Ariens vs Gravely Zero Turn Mowers

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In the market for an Ariens or Gravely zero-turn mower? Then it might interest you to know that both mower brands have many similarities because they are both owned by the same company (AriensCo).

In this article, we look at a head-to-head comparison of Ariens vs Gravely Zero Turn Mowers, paying attention to metrics like engine type, average cost/price, comfort, cutting height, cutting deck, and ease-of-use options.

Ready? Let’s dive right into it:

Ariens Zero Turn Mowers

The Ariens Company has a long history of manufacturing lawn tractors, snow blowers and zero turn mowers for residential and commercial needs. The company is based in Wisconsin and its zero-turn mowers run on Kohler, Briggs and Stratton, and Kawasaki engines.

Ariens zero-turn mower models include Ariens Zenith, Ariens IKON XD, Ariens Edge and Ariens APEX, Ariens IKON X, Ariens Zoom and Ariens XL series. They have a cutting width of 34 to 60 inches. These zero turns are suitable for commercial and residential lawn maintenance. Read more about Best 34 inch Zero Turn Mowers.



Most Ariens zero-turn mowers come with high back, plush and adjustable seats, armrests, and ergonomic controls to enhance comfortable and convenient mowing operations.

Easy to operate

Several Ariens zero-turn mowers are easy to operate thanks to the foot-operated deck lift pedal, adjustable steering levers and easy-to-use deck adjustment system.


Homeowners can do more with an Ariens zero-turn mower due to its wide variety of accessories. These riding mowers support a host of accessories such as armrests, baggers, mower covers, hitch kits, lawn striping kits, mulching kits, sunshades to increase the mower’s versatility.

Collection, Mulching and Discharge

Ariens zero-turn mowers can side discharge, mulch or bag via the 3-in-1 option.

Cutting Deck

They are equipped with strong and durable cutting decks for superb grass-cutting performance on lawns. Ariens zero-turn mowers are equipped with decks that range from 34-60 inches.

Cutting Height

The cutting height of Ariens zero-turn mowers ranges from 1.5-4.5 inches to suit your mowing needs.


  • They are durable, sturdy and easy to drive.
  • Ariens zero-turn mowers ensure maximum user comfort.
  • The wheels ensure easy and smooth maneuverability on lawns.


  • Some accessories such as mulch and bag kits are sold separately.
  • Quite difficult to steer on bumpy ground.

Gravely Zero-Turn Mowers

Gravely, of Brillion, Wisconsin is a manufacturer of lawn and garden implements such as walk-behind, zero turn, and out-front mowers. This mower brand was purchased by AriensCo in 1982.

Gravely zero-turn mowers are known for their durability, efficiency, and dependability. It can be used for heavy residential or commercial use.

The 34-inch model is suitable for smaller yards while the model with 50 inches can mow up to three yards.



The zero-turn mowers have side discharge, mulching, and bagging capabilities for a well-manicured lawn appearance.

Innovative Design

The zero-turn mowers are equipped with innovative designs such as large front and rear wheels, comfortable seats with shock absorbers, fully tubular frame construction, a durable cutting deck and a constant belt tension system for optimal cutting performance.


Gravely zero-turn mowers support a host of accessories such as mulch kit, bagger, lawn striping kit, headlight kits, sunshade, and armrest kit, to aid the mower’s versatility. 

Cutting Deck Dimensions

The deep depth of a fully fabricated Gravely zero-turn mower deck delivers superior cutting results on lawns.


Gravely Zero-turn mowers are often powered by Kawasaki, Kohler and Yamaha engines for a smooth-running mowing operation.


  • They can maneuver easily around trees, flowerbeds, and other tough obstacles.
  • Gravely zero-turn mowers have a strong and durable cutting deck designed to deliver superior cutting results on lawns.
  • They run on versatile and efficient engines for a smooth mowing performance.
  • Gravely zero-turn mowers are a good investment for those that have a commercial landscaping business.


  • Accessories of some models are sold separately.
  • The mower’s deck bearings require maintenance.

Gravely VS Ariens Zero Turn Mowers


Below is a head-to-head comparison of both zero-turn mower brands:

Average Cost/Price

Both Ariens and Gravely zero-turn mowers are fairly-priced. You can get a quality and high-ranking Ariens and Gravely zero-turn mower in the range of $3000-$5000. Some models are above that amount but make your decision based on what suits your budget.


The main difference is their engines. Ariens run on Kohler, Kawasaki, Briggs & Stratton engines. The engines have between 19 and 25 horsepower in different types. On the other hand, gravely zero-turn mowers use Kawasaki, Kohler, and Yamaha engines.

The horsepower of Gravely zero-turn mowers ranges from 19-38.5 hp. However, Gravely takes the prize because some models such as the Gravely PRO-TURN 600, PRO-TURN MACH ONE  have more engine power.


Ariens and Gravely mowers have the technology to provide a smooth and comfortable mowing experience. They both have easy-to-use adjustment systems, and comfortable and adjustable seats. However, Ariens’ zero-turn mowers are more comfortable because they have more comfortable seats and ergonomic controls. 


Gravely zero-turn mowers are a bit heavier than Ariens zero-turn mowers.

Cutting Performance

Ariens zero-turn mowers have a cutting deck size of 34-60 inches while Gravely zero-turn mowers come with a deck size that ranges from 31-72 inches. 

Ariens zero turn mowers have a cutting height of 1.5-4.5 inches while most Gravely zero turns can be adjusted from 1-5 inches to suit users’ needs. Both brands can side discharge, mulch or bag via the 3-in-1 option.


Ariens zero-turn mowers are backed by a three-year warranty service while some Gravely mowing machines such as Gravely ZT HD, PRO-TURN Z have a four-year warranty.

Other models such as Gravely PRO-TURN 600, PRO Turn comes with a 5-year warranty. Gravely wins this because it offers a more considerable and lengthy warranty.

Features to Consider Before Buying a Zero Turn Mower

Cutting Width

The cutting width of your zero-turn mower should be able to match the size of your lawn. If you have a large yard, you should get a zero-turn mower with a large cutting width while homeowners with a small lawn size should consider getting a mowing machine with a smaller deck width so that it can mow through narrow spaces.

Transmission Type

For an easy mowing operation, it is advisable to get the one with hydrostatic transmission over manual transmission. A manual transmission mower stops the engine when you change gears while the other type provides smooth changes while riding your mower.

For hydrostatic transmission mowers, the pedal-controlled transmission gives homeowners maximum comfort. Here, different pedals control the speed and direction of your zero-turn mower.

Attachments and Accessories

If you want your zero-turn mower to be more usable and versatile all year round, it is important to purchase a zero-turn mower that supports a host of accessories and attachments such as a snowblower, headlight kit, spreader, mulch and bag kits.


Both zero-turn mowers (Ariens or Gravely) could be the best choice for you, depending on what you want. Gravely zero-turn wins with engine power, warranty, cutting power and innovative design. Ariens zero-turn mowers are more affordable and comfortable.