Are Corded Electric Mowers Safe?

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Corded electric mowers can be a safe option if extension cords are used correctly. They have built-in safety features to reduce the risk of harming the user.

Furthermore, The best corded mowers are dually insulated too. They can be safer than traditional gas lawn mowers.

What are the possible Safety Issues with Corded Electric Lawn Mowers?

There are a few issues when it comes to using an electric corded lawn mower. Here are a few of them:


Possible Electrocution or Electric Shock

This is a major concern while operating the mower but it shouldn’t be an issue if you operate it safely.

Corded mowers come with built-in safety measures that can prevent any harm to the user. Modern corded mowing machines are duly insulated too.

The cord is also attached to a GFCI outlet in case you run over an extension cord.

If your cord is attached to the GFCI outlet, it will trip and kill the power to the extension cord. This will minimize the risk of electrocution or electric shock.

Overheating the Electric Motor

Mowing tall grass and weeds may strain the electric motor which can cause overheating to occur in the electric mower.

Most modern corded mowers can shut down to prevent further damage due to their built thermal protection.

In this case, ensure that you unplug the mower and allow it to cool down before re-starting the mowing machine.

Furthermore, mowing wet grass may cause the cutting deck to work harder in turning the mower blades, causing the mower to overheat. 

It is better to avoid mowing wet grass with the mower.

Cutting or Tripping Over the Extension Cord

Tripping or running over the extension cord is one of the main concerns of using a corded electric mowing machine.

Since these mowers run on a long cord, it is easy to get tangled up and run over it while operating the mower.

Running over an extension cord may cause the electric mower to lose power. 

Maintaining proper extension cord management will enable you to use the mower successfully.

Safety Measures for Using Electric Corded Mowers

Here are some safety tips to follow while mowing with your corded electric mower:

Read Your Instruction Manuals

The first step to take is to read the instruction manuals to understand different safety precautions when operating your electric mower.

Maintain Proper Extension Cords

Do not pull power cables out of sockets. Check them regularly for damage, ensure that you keep the extension cord away from you, and use an adaptor if necessary.

It is advisable to inspect the cords for proper insulation and make sure that the correct voltage powers the lawn equipment.

You can also minimize the risk of running or tripping over the cord by using an extension cord that has a bright color (like yellow or orange) for easy identification.


Use GFCI Outlets

Always plug your extension cord into a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlet to offer protection if you run over the extension cord.

Wear Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

It is advisable to use proper safety gear such as goggles/glasses to protect your eyes and closed-toe shoes and pants to reduce the risk of an injury to your feet.


Avoid Mowing on Wet Grass

Electric corded mowers should be used in dry areas only. It is best to avoid mowing on wet grass to avoid overheating.