Best Weed Eater Leg Protectors

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Eager to get rid of the annoying small weeds on your lawn, yea? That sounds good but don’t operate your weed eater without protecting your precious legs.

And nope, just any weed eater leg protector won’t do. You need a durable, windproof, water-resistant, and OSHA-certified weed eater leg protector for optimum protection.

In this article, we review some of the highest-rated weed eater leg protectors on the market that meet the highest safety standards and provide maximum shin protection so you can whip the weeds in a hassle-free manner.

Editor’s choice
Forester Durable Chainsaw Safety Chaps
Forester Durable Chainsaw Safety Chaps
  • 6 layers of protection.
  • Meets the industry-standard OSHA regulation.
  • Adjustable belts.
Highest Rated
ComfortTrim Leg Guards for Weed Eating, Trimming, & Mowing
ComfortTrim Leg Guards for Weed Eating, Trimming, & Mowing
  • Perfect for shorts and long pants.
  • Made of mesh material for comfort.
  • Lightweight and doesn’t impede movement.
Best Budget
Neoprene Leg Gaiters
Neoprene Leg Gaiters
  • Hooks and straps enhance comfortable wearing.
  • Made of neoprene for enhanced durability.
  • Works for different lawn maintenance activities.

Some of the Best Weed Eater Leg Protectors are:

1. Forester Durable Weed Eater Pants

One of the proactive ways to protect your legs from injury when using a weed eater is to use one of the most advanced cutting chaps such as the Forester Durable Chainsaw Safety pants that offers 6 layers of protection.


  • Water and oil resistant.
  • The pants come with an extra-large, deep utility pocket for storing portable working tools while working.
  • It is available in a wide range of high-visibility colors and different lengths: 35-inch, 37-inch, and 40-inch lengths.


  • The waist belts are not doing a great job.

The Class B frontal protective pant is UL tested and classified chainsaw chaps (ASTM F1897), meets the industry-standard OSHA Regulation 1910-266 and ASTM F1897-2008 39JY specifications for chainsaw operators.

The pants are comfortable and provide heavy-duty protection. Its resistance to water and oil adds to its overall comfort and durability. The Forester Durable Chainsaw Safety Chaps also come with adjustable belts on the legs and waist.

2. ComfortTrim Leg Guards for Weed Eating, Trimming, & Mowing

The ComfortTrim Leg Guards for Weed Eating, Trimming, & Mowing is a versatile leg protector that keeps debris away from your leg if you are wearing shorts or helps you maintain clean legs if you are working with long pants or jeans.


  • It is lightweight and allows for free movement while working in your yard.
  • It is adjustable to suit different categories of users.
  • It is a versatile leg protector for pant legs and shorts.


  • The Velcro strip isn’t long enough.

The leg guard is made of mesh material that keeps you cool, clean, and comfortable for a stress-free cutting experience. The guard protects your leg or foot from debris and other flying objects that may cause serious injury or pain when using a string trimmer.

The leg protector is adjustable, offering users of different physiques and sizes one-size-fits-all protection. You can easily adjust the guard to suit you and be more comfortable while working.

It is also durable and lightweight. You’ll hardly know you’re working with a guard, enabling you to move easily while protecting your leg, whether you are using a weed eater or a lawn mower.

3. Forester Protective Weedeating Chaps

This is another good weedeating chap from Forester. It is water repellent, this keeps it reasonably clean during a mowing session. It also comes with heavy-duty quality zipper closures for convenient use.


  • The weed wacker chaps is water-resistant and convenient to use.
  • Lightweight and durable.


  • It is not intended for chainsaw and brush cutter protection.

The navy color leg protection is durable and will serve you for long, if properly used and maintained. It is important to note that the Forester protective Trimmer Safety Trousers, Navy, isn’t a recommended leg protector you can use when operating a chainsaw or brush cutter.  

The leg protector is easy to use and maintain. You can easily brush the grass off the protective gear when you’re done working. It is also made of a washable material. Simply wash it after a mowing session and store it for the next use.

4. Neoprene Weed Eater Shin Guards

The Neoprene Leg Gaiter is designed with three hook and loops straps that distinguish it from traditional gaiters and make it easy to put on and take off.


  • It is windproof and water resistant.
  •  The gaiter is adjustable and easy to wear.


  • It doesn’t cover the knee and ankle.

