Bad Boy vs Gravely Lawn Mowers: Which One is Better?

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Both Bad Boy and Gravely lawn mowers are a good choice for residential and commercial lawn maintenance thanks to their innovative design, solid cutting power, and high-power output. 

Chances are, you are about to get one of the two. It gets a bit tricky when you have to choose between the two lawn mower brands.

So, let’s help you compare Bad boy vs Gravely mowing machines, and help you decide which one is best for your varying needs.

This article focuses on the metrics and shows you the pros and cons of choosing either mower.

Ready? Let’s get into it:

Bad Boy Brand Overview

Bad Boy is an American firm that specializes in manufacturing residential and commercial mowers.

The first Bad Boy mower was manufactured in 2002 and launched at the Lawn and Garden Expo in Louisville, Kentucky.

Their mowing machines are user-friendly and easy to maintain. 

Bad Boy mowers are now manufactured and assembled and stored in different facilities comprising over 850,000 square feet in Batesville, Arkansas.

Gravely Brand Overview

Gravely, of Brillion, Wisconsin is a manufacturer of lawn and garden implements such as walk-behind, stand-on, and zero-turn mowers. Gravely mower brand was purchased by AriensCo in 1982.

Their mowers are tough, durable and can mow just about any terrain. The firm still sells their products through their exclusive dealer network. 

Key Differences Between Cub Cadet and Bad Boy Zero-Turn Lawn Mowers

The main difference between them is that Bad Boy mowers have a larger fuel tank capacity (5-13 gallons) while Gravely mowers have a better warranty package (2-5 years).

Best Bad Boy Lawn Mowers

1. Bad Boy MZ Magnum, 54 in. Zero-Turn Mower

The Bad Boy MZ Magnum zero-turn mower runs on a 725cc Kohler Pro 7000 HD series engine for a powerful mowing operation.

The zero-turn mower is equipped with a durable 54-inch cutting deck to ensure superb grass-cutting performance on lawns.

It has 13 cutting positions that can be adjusted from 1.5-4.5 inches to suit your varying needs. 

Other features include electric PTO, seat lifts, cushioned seats and a steering dampening system.

2. Bad Boy MZ Rambler 42 in. Zero-Turn Mower

The Bad Boy MZ Rambler comes with a steering dampening system for better response and maneuverability.

Its 42-inch deck ensures efficient mowing on yards that are up to 2 acres.  The seat lifts enhance easy maintenance and cleaning. 

The zero-turn mower has 13 cutting positions that can be adjusted from 1.5-4.5 inches to enable you to cut the grass to an ideal grass height.

Other features include PEER maintenance-free spindles, deck lift pedal and cushioned seat.

3. Bad Boy Outlaw Renegade Zero-Turn Mower

The Bad Boy Renegade zero-turn mower runs on a 37hp Vanguard EFI engine for a powerful mowing operation. 

Its cutting options range from 2 to 6 inches to suit your varying needs.

The zero-turn mower features an adjustable footrest, suspension seat, and deck lift dial to ensure maximum comfort while mowing.

It is equipped with a 61/72-inch cutting deck to ensure efficient mowing on lawns while its front and rear tires provide maximum traction.

4. Bad Boy 36 in. Kawasaki FS541 603cc Walk-Behind Mower

The Bad Boy walk-behind mower is equipped with a single lever “rider presence” to ensure improved safety and convenience while mowing. 

The front and rear tires provide superior traction and stability.

The single rear wheel has EZ-Ride technology to absorb vibrations. It comes with a mowing width of 36 inches to ensure super mowing performance on lawns. 

The walk-behind runs on a Kawasaki FS541 603 for a smooth mowing operation. 

5. Bad Boy 25 in. Kawasaki FJ180 179cc Self Propelled Push Mower

The 25-inch Bad Boy mower comes with adjustable handles to suit any operator. 

The self-propelled drive system with its high-low gear and rear-wheel engages and pulls its weight around effortlessly.

