Best Oil for Kawasaki Lawn Mower Engine

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Kawasaki lawn mower engines are remarkable for their durability and efficiency. To keep your Kawasaki engine performing at optimal level, you need to use the most appropriate oil.

Although there are many types of engine oil out there, only a few of them are actually suitable for your Kawasaki lawn mower engine.

What are the recommended oils for your mower’s engine? We have some nice recommendations you might want to try. We have manually reviewed different brands and types of oil, and we bring you the 5 top rated oil for Kawasaki lawn mower engine available on the market right now.

Top 3 Best Oil for Kawasaki Lawn Mower Engine

Editor’s Choice
Kawasaki ATV/UTV Engine Oil 10W40
Kawasaki ATV/UTV Engine Oil 10W40
  • Latest additive technology.
  • Enhanced transmission.
  • Semi-synthetic brand for 4-stroke ATVs
Best Budget
AmazonBasics High Mileage Motor Oil
AmazonBasics High Mileage Motor Oil
  • Protective coating protects engine’s components from wear.
  • It protects the system from thermal breakdown.
  • The oil assures long drain intervals.  
Highest Rated
Valvoline 782482 High Mileage Synthetic Blend Motor Oil
Valvoline 782482 High Mileage Synthetic Blend Motor Oil
  • Anti-detergent properties keep the engine clean.
  • Seal conditionals prevent messy oil leaks.
  • Friction-fighting agents and additives for sterling performance.

1. Kawasaki ATV/UTV Engine Oil 10W40

The Kawasaki ATV/UTV engine oil offers versatility and diversity. It comes with the latest additive technology that increases its protecting power and thus protects the lawn mower’s engine from stress and heat.


  • High durability ensures that the engine will last longer.
  • Incredible wear protection that protects the engine’s components from wearing out easily.
  • Adaptable to warm and hot climates and thus will work fine regardless of the weather condition.
  • Impressive viscosity helps the engine perform well.


  • It may freeze in cold weather.
  • It’s hazardous and users should handle it with care.

The Kawasaki ATV/UTV works fine with a wide range of engine and synthetic oils. Although, it’s recommended to Avoid mixing it with other oils as it decreases the performance and life span of the engine.

If you want efficient engine protection and wear protection for your lawn mower, this oil may be the perfect fit for you. The ATV/UTV will boost the mower engine’s ability to work at maximum capacity for years. So, when the engine works at a high temperature, the oil protects it against viscosity decrease and thus helps it maintain its functionality for a long time.  

This product boasts of clutch performance/enhanced transmission and dependability which are great because they improve its shift quality. More so, its reduced oil volatility and improved engine cleanliness will prolong the mower engine’s life.

The turbo and diesel-rated engine oil is a semi-synthetic brand for utility vehicles and 4-stroke ATVs. The Kawasaki 10W40 oil for lawn mower engine may be your best bet for wear protection and an outstanding engine.

2. Kawasaki SAE 20W-50-4-Cycle Oil

The Kawasaki SAE 20W-504 Cycle engine oil has an anti-foaming property that helps the mower’s engine perform at maximum capacity. In addition, it can boost the engine’s smooth and fast operation.


  • It retains viscosity and can thus be used under a range of weathers.
  • You may consider it for old mowers as it helps rejuvenate their engines.
  • It’s a good choice for cold startups.


  • It’s not recommended for 2-stroke engines.

The SAE 20W-504 may come in handy if you have an old lawn mower you want to keep running. Plus, it prevents engine leaks.

Thanks to its super thick viscosity, the engine oil may be a great option for humid and hot climates. It may be the right fit if you mow in a hot climate or have to deal with high loads.

Another great feature of the SAE 20W-504 is that it is specially blended from additives and base oils for high-quality performance. You may have got the ideal engine oil for your lawn mower engine with this affordable product.

3. Kawasaki 99969-6081 Engine Oil

The Kawasaki 99969-6081 engine oil has anti-shear agents that give the mower’s engine impressive shear stability that guarantees high performance.


  • Best additive technology that guarantees it provides high-quality performance.
  • Adaptable to all temperatures and weathers to enable users to use it at their convenience.
  • It keeps the engine clean and in optimum condition by reducing the quantity of particle deposits in the engine.
  • It is affordable and highly efficient.


  • Specifically for 4-cycle engines.

Many people love the Kawasaki 99969-6081 engine oil because it is trouble-free, doesn’t clog the lawn mower’s engine system, and is easy to maintain. 

If you are worried about particle deposits in your engine, it may be what you need to control the quantity of particles that enter into the mower’s engine. That’s a great way to protect it against damage by foreign objects and thus extend its lifespan.

Another great feature of the engine oil is that it works fine in a wide range of weather and temperature. It protects the engine from losing its viscosity excessively at high temperatures and thanks to its latest additive technologies; you can expect superior performance from the engine oil.

The Kawasaki 99969-6081 comes with a zinc additive that protects the engine from damage by preventing excessive wear on its components. This will enhance its smooth operation and prolong its lifespan.

If you need an affordable and efficient engine oil for your Kawasaki lawn mower, this may be what you are looking for.

4. AmazonBasics High Mileage Motor Oil

The AmazonBasics High Mileage Motor Oil is a high mileage engine oil that works well for Kawasaki lawn mowers.  It sets up a protective coating that reduces the wear on the mower’s engine and ensures that the lawn mower will be operational for years.


