How to Adjust Tension on the PTO of a Troy-Bilt Pony

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Since the Troy Bilt Pony’s PTO lever controls whether or not the engine power reaches the mower deck, it must work properly.

If you discover that the mower blades do not stop when you disengage the Power take-off, you should halt mowing immediately and make sure that the Power take-off cable is adjusted.

Steps to Follow: How to Adjust Tension on the PTO of a Troy-Bilt Pony:


Step 1: Park the riding mower on level ground and set the parking brake. Ensure that you remove the key from the ignition.

Disconnect the spark plug wire from the spark plug by pulling the boot free of the plug. This will prevent accidental starting while the PTO is being adjusted.

Step 2: Toggle the Power take-off lever forward to the “on” position. Then, raise the deck to the topmost position by moving the deck lift lever.

This feature is located on the right-hand side of the power take-off lever. In this setting, make sure that the blade engagement rod’s protrusions shift away from the PTO bracket.

Step 3: Reposition the Power-take off lever to the “Off” position. You need to also check the blade engagement rod to be sure if its protrusions do not make contact with the PTO bracket. If both settings are off, you can now adjust the blade engagement rod. Learn more about why your Troy Bilt Lawn Mower Won’t Start.


Lower the cutting deck as far as possible while you put the PTO lever in the off position.

Remove the nut that secures the blade engagement rod in place. 

After loosening the nut, the opposing end of the blade engagement rod which hooks into the adjustment slot can be shifted forward slightly.

To keep the adjustment, hold the blade engagement rod in place and tighten the nut.

Step 4: Repeat this same process in step two to be sure that it is correctly adjusted. The movement of the blade engagement rod should be in sync with the position of the power take-off lever.

Step 5: When you are through with the adjustment, raise your deck to the mowing position and reattach the spark plug wire to the spark plug.

If the motion of the blades does not respond to the adjustment of the lever, check the location and adjustment of the blade engagement rod.


It is not ideal to reverse the lawn mower when the blades are engaged. 

Reversing your mowing machine is dangerous and can make the mower blades disengage when the Troy-Bilt riding mower is operating well.

How Long Should a Troy Bilt Riding Mower Last?


An average mower lasts up to 8-10 years if well-maintained. A lawn mower that is not properly maintained may last one-half that time.

How Big is a Troy Bilt Pony?

The item dimension goes thus: Length- 70.5 inches, Height- 35.5 inches, Width- 48 inches, Shipping Weight- 490 lbs.

How Much Oil Does a Troy Bilt Pony hold?

The Troy Bilt Pony riding mower (with a Briggs and Stratton 17.5 HP Intek engine) has a 44-ounce oil capacity.

If your intek model has an oil filter on it, the oil capacity can increase to 48 ounces.

Is Troy Bilt Pony Hydrostatic?

They are equipped with hydrostatic transmissions.

Does Troy-Bilt Make Good Mowers?

Yes, they manufacture good mowers.  Troy-Bilt is a formidable brand with a solid market value. They provide durable and reliable lawn mowers at a non-premium price point.

What is the Difference Between Troy Bilt Bronco and Pony?

The major difference between the Troy bilt bronco and pony is the engine type. Troy Bilt Pony runs on a 17.5 HP Single Briggs & Stratton engine while the Bronco model is more powerful with a 19 HP Single Kohler Courage engine.