Best Riding Lawn Mower Tires For Hills

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Getting the best tires for your riding lawn mower will provide greater traction on hilly turfs. It might be tedious to carry out mowing operations on slopes, but high-quality tires offer remarkable mowing performance and improve the handling of your mowing machine.

If you are in the market for durable riding lawn mower tires for hills then you are going to love our recommendations.

In a hurry? Check our top three recommendations below:

Top 3 Best Riding Lawn Mower Tires for Hills in 2022

Editor’s Choice
SUNF A003 ATV/UTV/ Lawn- Mowers Off-Road Tire
SUNF A003 ATV/UTV/ Lawn- Mowers Off-Road Tire
  • 6-ply rated construction resists abrasions and punctures.
  • Additional shoulder lugs protect the sidewall and rim.
  • Cleaning action for better traction.
Best Budget
TracGard N766 Turf Bias Tire-15X600-6
TracGard N766 Turf Bias Tire-15X600-6
  • Ideal for both residential and commercial use.
  • Heavy-duty 4 P.R. rating extends service time.
  • Carries heavier loads.
Highest Rated
MARASTAR 21446-2PK Front Tire Assembly Replacement
MARASTAR 21446-2PK Front Tire Assembly Replacement
  • Low-cost solution to replacing or repairing your Craftsman riding mower tires.
  • Easy to install.
  • Durable and easy to inflate.

1. SunF A003 ATV/UTVLawn-Mowers Off-Road Tire

The SunF off-road tire has a directional “V” angled knobby tread design which is great for hills. The 6-ply rated construction resists abrasions and punctures. Plus, it is an excellent option for off-road applications.


  • The SunF tire offers stability while riding the mower.
  • Its additional shoulder lugs protect the sidewall and rim.
  • It has six layers for better protection.
  • It is an ideal option for off-road applications.


  • Rims are not included
  • A user complained that the dimensions on the tire are not accurate.

The tire comes in five different sizes and can be used for UTV, ATV or golf carts. It is equipped with additional shoulder lugs that protect the sidewall and rim.

The SUNF tire has identical width and height dimensions that provide perfect stability while you ride the mower on hilly terrain.

2. Carlisle HD Field Trax ATV Tire- 22.5 X 10-8 (best zero turn tires for hills)

The Carlisle HD Field Trax performs well in any rotational direction because it is made of non-directional tires. It delivers a smooth and comfortable ride while resisting chips, abrasions and cuts. Furthermore, it provides stability for zero-turn mowers on hills.


  • The non-directional tires enable it to rotate in different directions.
  • The wider tires ensure great stopping power and acceleration.
  • It is a good fit for paved and dirt roads.
  • It enhances improved stability and traction control.


  • The wider tires can cause more strain on the brakes.
  • Flimsy sidewall.

The rib-lug shape provides good braking and adequate driving power. It is also a good fit for paved and dirt roads.

Its combining tread pattern ensures self-cleaning and traction. The wider tires provide greater stopping power, the ability to accelerate, as well as increase ground clearance, these make it the best zero turn tires for hills.

3. MARASTAR 00232-2PK Universal Fit Flat Free Lawn Mower Tire

The Marastar 00232-2PK is a durable and tough mower tire that  works well on hilly terrain. The tires have enough capacity to deliver great control while carrying out your mowing task. 


  • The tire is durable and tough for top-notch mowing operations on hills.
  • The lawn mower tire is easy to install.
  • The Marastar 00232-2PK tire delivers great control while mowing.


  • Not ideal for lawns with obstacles.
  • It offers less precision than replacement tires with treads.

It has a 300lb load capacity and its universal adapter kit includes 2- 5/8 sintered iron bushings, 2- ½ Nylon Spacers, 2- ¼ Nylon Spacers and 2- Steel washers.  The top quality riding lawn mower tires are also easy to install.