  • The engine oil works fine under a wide temperature range.
  • The product prevents thermal breakdown and prolongs the engine’s life.
  • It protects engine parts from wear and tear.


  • The packaging can be better.

It is a full synthetic oil that reduces the friction between the engine parts. This can help you boost the engine’s efficiency and amplify its fuel economy.

The AmazonBasics High Mileage Motor Oil is a high-quality engine oil that does more than ensure fuel economy; it protects the system from particle deposition and thermal breakdown. So, the engine remains sparkling clean and well protected from corrosion and rust.

If you are looking for long drain intervals and high mileage, this engine oil might soon become your favorite. Thanks to its ability to reduce friction, the engine oil will cause less engine wear and prolong the engine’s lifespan.

If you are concerned about thermal breakdown and viscosity, this is one of the engine oils that solve both issues as well as help in reducing exhaust emission.

5. Valvoline 782482 High Mileage Synthetic Blend Motor Oil

The Valvoline 782482 is a good option for users who need an engine oil that can meet the high mileage engines’ demands. It comes with an extra wear protection which helps keep your engine safe.


  • Prevents deposits and sludge.
  • It may help your mower’s engine fight off rust and corrosion.
  • It surpasses conventional oil in heat and abrasion reduction.
  • Impressive fuel economy, a money-saving feature that helps to reduce operational costs.


  • The jug may sometimes be bad.

The engine oil’s antioxidant property minimizes the quantity of contaminated particles that may be deposited in the mower’s engine. That is in addition to its anti-detergent properties that clean the engine and thus prevent oil breakdown.

If you are worried about oil leaks, the engine oil comes with seal conditionals that prevent such messy leaks and thus keep the engine dry and clean always.

The Valvoline 782482 comes with  friction-fighting agents and additives. These components increase the oil’s ability to safeguard important engine parts and keep the engine working for years.

If you want engine oil that will keep your engine clean and prevent it from corrosion, sludge, and rust, you may consider the Valvoline 782482 High Mileage Synthetic Blend Motor Oil.

How to Choose the Right Oil for Kawasaki Lawn Mower Engine

When you are in the market for a top engine oil for your mower, there are a few factors to consider which can help you make the right choice. They include:

Engine type


One of the first things you want to consider before buying engine oil is your engine type. Knowing your Kawasaki engine type helps you pick a compatible oil quite easily. 

If you get the wrong oil for your engine, your mower may struggle to perform well, and it can lead to other complications which may require costly repairs.

Another important thing to pay attention to is the operating climatic temperature. While some engine oils perform well at low temperatures, others give their best at high temperatures. Thus, before picking an oil for your engine, you want to check the manufacturer’s recommendation in the manual or visit their official website.



Before you buy an engine oil, check the track record of its manufacturer. What are people saying about them? Feedback from their current customers is one viable way to evaluate the quality of their engine oil.

Lawn Mower Age


How long you have been using the lawn mower is another important factor you must consider when shopping for the right oil for its engine.  If your lawn mower is old, getting a As previously mentioned, you may choose the SAE 30 oil is highly recommended while SAE 10W30 works better for newer models.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use E85 and other related blends in the engine?

No, you can’t use the E-85 oil and other similar blends in the Kawasaki lawn mower’s engine because they will likely damage the engine and automatically void your warranty.

How many quarts of oil does a Kawasaki lawn mower engine take?

The oil capacity for riding mowers is between 48 oz and 64 oz while it ranges between 15 oz and 18oz for walk-behind mowers. However, you should check the user manual for the actual requirement for your machine. Alternatively, you can visit the manufacturer’s website for the information.

What is the best oil for Kawasaki FR691V?

The SAE 10W-40. However, if you consider extreme heat or use a mowing machine with snow clearing attachments, you may consider other options.

Is 10W30 the same as SAE 30?

No, these are two different oil types. At high temperatures, SAE 30 has a viscosity of 30. On the other hand, the 10W30 oil has a viscosity of 10 at low temperatures and a viscosity of 30 at high temperatures.

Thus, the 10W30 oil can work perfectly well in different temperature conditions while the SAE30 is best suited for warmer temperatures only. More so, while modern engines can use the 10W30 oil type, the SAE30 is better for older engines.

Can I use synthetic oil in my Kawasaki lawn mower engine?

Yes, you can use synthetic oil in your Kawasaki lawn mower engine because temperature doesn’t affect their efficiency. Such oil also lubricates lawn mowers’ engines better, reduces friction between its components, and generally boosts the engine’s performance.

What is synthetic oil?

Synthetic oil is a type of lubricant with chemical compounds. Oil manufacturers use chemically modified petroleum components to make the oil. They offer wear and deposit control, better viscosity, and low temperature fluidity.

Final Verdict

If you want your Kawasaki lawn mower engine to perform optimally and last longer, getting a suitable engine oil is a no brainer. 

When it comes to performance, efficiency, and versatility, the Kawasaki ATV/UTV Engine Oil 10W40 is our top pick. It comes with the latest additive technology, and adapts to warm and hot climates quite well.

Editor's choice
Kawasaki ATV/UTV Engine Oil 10W40
  • Latest additive technology.
  • Enhanced transmission.
  • Semi-synthetic brand for 4-stroke ATVs