It is equipped with a 21-inch cutting deck for efficient mowing on lawns. 

This deck is sloped upward into the discharge and creates more lift to allow for cleaner and sharper cuts as clippings are forced into the bagging system

The mowing machine has lifting bars to ensure easy lifting, transporting or cleaning of the underside of the deck.

Best Gravely Lawn Mowers

1. Gravely PRO-TURN 600- 60” Kawasaki EFI 38.5 HP Zero-Turn Mower

The Gravely PRO-Turn zero turn mower comes with a suspension system to provide more control and comfort while mowing.

The large diameter tires also provide a smoother ride and more traction under varying conditions. 

It features a 60-inch cutting deck designed for better grass dispersion.

The zero-turn mower runs on a 38.5 HP Kawasaki 10000FX for a smooth mowing operation.

2. Gravely ZT HD 52 23HP Kawasaki Zero-Turn Mower

The Gravely ZT HD 52 zero-turn mower is equipped with large tires to provide excellent traction and a smoother ride.

Its ROPS option enhances increased protection while mowing. 

The zero-turn mower has a high back seat to provide maximum comfort and reduce fatigue.

It features a 52-inch cutting deck for excellent grass-cutting performance on lawns.

The exclusive constant belt tension system ensures that the belt tension and blade tip speed are consistent and correct. 

It has 15 cutting heights that range from 1.5 to 5 inches to suit your varying needs.

3. Gravely Pro-Turn ZX 52-inch Zero-Turn Mower

The Gravely Pro-Turn ZX is equipped with an adjustable suspension seat for maximum comfort while mowing.

The 22HP Kawasaki FX691V engine features commercial canister air filtration for maximum power and torque regardless of the mowing conditions. 

Its suspension forks absorb big impacts to decrease fatigue and improve the ride.

4. Gravely Pro-Walk 36GR Walk-Behind Mower

The Gravely Pro-Walk 36” walk-behind mower runs on a 14.5HP Kawasaki FS481 which is equipped with a rotating grass screen and dual-stage air filter canister for high performance.

The 36-inch cutting deck offers 13 cutting heights that can be adjusted from 1 to 4.5 inches to enable you to achieve a perfect cut while its PTO clutch enables you to switch gear smoothly.

The walk-behind mower comes with aluminum housing spindles to ensure better heat dissipation.

5. Gravely Pro-Walk 48GR Walk-Behind Mower

The Gravely 48GR mower features aluminum housing spindles to ensure better heat dissipation. 

Its dual knobs provide easy and convenient accessibility. The 48-inch, 3-blade mower deck enhances efficient mowing on lawns. 

The walk-behind mowing machine is powered by a 14.5HP/603cc Kawasaki FS481 V-Twin engine for a superb mowing operation.

Other features include adjustable brake levers, a side discharge chute and a removable belt shield.

Bad Boy vs Gravely Lawn Mowers

Here is a well-detailed comparison of the two lawn mower brands:


Both mower brands come with innovative features to ensure top-notch mower operation.

Bad Boy walk-behind mowers have features such as a two-speed transmission, oversized gears, dense rubber wheels, adjustable handles and lifting bars for superb mower operation.

Their zero-turn mowers are equipped with a premium adjustable suspension seat, deck lift pedal with deck dial adjustment for comfort. 

The EZ-Ride system helps to absorb shocks and vibrations. Other features include seat lifts, dual integrated drive systems, PEER, maintenance-free spindles and larger-sized no-flat front tires and rear tires.

On the other hand, Gravely zero-turn mowers have large front and rear wheels for a smoother ride. 

The fully tubular frame construction to withstand force from any direction while the constant belt tension for optimal precise cutting results

Gravely commercial walk-behind mowers like Gravely Pro-Walk hydro come with intuitive steering controls for precise handling, and a wide wheel base for superior hillside stability.

The PRO-QXT model features a rapid control system to enable you to change direction and hydrostatic drive for effortless operation in all applications.