4. Set 2 WANDA Lawn Mower Utility Cart Turf Tires

The tubeless tire has one of the best maximum load ratings. The turf tires are one of the most suitable and reliable options for your lawn mower. They  perform well in tough conditions and feature a quality tread design for an improved grip on hills.


  • The tires have a superb load-bearing capacity.
  • They offer you outstanding value for your money.
  • The tires are designed for better control and added traction.


  • The tires are not the easiest to install.

The heavy-duty 4-ply design enhances increased durability. They can deliver a nice performance once you set them up. The tire will offer you outstanding value for your money.

5. TracGard N766 Turf Bias Tire-15X600-6

The TracGard N766 is a versatile tire suitable for residential and commercial use. Its high build quality enables it to work well on both turf and pavement. The tire’s tread design provides strong traction.


  • The TracGard N766 comes with a heavy-duty 4 P.R. rating which enhances resistance to punctures.
  • The turf tire is ideal for residential and commercial use.
  • It offers better traction.


  • It does not have installation valves.
  • Not easy to inflate.

Riders do not need to bother about losing control while mowing on hills thanks to its precision. The heavy-duty 4 P.R. rating resists punctures and carries heavier loads.

It has a 4-ply build which boosts the model’s longevity. The TracGard turf tire is suited for heavy-duty work and is easy to install.

6. Wanda 2 New Lawn Mower Cart Turf Tires

The Wanda cart turf tires come with wide shoulders design and small tread depth for maximum traction and weight disbursement. This will make your mowing machine ride smoothly on hilly terrains.


  • The Wanda turf tires have a low kickback.
  • They offer great traction.
  • The turf tires are a perfect replacement for the garden vehicle.


  • The tires are sold without rims
  • Some users complained that the tires are undersized.

This tire type is well-suited for heavy-duty use and can also fit any garden utility vehicle. The tires’ standard size fits a wide range of mowers’ models.

7. Marathon 30326 Flat Free Lawn Mower Tire

The Marathon Flat Free tire offers a large line of various materials and sizes. They are made of elastic and tough rubber. The tire features commercial grade oil-infused bushings which make your mower work smoothly on hills.


  • The lawn tires are reliable and durable
  • The Marathon tire features a turf tread design that protects it from damages.
  • It has a high weight capacity
  • The tire is lightweight and non-marking.


  • It is not for highway use.
  • Mostly used as front tires.

The tires have a high weight capacity (400 lbs. weight capacity). They are mostly used as front tires because they have small dimensions. These tires are non-marking and lightweight.

8. Premium 4-Ply Turf Tech Tireower Tire

Premium 4-Ply Turf Tech tires offer high traction due to their tread design. This design also reduces lawn damage.


  • The Premium turf tech tire is made of a high-quality material
  • The tires provide high traction.
  • They are 100 percent protected from punctures
  • The ztr tire minimizes lawn damage.


  • The rims are not included.

Its curved pattern makes it easy to ride on hills. These tires are 100 percent protected from any puncture. This gives you the assurance that you can ride your mower on the roughest terrain.

It has four layers of quality rubber which won’t wear out quickly. Its 4-ply design offers adequate protection when you work on a ground that is full of potholes.

9. Carlisle AT101 Lawn & Garden Tire

The Carlisle AT 101 supports the load and weight of your riding lawn mower. The tires provide braking power and excellent traction. The smooth tires enhance lesser friction, making it easy for the rider to make sharper turns.


  • The lawn and garden tire offers better traction and braking power.
  • The tread design allows for better evacuation of water while it rotates.
  • It supports heavier loads.
  • The lawn-mower tire enhances lesser friction, allowing you to make sharper turns.


  • The directional tires can only rotate in one direction.
  • The tires may be noisy when you drive at a high speed.

Homeowners can apply the lug-shaped design for dirt roads. Plus, it is made of directional tires to provide ultimate wet traction. The tread design allows for better evacuation of water while the tire rotates.

