Cordless vs Corded Electric Lawn Mowers: Which One is Better?

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Both cordless and corded electric lawn mowers are lightweight, efficient, and environmentally friendly. Furthermore, they can deliver a quiet and fume-free mowing operation.

But which one is better? Read our cordless vs corded electric lawn mowers comparison article to find out. 

In this article, we look at the two types of top-rated electric lawn mowers by evaluating metrics such as runtime, weight, range, and cost.

Ready? Let’s get right into it:

Key Differences Between Cordless and Corded Electric Lawn Mowers

The main difference between them is that cordless mowers run on batteries while corded lawn mowers are powered from an electric outlet through an extension cord.

Cordless vs Corded Electric Lawn Mower: Head-to-Head Comparison

Here is a well-detailed comparison of cordless vs corded electric lawn mowers: 


The best cordless electric lawn mowers do not have a distance limit. You can operate them anywhere on the lawn as long as the battery is charged.

They are a great option for homeowners who need to mow grass that is farther than 100 feet from an outlet. If you want to mow farther, it is advisable to have a spare battery.

In contrast, corded mowing machines have a 100-feet distance limit from an electric outlet.

Anything that is longer than 100 feet will reduce the amount of power to the mowing machine because of the electrical resistance from the cable.

It will also cause the mower to slow down to a point at which it will no longer be able to mow the grass.

If you can’t mow through the edges of your yard with the 100-foot extension cord from an outlet, then the mower is out of range.

Top-rated Corded electric lawn mowers are ideal for small yards but it may be an issue for homeowners with large yards.



Cordless mowers run on batteries that typically come in 40-80V ratings, with some being slightly more or less.

The runtime of a mower battery is determined by amp hours. 

This implies that the higher the amp hours, the longer the mowing machine will run on a single charge.

Most battery-powered mowers have a runtime of 60-90 minutes after which you have to recharge them overnight. 

Their walk-behind mowers are best suited for small yards that can be mowed in less than an hour.

It is important to note that cordless mowers like EGO Power + Z6 (56”) and Greenworks L GZ 60R zero-turn mowers have a mowing time of 3 and 4.5 hours respectively. This is enough to mow large areas.

On the other hand, corded mowers are powered from an electric outlet through an extension cord. This means that they have an unlimited runtime.  



In terms of weight, a cordless mower weighs more than a corded mower because of the battery. The bigger the battery, the heavier they become.

Corded mowers are easier to handle, push and easier to transport. They do not have bulky batteries to make them heavy.


The main difference between them is that cordless mowers require the need to charge the battery after each mowing session.

Furthermore, you may also need to replace the batteries after five to seven years. Both electric mowers will need their blades to be sharpened or replaced.


Cordless mowers cost more than corded electric mowers. Due to the addition of expensive batteries, cordless mowers are almost double the price of corded lawn mowers.

Pros and Cons

Cordless Electric Lawn Mowers Pros

Easy to Store

Cordless electric mowers are some of the easiest types of lawn mowers to store because they do not have wires that can easily tangle. 

Several cordless models come with a foldable handle design for easy and compact storage.


Cordless mowers deliver a quiet operation on lawns. 

You can mow your grass at any hour of the day without disturbing your neighbors with noisy mowers.

Unlimited Area of Operation

Unlike corded mowers which are tethered to a cord, cordless mowers are not tied down by a cable. 

This means that they can move freely and can mow grass in any part of the garden.

Easy to Use

Rechargeable lawn mowers are very easy to use. Most of them come with a push start button to ensure easy starting. Also, it is important to note that there are several durable self-propelled electric lawn mowers out there that make mowing easy.

This is quite different from corded mowing machines that require users to connect the cords to operate.

Easy Maneuverability

Cordless lawn mowers like Greenworks Pro 80V and  EGO Power + LM2130SP are easy to maneuver on the lawn because they do not have a cord that can get tangled around bushes, trees and your legs.

Cordless mowers are even safer because there is no chance of you accidentally hitting the extension cord with a blade.



Limited Cutting Time

A fully charged battery for some cordless lawn mowers can last up to 90 minutes. 

This means that you need to recharge the battery before you continue with your mowing task.

In addition, you may need to check on the battery to see the amount of runtime left. This process may be inconvenient and time-consuming.

Increased Maintenance

Battery-powered mowers require more maintenance compared to corded counterparts. Batteries may wear down over time as they charge.

They continue to drain gradually and can start to lose their ability to hold a charge. You may need to replace the batteries of your mower every five years.


Mower batteries are usually heavy. The addition of batteries can add weight to your mowing machine.

The bigger the battery, the heavier your mower will be, making it a bit difficult to push and maneuver on lawns.

Corded Electric Lawn Mowers Pros

Unlimited Time of Operation

In terms of time efficiency, corded electric mowers like Greenworks 25112 and Greenworks 25022 are considered the best. 

Homeowners can operate it for an unlimited time once it is connected to electricity compared to cordless mowers which restrict users to the runtime of their batteries. 


Corded mowing machines are cheaper than their cordless counterparts. 

The fact that they do not require the use of a battery makes them more affordable.


Corded lawn mowers have a lightweight design, making them easy to handle and maneuver on lawns. 

With a corded mower, you can worry less about aching shoulders, tight back and tired legs.

Environmentally Friendly

Similar to cordless mowers, corded electric mowers do not produce emissions like gas-powered mowers. This helps to reduce the carbon footprint of your household.


Similar to cordless mowers, corded mowers also deliver a quiet operation on lawns. 

This means that you can use them at any hour of the day without disturbing the neighbors with noisy mowers.


Restricted Operation Space

The cord is always connected to the power source, meaning that you cannot pull it as you like. This is why they are ideal mowers for small yards

The use of short cords may limit the amount of grass that you mow. 

Difficult to start

Connecting the extension cord to the mower’s power source may take time, making it unsuitable for people who are in a hurry to complete their mowing tasks.

Limited Maneuverability

Electric corded mowers are difficult to navigate around trees and shrubs because it may take some time to get used to dragging the cord with you.


Corded mowers may pose a great danger because they are connected to a power source. 

Running over the cord may cause an electrical shock to you through the mower.

Final Verdict: Which One Should You Buy?

Both electric lawn mowers could be an ideal choice for you but it depends on what suits your varying needs.

Corded mowers are lightweight and affordable and they also have an unlimited time of operation. 

Cordless lawn mowers, on the other hand, are easy to use, store and maneuver.