Engine Power

Bad Boy mowers use Kawasaki, Kohler, Briggs and Vanguard engines. The horsepower of Bad Boy mowers ranges from 4.5hp-38.5 hp.

On the other hand, Gravely mowers Kawasaki, Kohler and Yamaha engines.

The horsepower of Gravely zero-turn mowers ranges from 14HP to -38.5 hp. 

It is important to note that the horsepower rating of both mower brands depends on the mower type and model that you purchase.

Cutting Performance

The deck size of Bad Boy walk-behind mowers range from 21 to 36 inches while their cutting options can be adjusted from 1-4.5. 

Some Bad Boy walk-behind  models also range from 1-5 inches.

Bad Boy zero-turn mowers have cutting decks that are between 42-72 inches. 

Most of them have 13 cutting positions that can be adjusted from 1.5-4.5 to suit your mowing needs.

The deck height of the Bad Boy Renegade zero-turn mower can be adjusted from 2 to 6 inches. 

Gravely zero-turn mowers come with a deck size that ranges from 34 to 72 inches. The cutting options of Gravely walk-behind mowers range from 1.5-4.5 inches. 

Some Gravely stand-on mowers such as Gravely Pro-Stance stand-on mower and Gravely ZT HD 52 zero-turn mower have 15 cutting positions that can be adjusted from 1.5- 5 inches.

Both lawn mower brands have several mowers that can side discharge, mulch or bag via the 3-in-1 option.

Fuel Tank Capacity

Bad Boy walk-behind mowers have a 5-gallon fuel tank while their zero-turn mowers come with a larger fuel tank. 

Some models such as the Bad Boy ZT Elite zero-turn mower have a 6.5-gallon tank while Bad Boy Outlaw Rogue comes with a 13-gallon fuel tank.

On the other hand, Gravely mowers have a fuel tank that ranges from 1.70 to 12.7 gallons. 

Going by this, we can conclude that Bad Boy mowers have a larger fuel capacity.


Bad Boy lawn mowers are backed by a 2 -year warranty while Gravely mowing machines come with a warranty of 2-5 years.  

Gravely wins this because it offers a more considerable and lengthy warranty.

Ease of Use

Bad Boy zero-turn mowers have an adjustable deck lift pedal which enables you to easily dial in a deck height for a perfect cut. 

Their seat lifts ensure easy maintenance and cleaning.

Their walk-behind mowers have adjustable handles to suit any operator. The lifting bars are built-in for easy lifting, transporting or cleaning of the underside of the deck.

Gravely mowers offer more ease-of-use options than Bad Boy mowers.

Gravely stand-on mower offers less deck-lifting force, thumb release and vertical pin system to ensure easy cutting height adjustments.

The brand’s zero-turn mowers feature a comfortable high back and padded seats so that the user can mow with maximum comfort.

Although Bad Boy models have padded armrests, those that are made of cheap plastic are not so comfortable.



The cost of Bad Boy mowers ranges from $1,577 to $23,139. On the other hand, the cost of Gravely mowers is between $3,899-$15,899. 

This means that most Bad Boy mowers are pricier than Gravely mowers.

Pros and Cons


Bad Boy Lawn Mowers


  • They have high horsepower engines to ensure top-notch performance.
  • Bad boy zero-turn mowers are durable and long-lasting
  • They come with seat lifts for easy maintenance.


  • The blades of Bad Boy zero-turn mowers can wear out quickly.

Gravely Lawn Mowers


  • They can maneuver around trees, flowerbeds and other toughest obstacles with ease.
  • Gravely zero-turn mowers have a strong gauge-steel deck that can withstand any terrain
  • They offer precise cuts on your lawn.


  • Some of their models do not work well on slopes.

Final Verdict: Which One Should You Buy?

Both lawn mower brands are almost the same in terms of quality and performance. 

They come with large cutting decks, powerful engines and innovative design for superb mowing operation.

It’s a difficult choice but we recommend Gravely mowers because they offer premium ergonomic design and a better warranty package.