Benefits of Face Shields for Weed Eater?

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One of the most safety precautions to take is to wear protective gear while working in your yard.

If you are working with a weed eater, you will need a durable face shield that will offer maximum protection against flying debris and particles.  In this article, we share some of the benefits of wearing a weed eater face shield.

Ready? Let’s dive right into it:

4 Benefits of Face Shields for Weed Eater

1. Reduces the Risk of Serious Injury

While working in your yard, flying objects such as debris, pebbles, and other harmful objects can be thrown out of the weed eater and this may cause possible injuries if you do not make use of a face shield.

The best face shields for weed eating will protect your head, face, and eyes, reducing the risk of injuries caused by these objects.  

2. Protects the Eye from Flying Debris

A weed eater face shield may feature a helmet to protect the head as well as a visor that comes down to the front of your face. This component protects your eyes from flying debris such as dust and other particles that can cause eye damage.

3. Helps to Reduce the Impact of Noise

Several weed eater face shields come with a set of ear defenders. This component is very important when you are working with a noisy weed eater. This protective gear will protect your ears from such loud noise.

4. Heat Absorption

A weed Eater face shield helps to absorb extreme heat while you work in your yard. For instance, the Husqvarna 592752601 features a cotton core sweatband with a permeable coating to help absorb heat.

Other Safety Gear for Lawn Care

In addition to face shields, there are other types of safety equipment that you may need to use to keep you protected while working in your yard. They include:

Protective Gloves

Protective gloves are a piece of essential safety equipment to wear when you are holding your weed eater. 

They prevent stone pebbles and pieces of mulch that can injure your skin at high speeds. It is advisable to get protective gloves that are made of a durable woven material that will prevent the penetration of debris.

Closed-Toe Shoes or Boots

It is advisable to wear steel-toe boots that can ensure maximum protection. Make sure that you wear a pair of leather shoes with securely tied laces and ensure that the soles are intact. This will not only shield your toes from the weed eater but will also prevent you from tripping.

Hearing Protection

Using a weed eater for a long time without hearing protection can cause serious damage to your ears. This includes long-term or permanent hearing loss.

There are different types of hearing protection available on the market. Although earplugs are the most common, earmuff-style hearing protectors are the most comfortable to use. They can effectively block high levels of noise.

Leg Protection

Weed eater leg protectors are the most practical and affordable way to protect your legs while working on your lawn. If you prefer wearing shorts, you can get shin guards to protect the front of your legs. They also shield the shins from flying debris.

In addition, they protect the shins from accidental cuts from the weed eater. Safety chaps are available in wrap-around or full-leg styles for maximum protection.

Safety Glasses

While you are trimming, your eyes are at risk of being harmed by debris. Small pieces of brush, weeds, dust, and other smaller particles can be thrown back into your eyes. 

Safety glasses protect you from these objects. It allows you to keep your eyes on what you are doing without fear of injury.