Dual-lever, 6-position height adjustment
  • 3-in-1 feature: side discharge, rear discharge and mulching
  • 7 inches front wheel, 8 inches rear wheel


  • Power source: Gas powered
  • Dimensions: 34.75 x 23.88 x 17.75 inches
  • Weight: 18.8 pounds

Craftsman 37610

For quiet mowing and easy mower maintenance, the Craftsman 37610 16-inch push reel mower is one to consider. With its steel blades, this mower can cut from ⅝ to 2 ¼ inches. It is a great option for a small lawn with no obstacles. If you have muscle power and are up for some exercise, you may try this model.

Key Features

  • 16″ reel mower
  • 5 alloy steel blades
  • Reel with shielded ball bearings
  • T-shaped roller adjustment
  • Grass catcher
  • Torsion tube frame
  • Handle grip made with foam
  • Powdered T handle
  • Polymer wheels with radial tires
  • 2-year limited warranty


  • Push mower
  • Weight: 11kg

Craftsman M310 

The Craftsman M310 is a variable speed, a self-propelled model which offers an easy start with no choke or prime. It requires no oil change. With a 21″ mowing deck and 6-position height adjustment, this mower gives a decent cut. 

It has a 3-in-1 function for mulching, bagging and side discharge.  It also features 3-handle positions suitable for owners of any height.

Key Features

  • 163cc Briggs and Stratton engine
  • The engine has Ready Start and Just Check and Add features
  • 21″ mowing deck
  • 3-in-1 deck for mulching, side discharge and bagging
  • 2.3-bushel dust blocker bag
  • 8″ front wheel, 11″ rear wheels
  • Dual-lever, 6-position cutting height adjustment from 1.25″ to 3.75″
  • Foldable handles
  • 3-handle positions.
  • Mulch kit


  • Self-propelled
  • Power source: Gas powered
  • Engine torque: 7.25ft/lbs
  • 40 Oz fuel tank
  • Weight: 84lbs

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Craftsman M215 

The Craftsman 215 is a self-propelled mower ideal for small yards up to a quarter of an acre. It features a 21” mowing deck and a 3-in-1 function. It has a powerful 140cc gas engine. The model’s 11″ wheels are designed to deliver great maneuverability.

Key Features

  • 140cc OHV Craftsman gas engine with auto-choke
  • Recoil start
  • 21″ cutting width
  • 3-in-1 function
  • Dual-lever, 6-position cutting height adjustment
  • Pull to start
  • Front-wheel drive
  • 11 inches front wheel, 11 inches rear wheel


  • Self-propelled, variable speed
  • Power source: Gas powered
  • Dimensions: 39×24×17.75 inches
  • Weight: 82.8 pounds

Craftsman V60 CMCMW260P1

This mower has a high power output supplied by a 60V lithium-ion battery. The 21″ mowing deck is made of metal to ensure premium durability.

 The cutting height can be adjusted from 1.5 to 4 inches. It also has a vertical folding position for easy storage.

Key features

  • 5Ah, 60V Max lithium-ion battery
  • Electric start
  • 21″ cutting width
  • Single lever cutting height adjustment from 1.5 to 4″
  • 3-in-1 discharge system
  • Upright storage
  • Swing up handlebar
  • 4 years warranty


  • Push mower
  • Power source: battery
  • Weight: 77.2lbs

Craftsman T135 

This gas-powered riding mower is an affordable mower with amazing features. Despite its size and weight, it comes with a mow in reverse feature. 

It has a 46″ cutting deck and a built-in deck washing system. T135 offers comfort with its high back seat and smooth steering. If you’re not looking to mulch your grass every time you mow, this model might be good for you.

Key Features

  • 18.5 HP Briggs & Stratton  engine
  • CVT foot pedal transmission system
  • 46″ cutting deck
  • 5-position cutting height adjustment
  • Maximum cutting height of 4″
  • Built-in deck washing system
  • Mow-in-reverse feature
  • 15″ front wheels and 20″ rear wheels
  • Key ignition start
  • 18″ turn radius
  • 2-year warranty


  • Gas powered
  • Weight: 510 9lbs
  • Fuel tank capacity: 1.3 gallons

Craftsman T150

Particular about machine power? The Craftsman T150 comes with a 19 horsepower Briggs and Stratton engine. This is sufficient power to mow on rough turfs.