10. MARASTAR 21446-2PK Front Tire Assembly Replacement

The Marastar 21446-2PK is made of pneumatic tires perfect for outdoor use. The air-filled tires operate efficiently on any terrain, making it an easy task to pass through uneven surfaces.


  • Its 4-ply rated tires showcase its good capacity and strength.
  • The 21446-2PK model lessens bumping and shaking regardless of the unevenness of the terrain.
  • The Marastar front tire offers great traction.


  • The air-filled tires may be detrimental to sharp objects like nails and rocks.
  • A user complained about the quality of the bearings.

The tires lessen bumping and shaking irrespective of the unevenness of your terrain. They offer traction and their materials are made of thicker treads. This will allow you to drive over hilly areas.

They are specifically made for lawns, pavement and turf and can give you a smoother ride on solid surfaces.

Factors to Consider Before Buying  Riding Lawn Mower Tires for Hills

If you are in the market for sturdy and durable riding lawn mower tires for hills, there are things to consider which will help you make the right choice. Here are a few of them:

Size of the Tires

It is important to measure the diameter of the rim and the width of the tire. If you decide to get a different set of front and rear tires, the ones at the front should be smaller while rear tires should be strong enough to carry the weight of your riding mower.

Ply Rating

The mower requires a lot of power to ride on hills. This can make the tires wear out easily, hence the need to go for a sturdy tire construction.  You can get a tire that has at least a two-ply design. Tires that have a four-ply design are a great choice. A six-ply tire design might be too heavy.


Very heavy tires aren’t an excellent choice for you. They won’t be flexible enough to navigate through rocks and potholes.

If it is too lightweight, it is also a wrong choice. The weight won’t distribute in the right way, making it difficult for people to ride on hills. It is advisable to purchase a tire with an average weight.



A high-quality rubber plays an important role in choosing the right tire for your riding lawn mower for hills.  It is important to get pneumatic tires because they are made of solid material.

This will make the tire strong enough for you to ride on hills. The rubber should be elastic and flexible enough to mow on hills.

How to Increase the Lifespan of your Mower Tire

Below are some of the maintenance tips that can elongate the lifespan of your riding lawn mower tires:

Maintaining the Right Air Pressure

A common recommendation that experts will give you on your tires is to ensure that they are well filled.  Buyers should check the mower’s air pressure capacity.

Underinflated tires won’t support the load weight, making them liable to damage(s). Overinflated tires can also cause turf damage. Maintaining the right air pressure will protect your turf and mowing machine.

Keep your Mower out of Sunlight


Exposure to sunlight can damage your tires. It will make your tires experience dry rot which will cause them to crack along the sidewall. This will also compromise the quality of their build. You should always store your mower in a cool shed or shady area.

Avoid Obstacles

Obstacles might damage your riding lawn mower tires. Sticks, needles, nails, stones, metal, glass and even cactus are also dangerous to your mower tires. It is advisable to carry out a lawn sweep before mowing.

How Do I Know the Mower Tires are Due for Replacement?


The manufacturer can specify the recommended replacement time. However, the tires for hills might wear out faster.

If you notice that the cracks in the bulges, sidewall or tread depth have become too deep, it means that the tires are “getting tired”. Replace the tire if you see that it gets harder to ride on a hill.

Editor's choice
SUNF A003 ATV/UTV/ Lawn- Mowers Off-Road Tire
  • 6-ply rated construction resists abrasions and punctures.
  • Additional shoulder lugs protect the sidewall and rim.
  • Cleaning action for better traction.

Final Verdict

If you want your riding lawn mower to operate efficiently on hills, getting the right mower tires is a no-brainer.

Out of all the top-quality riding lawn mower tires reviewed in this article, our top pick is the SunF A003 ATV/UTV/ Lawn- Mowers Off-Road Tire. The 6-ply rated construction resists abrasions and punctures and its additional shoulder lugs protect the sidewall and rim.