Can An Electric Lawn Mower Shock You?

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Can an electric lawn mower shock you? Yes, an electric lawn mower can shock you. Electric shocks can happen if you accidentally run over a cord.

If electrical cables are exposed and the metallic blades come into contact with them, it can send an electric shock to you through the electric mowing machine.

Electric shock can also be a serious hazard when you mow on wet grass. 

If the wet grass gets stuck to the mower blade, it can create a short circuit and can result in an electric shock.

Furthermore, the presence of water on the extension cord can also cause a short circuit. In this case, your electric mower can cause an electric shock.

Similar to corded electric mowers, you run the risk of electric shock if you mow wet grass with battery-powered lawn mowers.



Avoid mowing wet grass with an Electric lawn mower, whether corded or cordless electric mowers


What Are the Other Hazards of Electric Lawn Mowers?

Exposure to Corrosive Chemicals

Using battery mowers can be hazardous if the battery leaks out dangerous chemicals when it is damaged.

Tilting Problems

This case is common with cordless electric mowers. Due to their lightweight design, they can easily tilt and become unbalanced when used incorrectly especially when you mow on inclined lawns.

Trip and Fall Hazard

When using corded electric mowers, it is possible to get tangled with the electric mower cord. This can make you accidentally run over the cord or cause the mower to trip.

Electric Lawn Mower Safety Tips

Here are some of the safety tips for using electric lawn mowers:

Read Safety Manual

It is advisable to read the safety manual before operating the electric mower.

It’s best to keep the manual easily accessible because manufacturers may vary in their safety standards for specific lawn mowers.

Power Cords

For corded electric mowers, it is necessary to maintain the cords properly. Ensure that you do not yank cords out of the outlet socket.

Always check and be careful of uninsulated and damaged portions of the cord. Make sure that you plug it into the right outlet, such as GFCI or make use of an adaptor if necessary.


Wear Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

Make sure that you always wear safety gear to protect yourself while operating the electric lawn mower.

Wear safety glasses to protect your eyes from flying debris and closed-toe shoes and pants to minimize the risk of an injury to your feet.

Make Sure Your Lawn is Free of Debris

One of the important safety tips for mowing with an electric lawn mower is to keep the lawn area free of debris.

Mowing debris can injure you or harm the mower. In addition, debris can accumulate and clog your mower which can cause it to overheat or lose power.

Maintain Your Electric Mowing Machine

You should always maintain your electric lawn mower. It’s best to always check them for any grass buildup that can lead to injury.

Grass buildup can also clog the mower and cause the mower to overheat. Electric lawn mowers have sharp blades for easy and resistance-less mowing.

Avoid Mowing on Wet Grass

Electric corded mowing machines should be used in dry areas only. It is advisable to avoid mowing on wet grass to prevent overheating.