Thanks to the straps, you can adjust it to suit you perfectly so you feel comfortable working with it. It is made of Neoprene, a durable and water-resistant material, although its zig-zag stitching area may allow some water in. 

In addition, the Neoprene Leg Gaiters are windproof, which makes them even more durable. Aside from serving as a leg protector when using a weed eater, the multipurpose gaiter is also good for hiking, hunting, hiking, and outdoor activities.

5. Tecomec Leg Protective Shinguards & Safe Legs for Weedeating

The Tecomec Leg Protective Shinguards’ outer shell is made of polythene that covers the entire shin for maximum protection against flying objects that may hit and harm you.


  • The leg covers for weed eating are very comfortable to wear and use.


  • The single-stitch straps may not be durable.

The protector is soft with cushions inside, offering a layer of protection by reducing the impact of any hard object that may accidentally hit the weed eater shin guards on your leg.

Thanks to the Tecomec Leg Protective Shinguards’ adjustable buckle straps, you can easily put it on or take it off after use. That makes it comfortable to wear and use.

Final Verdict: Which Shin Guards for Weedeating Should You Choose?

Our number #1 recommendation is the Forester Durable Chainsaw Safety Chaps. Based on our research and customers’ feedback, it is the clear winner because it is highly durable, windproof and water-resistant, and the industry-standard OSHA regulation.

The Forester Durable Chainsaw Safety Chaps offers 6 layers of protection and comes with an adjustable belt that makes it a one-size-fits-all protector for different users.

Editor's choice
Forester Durable Chainsaw Safety Chaps
  • 6 layers of protection.
  • Meets the industry-standard OSHA regulation.
  • Adjustable belts.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Weed Eater Leg Protector



When shopping for a weed eater leg protector, consider what functionality a product has to offer and see if it’s the perfect fit for your needs. Ask yourself if you need a single-functional model or a multipurpose one that will serve as a leg protector for gardening, mowing, and other lawn maintenance tasks that increase your legs’ vulnerability to injury.


What material is the wood eater leg protector made of? This is an important factor to consider because using a protector made of a substandard material will defeat the primary purpose of using it. Choose a protector that is made of a durable material that can offer you the best protection.

Ease of Use

This is one of the underrated things you need to pay attention to. The right weed eater leg protector must be easy to wear and remove. It should be adjustable for the user’s comfort.  

Safety Tips for Using a Weed Eater

  • Wear long pants under your leg protector for extra protection. To prevent your clothing from getting caught in a working wood eater, wear tight-fitting clothes or other convenient clothes.
  • Solid shoes are also recommended. To protect your feet, wear heavy boots, if possible. Good shoes with good tractions will prevent you from slipping so you won’t lose control of the wood eater.
  • Check the wood eater and ensure that it is in a good condition before operating it. Pay special attention to the guards and ensure they are in place. If you notice any damaged parts, fix them immediately. Don’t expose yourself to avoidable risks by working with a faulty whacker.
  • Don’t operate the weed eater with one hand so you won’t lose control of it. Holding it with both hands gives you a firm grip and control. If you lose your grip on the weed whacker, you run the risk of injuring yourself, damaging the whacker, or cutting your life short.
  • Prepare the area in advance before you start the weed eater. Remove sticks, stones, and other objects that may damage the whacker if its blade accidentally hits them. Clearing the edge of your sidewalk or driveway of debris will give you a smooth cutting experience and reduce the chances of being hit by a flying object or damaging the eater’s blade or its other components.
  • Protect others when operating the weed eater. Don’t operate the trimmer when people or pets are close to you so they won’t be hurt by flying debris, pebbles, wire, and other dangerous objects. If there are doors and windows around you, close them to protect people inside your house from danger.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I wear glasses when using a weed eater?

A: Yes, you should wear a pair of safety glasses or face shield when using a weed eater because besides your legs, your eyes need protection from objects that may cause serious eye injuries if they hit them.

Can I take the guard off while working?

A: The trimmer comes with a guard for some reasons: safety, keeping the weed wacker from slinging debris, and engine balance. When you take it off, you expose yourself to danger and may be hurt by flying debris and other harmful objects. If the engine loses balance, you run the risk of damaging the eater or injuring yourself. So, don’t take the weed trimmer shine guard off while working.

These weed wacker shin guards are some of the best models and products in the market. Choose one that fits your requirements and will protect your leg from danger while working with string trimmers.