Black and Decker BESTA512CM Review

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BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 Cordless Lawn Mower, String Trimmer & Edger, 12-Inch (BESTA512CM)

The Black & Decker BESTA512CM 3-in-1 compact electric lawn mower with adjustable cutting heights that doesn’t only mow, but edges and trims as well. Its 6.5amp motor generates enough power to help you cruise through your medium-sized lawn with ease. 

We spent over 8 hours going through scores of Black and Decker BESTA512CM reviews from users and experts alike. Here’s the summary of what they think:

10 Reasons to Buy

  • A good number of users appreciated the mower’s compactness and ease of storage.
  • Most users were attracted by the mowing machine’s lightweight design that made it easy for them to move the mower conveniently.
  • Most buyers were also impressed that the mower was easy to assemble because they needed no professional help to assemble it.
  • The vast majority of users loved the mower’s quiet operation.
  • A good number of the BESTA512CM compact electric lawn mower’s users appreciated that they can maintain the mower and keep it in good condition without much effort.
  • A good number of this mower’s owners appreciated its versatility as they could use it as a mower, trimmer, and edger.
  • The majority of users appreciated the mower’s automatic feed spool system that reduced string tangles to the barest minimum.
  • The machine comes with a cord retention system primarily to reduce disconnection. Many users are satisfied with this feature.
  • The BESTA512CM 3-in-1 corded electric lawn mower doesn’t use mower blades but an AF-100 string. Thus, users found it easier to maintain than mowing machines that use blades.
  • Small and medium-sized lawn owners were satisfied with its cutting power that’s supported by its 6.5 amp electric motor and Power Drive transmission.

2 Reasons NOT to Buy

  • One user complained about the mowing machine’s limited height adjustment.
  • Some users were not satisfied that the BESTA512CM‘s trimmer occasionally comes off during mowing.

Black & Decker BESTA512CM Product Specifications

BrandBlack & Decker.
Mower TypePush.
Cutting Width13 Inch and Under.
Minimum Cutting Width1-2/3”.
Maximum Cutting Width2-2/5”.
Power SourceCorded electric
Weight13 pounds.
Warranty2 years.
Additional InfoAutomatic Feed Spool (AFS), Power Drive Transmission, Cord Retention System.

Black and Decker BESTA512CM Review: Deep Dive

Cutting Power

One of the major factors that every lawn mower user considers is the cutting power. Thankfully, the BESTA512CM mowing machine packs enough power to keep a moderate-sized lawn well-cut and maintained.

Its 360 cubic feet per minute (CFM), a measure of its ability to push debris and leaves out,  boosts its cutting power as it helps the mower cruise through a mowing session and enable a user to get much done quickly. 

Nevertheless, it’s not the type of machine you will consider using on a lawn with very thick turf but on a regular lawn.

The mower’s Power Driver transmission boosts its cutting power also. It supports the torque produced by the mowing machine’s 6.5amp electric motor to help the machine maximize its power.

Cutting Area

While the BEST512CM is considered a good choice for many homeowners, its 14-inch cutting power is a big flaw that hampers its cutting range. Many mowing machines offer larger cutting widths. That’s aside from its maximum capacity of 750 square feet that is considered by many users as not too good for a large lawn. 

Its limited cutting area implies that it won’t make a good fit for large lawns but it is an ideal mower for small and medium sized lawns.


The Black + Decker electric lawn mower isn’t one of the high-maintenance mowing machines around. You only need a damp cloth to clean the machine after removing leaves and grass from the trimmer string at the end of each mowing session.

Cleaning the machine after each day’s use will leave it in the best condition for the next mowing session. So, you don’t worry about sharpening or replacing metal blades because it doesn’t have one.

Make sure that you always have some extra spool of AF-100 line in your toolbox for emergency use. When you run out of the trimmer string, replace them with the line and keep going.

Always check the mower for damaged or missing parts. If you identify any, don’t hesitate to fix them immediately. Your prompt action will prevent further more costly and difficult-to-correct damage to the machine.


Operating the BESTA512CM mowing machine isn’t rocket science and is stress-free. If you are done with using mowers that use ropes as their starting system, this model comes with a push button you can use to either switch it on or off easily.

More so, the mower is lightweight and thus, you can move it around freely while working on your lawn. It can handle tough terrains and obstacles well without much effort. Its size and weight also come in handy when you want to convert the mower into a trimmer or an edger because you can do the conversion easily.

The mower’s automatic feed spool also enhances its smooth operation. With the feature, you can keep mowing your lawn without making occasional stops to adjust the spool. It also ensures smooth operation as the mowing machine can work smoothly without bumping. The adjustable spool produces a 12-inch cutting path and offers cutting heights between 1.6 and 2.4 inches.

Noise Level

The BESTA512CM mower operates quietly unlike some gas-powered mowing machines. If you have noise pollution concerns, this machine may be the perfect fit for you. It is one of the machines that produces a reasonable noise level that won’t bother you and your neighbors when mowing whenever you intend to cut your lawn.

Height and Range Adjustment

The quiet and efficient Black & Decker BESTA512CM offers a cutting range of between 1-2/3” and 2-2/5”. Hence, each user can choose any convenient cutting height to maximize the mower’s power.

If you choose the appropriate cutting height, you’ll be able to do a thorough job without wearing out as a result of working with a difficult-to-use mowing machine, especially if you are working at an inconvenient position.   

Bottom Line

The Black & Decker BESTA512CM electric lawn mower is convenient and versatile. The compact lightweight machine can serve multiple functions as an edger, a mower, or a trimmer. Thanks to its lightweight, users can use it effortlessly.

Although some consumers complained that its trimmer detached during mowing, that’s a one-off problem that most users didn’t see as a big deal. Thus, the mower can be the best fit for users who need a multipurpose, efficient, lightweight, and easy-to-maintain electric lawn mower.

Video Review

Black & Decker BESTA512CM Lawn Mower

Black & Decker BESTA512CM
  • Mower Type: Push.
  • Cutting Width: 13 Inch and Under.
  • Minimum Cutting Width: 1-2/3”.
  • Power Source: Corded electric
  • Weight: 13 pounds.
  • Warranty: 2 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the BESTA512CM mower foldable for storage?

The BESTA512CM mower isn’t foldable for storage.

What is the recommended extension cord for the BESTA512CM mower?

The recommended extension cord for the mowing machine is the 16/3 Vinyl Outdoor Heavy Duty Extension Cord.

Is the BESTA512CM 220V or 110V?

The mower is 220V.

Is the BESTA512CM ideal for any yard size?

The mowing machine is great for up to 750 square feet.

Can I use a blade system instead of string?

No, you can’t use a blade system because the mower is designed to use string only.

Maintenance Tips

  • For best performance, use the mowing like a vacuum cleaner during mowing.
  • For continuous mowing, you are advised to have some extra string trimmer replacement spools.
  • Remove grass, leaves, and clean the mower once you’re done mowing.
  • Always have an extra pair of AF-100 lines.