 With its 46 inch deck and mow-in-reverse feature, you can get through large areas in little time.  At the right speed and cutting height, you may cut up to 3 acres of land in about an hour. 

It also has a built-in deck wash which prevents clogging problems.

Key Features

  • 19HP Briggs and Stratton Gold engine
  • Hydrostatic transmission
  • 46inch mower deck
  • Cutting height adjustment from 1.5 to 3.75 inches
  • Mow in reverse feature
  • Deck washing system
  • Mid-back seat
  • 18-inch turning radius
  • Key start
  • 2-year warranty


  • Power source: Gas powered
  • Fuel tank capacity: 1.3 gallons
  • Weight: 520lbs

Why Should I Buy a Craftsman Lawn Mower?


Craftsman is considered one of the leading brands in the lawn tools and equipment industry. Their mowers are excellently built, reliable, flexible and comfortable. They are a favorite among many homeowners and commercial operators.

Quality Build

Craftsman has been judged by mechanics and reputable organizations as a producer of quality, durable parts. Craftsman mowers are reliable, flexible and comfortable.

Wide range of Attachments

Craftsman produces mowers with rear and front attachments that increase the versatility of the mowers.

Variety of Deck Sizes


The deck size of a mower determines the width of the path it cuts at a go. Craftsman mowers have different deck sizes for you to choose from. They have sizes suitable for up to 3 acres of land. Their 42-inch-deck models are some of the most popular.

Multiple Speed Transmissions

The 7-speed transmission feature of Craftsman mowers keeps you in charge of the mowing process.

Powerful Engines


Most Craftsman mowers are produced with reliable Briggs and Stratton engines. The engines provide sufficient power for mowing on uneven terrains and sloped yards.

Great Warranty Plans

Craftsman has one of the most reliable warranty packages. They have different plans including the 5-year limited warranty, 7-year limited warranty, and limited lifetime warranty.

Innovative Features

Newer Craftsman lawn mower models come with interesting features such as Smooth Start Technology, EZ Deck Wash System, Easy Height Glide, and Easy Bag Handling.

SmoothStart makes it much easier to start your mower. All you have to do is pull. There is no need to prime or choke even when it’s cold. It senses the temperature and adjusts the engine accordingly.

Many craftsman mowers also have a washout deck port that allows you easily connect a garden hose to clean the deck. 

Easy Height Glide helps adjust the height of mower wheels. Moreover, thanks to  Easy Bag Handling, less time is needed for installing the bag.

How Do I Choose the Right Lawn Mower?

None of the features of Craftsman may count if you don’t choose a mower that suits your needs.

Here’s a list of top things you should consider before you choose a model. 

Size of your lawn

This is one of the most important things to consider when choosing a Craftsman lawn mower. If you have a small yard, you can make do with walk-behind mowers. Also, a 20-inch to 22-inch Craftsman mower can get the job done.

For larger yards, a riding mower will save your time and energy. You can choose anyone with a cutting width of 28 to 42 inches. 

Extensive yards, three acres or more, are better mowed with zero-turn riding mowers with a cutting width of at least 38 inches.

Topology of Your Lawn

Before you choose a mower, be sure to have considered the terrain of your yard. For a flat yard, you can choose a walk-behind Craftsman mower. However, if the land is hilly or sloppy, you should choose a self-propelled mower or a riding mower. 

Mowers with bigger rear wheels offer good maneuverability on rough terrains. Front-wheel drive mowers are best for level yards with obstacles. An all-wheel-drive mower is best if you cut through uphill and downhill areas.

Mower Key Features and Accessories

We suggest you make a list of mowing specifics that are most important to you. This may be basic or include some luxury features. When you read model reviews, look out for those things. 

It is important to check out what the mower does with grass. There are 2-in-1 mowers that only mulch and bag. 3-in-1 mowers have mulching, bagging and side discharge functions.

Also, some mowers come with accessories and attachments such as snow blowers. Make sure you do not pay more for features you do not need.

Mower Engine

It is important to look out for the mower’s engine size. Gas engine size ranges from 140cc to 190cc. Larger engines produce more torque. They are more suitable for tall grasses and hilly terrains.

Also, the design matters. Mower engines may be overhead cam, overhead-valve, or side valve. Overhead valve and overhead cam engine designs offer more durability, less noise and reduced oil consumption.