Black and Decker CM2043C Review

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BLACK+DECKER 40V MAX Cordless Lawn Mower, 20-Inch (CM2043C)

The Black & Decker CM2043C cordless electric lawn mower is efficient, easy to operate, and performs well on small and medium-sized yards.

We devoted over 8 hours to going through experts’ and users’ Black and Decker CM2043C reviews from multiple sources. Here’s the summary of what they think:

10 Reasons to Buy

  • An impressive number of users are awed by the ease of pushing the lightweight Black and Decker CM2043C mower.
  • Most users also appreciated that the mower’s assembly process is pretty easy.
  • Some users are impressed by the mowing machine’s quiet and smooth operation.
  • The Black + Decker CM2043C’s height adjustment feature attracted several users to the lightweight and efficient mower.
  • Some users applauded the child safety measure incorporated into the mower’s design. It can’t be operated without a key which keeps it out of reach of children.
  • The CM2043C model requires little storage space.
  • During cleaning, users didn’t worry about getting the battery wet because the battery compartment did a good job of protecting and keeping it dry.
  • A good number of users were impressed by the mower’s accessories that enabled them to choose their preferred mowing method.
  • The 20-inch cutting path was a welcome development for most users who relied on the wide cutting width to get a lot done in a short time.

4 Reasons NOT to Buy

  • Some users consider the plastic body inferior to the metallic body of some mowing machines. That puts a question mark on the mower’s durability.
  • Many users rated the mowing machine’s charger very low as it takes about 4 hours to charge the battery fully.
  • Some experts complained about the battery getting too hot when operating the machine. More so, they were dissatisfied with the mower battery’s depletion rate after barely 12 months of use.
  • The cordless mower’s performance on wet and tall grass fell below many users’ expectations. You may consider another option if you are looking to mow tall or wet grass.

Black & Decker CM2043C Product Specifications

BrandBlack & Decker.
Mower TypePush.
Cutting Width18 to 21 Inch.
Power SourceBattery.
Weight47 pounds.
FeaturesMulching, Electric Start, Side Discharge, Bagging.
Warranty3 years.
Minimum Cutting Height1-1/2”.
Maximum Cutting Height4”.
Discharge MethodsBag, mulch, or side discharge.
Additional InfoEasy-Fold Handle, Edgemax Design, 2 Batteries and Charger Included.

Black and Decker CM2043C Review: Deep Dive

Cutting Power

An LBX2040 lithium-ion battery powers the CM2043C mower model. With a rating of two amp hours, the battery doesn’t pack as much power as many battery-powered mowers. Each battery offers just 15 minutes of run time, insufficient to get a lot done.

To compensate for its poor battery power, Black & Decker includes a spare battery in the package. The mower is still a good buy if you intend to mow your lawn weekly as you can take advantage of its 21-inch reach to cover a significant portion of your lawn before running out of power.

Cutting Area

The lawn mower is ideal for mowing about a quarter of an acre of lawn. Considering the battery’s low run time and long charging duration of 4 hours, the mower can’t exceed the recommended cutting capacity. However, its 21-inch cutting width allows users to cover a reasonable distance with the mower at each mowing session.

Noise Level

The mower has a reputation for smooth and quiet operation. Your neighbors will hardly notice the mower working because it won’t generate enough sound to give them noise pollution concerns.


Most electric or battery-powered mowers require little maintenance routine when compared with their gas-powered counterparts. You only need to pay attention to the blades and wipe dirt such as leaves or grass off them each time you are done working on your lawn to keep the machine in pristine condition for the next use.

Range and Height Adjustment

The CM2043C mower comes with adjustable cutting height for users’ convenience. You can adjust the cutting height to any of the seven settings between 1 ½” and 4”. Thanks to the mower’s lightweight, you won’t break a sweat switching from one cutting height to another.

Bottom Line

The battery-powered Black & Decker CM2043C push mower performs well on small and medium-sized yards. It combines smooth operation, ease of maintenance, and storage flexibility to deliver a decent mowing experience.

Its poor battery performance appears to be its biggest downside. The Black & Decker CM2043C might be a good fit if you are on a shoestring budget.

Video Review

Black & Decker CM2043C Lawn Mower

Black and Decker CM2043C Review
  • Mower Type: Push.
  • Cutting Width: 18 to 21 Inch.
  • Power Source: Battery.
  • Weight: 47 pounds.
  • Warranty: 3 years.
  • Minimum Cutting Height: 1-1/2”.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the mower self-propelled?

No, the Black + Decker CM2043C model isn’t self-propelled. However, thanks to its lightweight design, pushing it around your lawn won’t be difficult.

Does it come with a brushless motor?

Yes, the mower is equipped with a brushless motor that enhances its cutting power and overall efficiency.

Can I store the mower vertically?

You can store the mower in any convenient position: vertically or upright. You can hang it on a wall as well.

Are the Black and Decker CM2043C model’s batteries compatible with other models from the manufacturer?

Yes, the mower’s batteries are compatible with some other Black & Decker models such as 40V MAX tools.

Can the mowing machine work uphill?

Yes, the mower’s lightweight design enables users to use it on slopes and hills.

Can a 20V Black and Decker battery power the mower?

A 20V Black & Decker battery can’t power the battery because it is designed to be powered by 40V batteries.

Maintenance Tips

  • You may need an extra battery to increase the run time if your lawn is bigger than a quarter of an acre.
  • The highest setting is the recommended starting point whenever you want to mow tall grass. Then, you can gradually work down until you hit your desired cutting height as a preventive measure against bogging down.
  • Avoid mowing wet grass to conserve the mower’s battery run time.